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Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 6 I8350u 8GB 256GB WQHD LTE $1780 + Delivery (Free with Pickup or Bank Transfer Payment) @ Zoombiefone


Hi there,
I have a tiny business that sell used mobile phones. Normally, we don't have deals for Ozbargain members because our volume is too low. But I've managed to secured some brand new X1 Carbon Gen 6.

The specs are:
WQHD screen
LTE 4G built in

To build the same configuration on Lenovo's website, it will cost you $2834. This is Australian stocks with 3 yrs return to base warranty back by Lenovo Australia.

You can pay via PayPal or bank transfer on our website. But because we are a small business, PayPal want 2.6% fees. I think this money is wasted so I'm offering free shipping to anyone who pays via bank transfer. You can come to my little shop near Darling Harbour to buy it in person.

Price is inclusive of GST, get yours today in time for the tax season write off. :)

Edit: Price drop to beat the sleuth member who found it at $1799.

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