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Razer Raiju Ultimate $277.60 Delivered @ Treasure Hi-Tech PC eBay


Good price for this pad, I havent seen a lower price anywhere else!

This is a higher priced pad compared to the usual PS4 ones, but from a competitive standpoint, the Ebay price is good compared to SCUF.

$349 at JB HIfi.


Original PMUM20 20% off Selected Seller on eBay Deal Post

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2019.

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    Jesus does it come with a car too for that price! :)

  • Haha I wondered too but I bought it. It's original price is crazy!

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    can anyone recommend this over xbox one elite controller, I already have one and wonder if I should upgrade thanks!

    • Haven't used this but I've used the Xbox Elite. Prefer my SCUF waaaay more.

    • Interested in this as well

    • I have the Elite and I'm upgrading to this. Problem for me is that I now need a ps4 controller (I'm using a Brook Switch converter and the Raiju ultimate is compatible with it in April firmware), not an xbox one. It's either this or SCUF.

      • I use the Brook X One adapter on an Elite - it allows wireless use with PS4/Switch including gyro and touchpad.

        Can't live without paddles.

        • i get you. I have to shift to all PS4 as my arcade sticks are PS4 too. Just received my Raiju ultimate, and tested it with my Brook Switch version on latest firmware - works perfectly.

    • Mate of mine has this and the Elite, and while he uses this one (got it as a present) he said not to bother changing unless my Elite was on the way out.

    • Bought one at launch - the Raiju Ultimate is not that great. Input lag is real. It's small, but noticeable. I use mine on my PS4, not PC though. I'm sure it would go away if I used it in cable mode though.

      The Ultimate is also heavier than the Xbox one elite.

      • +1

        In Feb/March, Razer released a new batch of Raiju Ultimate which addresses lag issues through firmware and hardware.

        • Thanks for that! I stopped using mine because the lag was bothering me so much. Just installed the new firmware. I'll try it out and see if there's any difference.

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    OMG! cant you almost buy another PS4 for the same price?!

  • +2

    Yet, still not type-c?

    • -1

      Problem with Type C at the moment is most motherboards only have one Type-C port.

  • Are these compatible with wii?

    • +1

      No, getting wii on them will cause an electrical fault.

      • +1

        You can make it compatible with so I and switch with a Brook converter.

  • +5

    Can I drive my Tesla with it?

  • Is the console inbuilt?

  • +2

    Razer is making ROG stuff look like good value for money

    • +1

      Yes which is why I never buy Razer stuff unless its on sale!

  • +3

    You can buy a brand new console for this price. Lol. Honestly, is Razer like the Apple of "gaming" peripherals? Overpriced and overhyped?

    • +1

      Probably close to an Apple, but nowhere near the quality lol. I only have a Mamba wireless mouse, which price wise is competitive with a Logitech. For competitive gamepads, I really don't see a PS4 alternative other than SCUF and the Astro C40 which isn't available here.

      • lol. Quite honestly - I am happy to go back to old school SNES controllers since I loved it for SF and KOF series games back in the day. Hence why I ordered the 8BitDo SN30 Pro with the updated analogue sticks and X-Input. Can easily buy 5 of those at this discounted price..

  • What kind of R&D was put into this thing? Why does it almost cost the same as a console? The controller that came with the console is already good. I doubt your gaming experience will be any better.

    • -2

      Having paddles allows independent button presses with each finger and the right thumbstick to be used independent of buttons. After you get used to it it's hard to go back for some games.

      Haven't used this, and I'm not a fan of Razer generally, but I love my Xbox One Elite controller and it's a hundred bucks cheaper.

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    Just a heads up:

    • If you don't get one with 1.04 firmware from the factory you're probably going to run into stick drift issues (be prepared to RMA back to Razer).

    • PS5 is expected late next year and we don't know if any of the current gen pro controllers will be compatible.

    I own the original Razer Raiju and the above is what stopped me upgrading when JB had them 20% late last year.

    • Agree on this. It has to be latest version, both hardware and software. My main use now is for Switch and PC, so no impacts on PS4 for me.

    • I'd highly doubt controllers will carry over… apart from some Nintendo examples I can't think of any others…

      • Given they can be firmware updated we don't know if they can firmware rig them to work.

        I wouldn't be buying a pro controller until we know for sure either way.

        If anyone's wondering if the controllers themselves are worth it. Yeah. I seriously looked at the Ultimate because of the raised stick options (my only gripe with the original).

        These controllers are bigger, feel way better in the hand and the extra buttons do make life easier.

        My original Raiju is my main controller and is going on a year and a half of moderate to heavy use. Tried selling it once but couldn't go back to the reg controller so I'm keeping it till PS5.

        Will be day one purchasing a Raiju or equivalent if they're around at launch.

        • Regardless of support, the PS5 might have a new button or something that would miss out on.

          • @superroach: Could be. Although from PS3 —> PS4 I think the only difference was the touchpad and the stupid light bar, which don't do anything in 99.9% of the games I play.

            Personally I'm hanging out for an official Sony pro controller. Astro/Razer/Scuff can't seem to launch anything without initial problems.