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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Purple 64GB $720, Unlocked AU Stock, in-Store or Free Delivery with Bank Transfer Payment @ Zoombiefone


Hi guys,

Firstly, I just want to thank the Ozbargain community for their overwhelming support on my first deal.

https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/449986 - still available if anyone is interested.

For my second deal, I've bring you the lowest price on a Samsung S9 Plus 64GB ever on Ozbargain. This is even lower than those 30% corporate discount that Samsung provides.

This is Australian stocks, Telstra branded (it just the Telstra app that's installed, you can delete it). It's unlocked and will come with 2 years Samsung Australia warranty.

We are making very little money on this so this pricing is only for pick up at our store cash or debit card or free delivery with bank transfer. I'm sorry but PayPal payment will attract a fee :(

Price is inclusive of GST and if you're going overseas, you can get a 10% discount thanks to the Australian government :)

P.S this is purple colour - you know they say purple is the new black*

  • no one say that but I need to sell the phone so… :)

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  • Hi Rep
    How much fee if I pay through paypal? Or credit card?

    • +2 votes

      Paypal charges 2.6% because I'm a small business. Normally we absorb the fees on PayPal but we are making so very little money on this, we have to pass on the full fees.

      • I don't think anyone is going to complain that you give us the option to save a bit extra by using a payment process that doesn't incur a fee, instead of making everyone pay the fee regardless.

        • +1 vote

          Thanks for your understanding.
          PayPal used to be good, you only have to process $5000 per month to get their merchant discount but they got greedy. Now they required you to do over $500K per year to get merchant discount.
          I've tried to move away from them but the other merchant deem me as "high risk" because I sell electronics stuff.

      • Ok so using a debit card doesn't incur a fee. I'm guessing a credit card does though?

  • Not gonna lie…the purple is a bit of a turn off but since I always have a case on anyway, it doesn't matter. Especially for that price. Could also get one of the sticker "protective" skins too.

    But DO I need to replace my S7 Edge….hmmmm

    • You do It! I went from an S7 to a S8 and it felt like a decent upgrade!

      • Agreed, I made the jump from S7 Edge to the S8 on release day and the phone has been great, still running really well over 2 years later. I'll be hanging onto it for as long as possible.

        • same, got the S8 from pre-order and it is still a good phone. The new update to the camera app is very good, it's like getting a new phone.

  • Wonder if Officeworks would pricebeat.

  • Now i have choose between this, P20 or 10 e from amzon.
    The issue with P20 is, it is above the duty free allowance on invoice.

  • Do you have any Note 9?

  • Just ordered one and also paid via Bank Transfer straight away.
    Do you think you can manage to get it up here to Cairns by next Friday (serious question as it takes some companies forever to get stuff up here).
    Need it for mothers day…

    • +63 votes

      Haha you must have got it at $710 because of my mistake :) Congratulations!
      For the free shipping option, we use AusPost parcel post. They do take their time. I will send it express post for you, won't ruin your Mothers day over a few dollars :)

  • Bought one :). Wow this was great timing. Shown my wife the s9+ and s10e this morning at jb. Talked her into the newer tech s10e and ordered $849 (less 6% cb) from amazon.

    Seen this deal and she said she likes the purple s9+ soo much more. Cancelled amazon, ordered this, saved some cash and happy wife, happy life. Thanks

  • How's the camera on this compared to the P30?

  • Due to medical emergency.. who let the zoombie out? Who? Who who who?

  • Just ordered and paid. Thanks. Will you supply TAX invoice within the package?


      Tax invoice is email out to you.

      • I did not receive the invoice in the email. can you please resend?

        • +1 vote

          That's because I haven't send it lol
          The invoice is email out once I package the phone up for sending. The invoice contains the IMEI no of the phone, I can only add that to the invoice after selecting the phone and packing it up :)
          Don't worry, going through the orders, will get to yours soon.

  • Lilac.

  • do u have unbranded versions?

  • @zoombie, any pixel 2 xl phone mate?

  • Ordered one! Now the waiting begins


      Yours should be shipped out on Monday unless there's a delay with payment. Should receive it by Wednesday/Thursday next week :)

  • Order two for my friend few minuets ago

  • Is it possible to paypal you personally under goods and service and I can take the full fee?


      You can't go that on the website but if you want you can order it as a bank transfer and send an email requesting our PayPal details. Is there a reason why you want to do that? Cheaper fees?

  • Has anyone received their phone yet? Just wondering…..