This was posted 5 years 2 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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11/5: Bauhn 55" 4K Smart $599, LED Bulbs from $2.99, 8/5: Almonds $13.99, Cashews $16.99 @ ALDI


Bauhn 55" 4K Smart $599, Led Bulbs from $2.99 11/5

Almonds $13.99, Cashews $16.99 8/5


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    • Checkout instructions manual on this page says Apple ios not supported

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        As that’s in the screencast details I’d tend to think it only refers to not supporting Apple’s AirPlay protocol.

  • Is this TV any good if paired with a sound bar?

    • I have the dumb 4k 55" Bauhn tv that I got for $449 and it's great for that price. I use mine with a sound bar, but that's because in the living room the sound bar also doubled as a music speaker for us. The sound on the TV itself was fairly average but still acceptable

    • my dad got the dumb 1080p bauhn tv a few years ago for about $360 one day from aldi and it's been great, couldnt complain at all. The sound was atrocious so definitely needed a soundbar tho, would be the only complaint but u expect that at this price of course. I can't talk about gaming latency tho if you intended to use it for that, maybe someone else can ?

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      We have the 55" from the 2nd to last round and the sound is hot garbage. Factor in some other means of providing sound if you're considering this TV. You can get away with a set of decent bookshelf speakers or a soundbar.

    • Like others have said, don't expect anything good from the tv speakers. The picture should be fine though so yeah go ahead and set it up with a soundbar.

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    55" is too small to bother with 4K, unless you sit one metre away.
    But good deal anyway if it has a decent warranty. How many years?

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    bauhn is a rubbish brand

    • Given that the brand name "Bauhn" can cover items made by pretty much any manufacturer, that's like saying all brands are rubbish.

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    There's not always something I'm interested in these Aldi deals (like this one), but I just want to say that I really appreciate these posts, as my Also catalogue only seems to turn up the day before the Wednesday sales…
    Yes, I know I can check the website 6 days it so before the sale, but the earlier the better so I don't go out and buy something when there might be a better option at Aldi in a week.

  • How does this Bauhn TV stack up against something like the Hisense 55p7 and the Sony x7500f?

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      It's hard to say as none of us have seen them yet. It's probably a good bet that it doesn't stack up to the p7 though. People underestimate the importance of software on a TV. Kogan might use Samsung panels but their software sucks. Hisense software in recent years is very good.

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        The software on most TVs sucks. I only use mine as a monitor, my Foxtel box and other device do everything for the TV.

      • Highly recommend a SHIELD tv box with an ALDI tv (or any tv). I'm yet to use any built in TV UI that I like, just get something external and you're golden.

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      You get what you pay for, otherwise no-one would buy Sony, Samusung, Hisense etc. If you can afford it I would suggest not to scrimp on a TV that can bring you much enjoyment for years and thousands of hours.

    • If you have Foxtel or a Fetch TV box it will be fine.

      The software on the TV probably sucks and won't be very good to use.

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      I just bought the Hisense 55P7 for $735 delivered (posted deal) and I'm really happy with it. Great picture quality, bright, clear and operating system is simple and easy to use. Compared it in store to comparable Samsung, Sony and LG TV's but was happy to pocket the change.

      It has a higher refresh rate than the Sony and Bauhn which is important for me as I watch football.

      Hisense has the higher specs on paper and I believe it represents great value for money. If you're very price sensitive then the Bauhn may be fine but you won't get a chance to see the picture or play with the software.

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        What football do you watch that is televised at higher than 30fps?

        • he prolly streams is.. or he's talking about FIFA 19 or Pro Evo ;)

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    Snow gear is back.. 18May

  • Target has Seiki TVs 55inch smart 4K for the same price. I have the 31.5inch and the sound is fine. So some might want check those out rather than wait for Aldi.

  • The photo is not clear. Are they roasted almonds or natural almonds? Also how many grams?

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    • The roasted almonds at ALDI tasted very unpleasant. I purchased it once, and will never do it again. I've gone back to colesworth since then for roast almonds. Just my personal opinion though.

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    The Bauhn TV's are absolute value for money…i have a 65 inch HD TV which am using without any dramas for almost 3 years now :)

  • From memory the 50 inch non smart recently was $399
    A user said smart features ie Netflix and YouTube were quite easy to use and therefore useful

    Assuming other factors are equal, would it be worth spending $200 more for extra screen space plus Netflix and youtube

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      I would add something like this to make it a smart tv. It will be easier to use than the tv menu, have a better epg etc.…

      If you want to record TV you can get a Fetch with a hard drive

      • It will be easier to use than the tv menu, have a better epg

        thanks mate
        however I honestly haven't watched telecast tv terrestrial or satellite for more than a couple of years now

        my usage has been mainly netflix, and youtube

        If you want to record TV you can get a Fetch with a hard drive

        honestly don't have the time to watch TV let alone record it to watch later :)
        I think I got put off by the constant ads

        • When you record you can always jump over the ads when you view it later.

  • bauhn tv's are junk. that said, i heard the latest episode of GoT will play nicely on it.

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      Interesting comment seeing the way Bauhn items are tendered for and supplied by many mainstream brands.
      FWIW, I've had the 50" and 65" Bauhn TV's last longer than the 55" Samsung. SO individual experience may vary.

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    Asking for a friend… his Xbox One X on a 4K Bauhn TV from a couple of years ago shows an error of ‘4K will not work on this TV’ even though the manual shows it supports 4K @ 60Hz. Any Bauhn TV owners have a One X displaying ok in 4K? Any tips?

    • For 60Hz support you need a hi speed HDMI cable. could be the problem
      edit: he probably uses the xbox one x cable so maybe not haha

      • Xbox one x cable supports 60hz easily

    • ive heard of this issue with a number of TVs on reddit so maybe head there or whirlpool. It's definitely not an unknown issue with a variety of sets.

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      HDCP Error perhaps?

    • I don't think the problem is the hdmi cable provided with xbox one x. I can suggest two things, first try all HDMI ports on the TV. Not all HDMI ports work the same. Second, check if there is any option in the TV settings menu that mention HDMI mode "enhanced" or something simillar and turn that on. Good luck.

    • My Xbox One S utilises 4K on my Bauhn 55" no worries

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    Bought 65" model last year and returned, the picture quality is worse than my 8 years old Sony (I only watched HD videos not 4K).
    The price is good, if you're interested buy it to try as you can return it if you're not happy with it.

  • Tv is junk.

  • Bought 4 of these led beulds last time they were on special. 2 blew within 6 months.

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    Personally I would not touch Bauhn at this price. For about $100 more you could get a Hisense P6 55, which would be much better.

  • Anyone have a better picture of the LED page? The photo obscures a bit of the text due to the flash

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