Targeted Choose One of Four Freebies (Drink, Ribs, Side or Mousse) with Main Item Purchase @ Nando's (PERi Perks Membership Required)


Pick one of the 4 to get it free all month with a main item purchase

  • 600 ml drink ($4.40)
  • 4 Ribs ($4.95)
  • Regular side ($3.95)
  • Chocolate Mousse

For Peri Perks Members

As mentioned by plal you can choose all 4 by going to original email and claiming each offer.

Choose your own offer Ts&Cs: Members can choose one (1) of the four (4) offers available. Upon selection you will receive a subsequent email containing the coupon barcode for your chosen offer. The coupon barcode will also be made available in your Nando’s Australia app

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  • +1 vote

    For overpriced main items haha

    • +8 votes

      They aren't really overpriced. It's not cheap like going to HJs with vouchers, but it's also not crap like HJs.

      • +4 votes

        They used to be a good serving too, but they seem to have approximately halved the size of their main items over a few years, or their burgers and tenderloins at least.


          100% but find I'm paying a lot less on average now than I was a few years ago too. Though I was disappointed when the paella got smaller


          They're mostly franchises, so can vary

          Haven't been to Melbourne for a long while, but back then I would rate Melbourne Nandos (city) as 9/10
          Never had to use extra sauce

          Sydney Nandos would vary between 5-7, due to smaller size and for some reason Sydney stores don't really baste it for long/properly.
          Always have to add extra sauce,

          But last year I discovered Nandos at Broadway Sydney, I'd rate 8/10. Chicken felt a bit bigger, juicer, cooked better, just all round tastier

  • +1 vote

    Is this targeted? I don't see it in my app


    I think the emails are staggered as I just received it despite others receiving it earlier. May not be targeted?

  • +10 votes

    Once you select a side & receive email with the voucher, you can go back to the original email and select another side & you will receive another voucher for that side. Also appears on Nandos app. Have not tested in-store as of yet.

  • +3 votes

    Is 1/4 Chicken a main?


    Can you choose all 4?

    Or do you choose 1, and then can keep using the same freebie all month?


      I chose all 4 by returning to the original email and pressing each one. All 4 barcodes are in my peri Perks app

  • +1 vote

    Just redeemed a free chips and a free choc mousse in 2 seperate tranactions at the same time (wasn't game to try in one) and had no issues so it appears you can use all 4 vouchers in the same day no issues :)


      (wasn't game to try in one)

      I stacked the drink, reg side and $10 off all on the one transaction lol. It works!

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