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[QLD] Gold Coast to Seoul (Incheon) $179 One-Way/ $332 Return @ Jetstar


New Route by Jetstar
Gold Coast (OOL) to Seoul (ICN) begins December 8, 2019

JQ49/JQ50 will operate on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday using the Dreamliner 787-8.
Gold Coast (OOL) to Seoul (ICN) JQ49 fares start from $179 one-way (for example 8,11 December 2019; 12,14,16,19,21, 23,26,28 Feb 2020; 1,4,6,8,11,13,15,18,20,22,25,27 March 2020 and more).
Departure time 13:20 Arriving at 22:20.
—— Return —-
Seoul(ICN) to Gold Coast (OOL) JQ50 fares start from $153 one-way (for example 5,7,9,12,14,19,23,26 Feb 2020; 1,3,5 April 2020 and more).
Departure time 23:30 Arriving at 09:45+1.

Total starting from $332 Return
Checked baggage not included

Deals end tonight 11.59pm AEST Friday 3 May 2019,

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  • It's even cheaper on the way back and works out at $332 return (or about $166 oneway).

  • Great to see a budget airline flying into Seoul. I've always found Korea pretty expensive to fly into compared to other key places in Asia.

  • Fantastic deal!

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    Thanks for sharing. Booked Feb next year to celebrate wife’s birthday, Valentine’s Day and 10 year anniversary. First trip of two since kids.

  • Where is ozbargainers favorite destination in South Korea? I'm just curious

  • I've been trying to book this for an hour, every time I get an unknown error on the last page AGHHH

  • Been looking for cheaper flights to South Korea, great deal, I remember looking for flights and almost all year round the cost was hovering around $1.5k to $2k return.

  • To avoid the cold & cut costs, have stayed in Jimjilbabgs - bathhouse & sauna.
    Korea is different to Japan in they love hot floors more than different types of baths - so you lie around & take in the heat after a bath. Bring good earplugs if staying overnight!

    • Earplugs because…some rumpy pumpy?

      • Well if you mean same sex rumpy pumpy… Not likely (in public) in SK! It's a primarily sexually conservative society.

        Baths are segregated, often on different floors!

        Large room of lots of drunk men snoring after late night out sleeping on placic covered mattresses, in my experience. It's cheap!

        Baths & sauna are wonderful. Try a rub down (massage) at extra fee.

        Many times used the Dragon Hill Spa in Seoul (recommended in link above). Great ones in Busan (one above beach with hot bath overlooking ocean is my favourite).

        Typo above: jimjilbangs

        • Lived there for 2 years and never went to a bathhouse. Possibly because I'd been in Seoul about a week and my gf and I went to Japan and we went to one near Nagano. I didn't like my bits and bobs being out there in front of other men, which is possibly why I resisted my (by then) brother-in-law's invitations to go to the Korean version.

          • @strangeloops66: I am only concerned if other Westerners are present. Locals don't usually care. I used to be more comfortable naked when I was younger, but as I age - I cover up more😉

            Was in a huge bathhouse in Osaka when a couple of very extroverted gay guys posed their shaved bodies… I felt uncomfortable as they ignored the local custom of covering with the small towel for modesty. Nudity doesn't concern me, but it was so blatant & would offend locals who aren't comfortable with homosexuals.

            At many Jimgilbang, there are private showers (can skip the exposure of a bath) & you are clothed in the saunas which may be mixed. Others are more bathhouse with a small steam room, so nudity required. Check first & explain your (very common) hesitation. It's great!

            Mountain & river Onsen (naturally heated hot spas) are the best - in Japan. Nagano is on my to do list. Have been outside in a rotenburo (hot bath) with snow falling on my face - memorable.

            City bathhouses can be great in Japan, with curious locals. But children can be too curious, wanting a good look… (children generally stay in the women's area)
            A man at one took off his shirt in front of me - revealing a work of art (about 5 years painful traditional tattoo work of a dragon wrapping around his body). Tattoos are usually banned due to their connection with organised crime. I just admired the fairly unique experience.

            Having explored S Korea on a few journeys covering nearly 6 months in total, I am not so drawn to go back. I've covered what I think I want to see. I would be revisiting - which is never as exciting.
            Whereas Japan - in about 10 trips of 4 to 10 weeks each, I still have much to see & experience. It always surprises me.

  • Flights available returning first week in April, which should cover Cherry blossom season. Starts earlier in the South. Enjoyed it with locals in a few areas. In SK it is beautiful, but not as interesting watching the locals enjoy it as in Japan.

    This deal is very tempting to go again to SK. Price is around that of Japan return with Jetstar. I'll probably wait off for March - April in Japan again.

  • For a cultural experience, book a Temple Stay. Stay in Temple, experiencing Korean Buddhism, tasty vegetarian food & activities at a fairly cheap price. Was there with an executive from Hyundai, looked after by an English speaker.

  • booked, gonna go give uncle kim a cuddle

  • As discount seats sell out, the price rises.
    eg $153 Seoul to Gold Coast flight rose to $363 ($333 Club Jetstar).

  • That's insane!!!!

  • Awesome!

  • Price quoted doesn't include taxes.
    Once you add taxes and other add ons, it's not even that cheap.

    • What? $332 Return included taxes.
      Australian airline prices must include taxes in advertised price. Taxes were itemised & included in that final $332 Return price. Confirmed for many flight dates I checked 9 hours ago.

      That price was very cheap to S. Korea! Gone now.

      • Must have increased in price already then.
        $332 is cheap but then again I would never go to Korea with 7kg carry on luggage only.
        Once you add luggage it doesn't seem as cheap for the travel dates I was looking at and the inconvenience of having to fly from GC rather than Brisbane.

        • Thanks for the neg👎

          As the $332rtn seats sold out at this introductory price, other seats were listed at increased prices.
          At the start of the Deal, there were so many travel dates with that price.

          Even adding extras makes the fare much cheaper than other options available. Normally 3 times this price.

          As for extras - it's your choice.
          I don't add any extras to my Jetstar & other discount flights, travelling happily for weeks with carry on to Asia so many times.

          Airtrain + bus to Coolangatta is easy enough. Done it many times on cheap flights to Japan & other Asian destinations.

          But seems you just want to claim this deal wasn't any good & make up excuses…
          That's often what happens when people arrive late & miss out on a good deal.

          It was a cheap deal to an interesting destination 🇰🇷

          • @the INFIDEL: I said 332 is cheap but realistically most people would never travel to Korea with carry on luggage only and that adds another 140 bucks or so to the cost and at least 50-60 bucks for the cost of getting to and from the GC airport.

            Unless you are travelling domestically or travelling for only a few days, which seems illogical to do on a trip that takes nearly 10 hours, I don't see how you can get by with 7kg carry on. Kudos to you if you wear the same clothes and undies everyday while travelling lol

            Once again, it's a great deal if it works for you but it was meh for my travel dates and requirements when compared to non discount airlines.

            • @keejoonc: I've learnt from decades travelling overseas, how to travel light. Many experienced travellers do it - freeing us up from heavy bags, & being concerned about losing them. No waiting at carousels - straight to customs & out the door. So much easier.

              And if you need something (eg toothpaste, etc) - there are local shops. So no need to carry some "necessities". It just requires creativity & flexibility, rather than heavy luggage.

              …you wear the same clothes and undies everyday while travelling lol
              Your prejudice & lack of experience is showing!

              Not likely! Washing (especially quick drying) clothes is easy & services will do that for you cheap in most of Asia.

              People like myself, will take 3 or 4 sets of clothes in carry on, or worn on. It's not as if I dress poorly either, attending Embassy functions on occasions.

              And clothes are generally cheap at destination, so can always add some clothes to your wardrobe, & as I do - give some away to needy when departing. I've plenty of souvenirs in my wardrobe.

              Lots written on advantages of travelling light.
              Before I learnt how to do it, I would usually pack items "just in case" & regret it every time. With small bags you choose thoughtfully.

            • @keejoonc: I travelled 3 months with 7kg, it’s easy

              • @Donaldhump: That's brave. Longer trips often span seasons, requiring different types of clothes. So depends where & when you're travelling.

                Used to travel OS for 3 x 3 month trips a year. I remember my first 3 month travels around the UK with 27kg!! It was a pain. (Too many bulky warm clothes - solved by taking thermals!)

                Then, I tried dropping off a bag with a friend - returning for, or asking for supplies to be forwarded, as the weather changed. That was inconvenient.
                (But still do that by leaving my bag at accommodation & travel out for a few days of very light travel.)

                Next 3 month trip in Europe, dropped to 10kg (carry on limit then) & travel became so much easier & faster. I was learning.

                Now 7kg plus a few local supplies works fine. But I don't travel for 3 months any more, usually only 4 weeks😢

                • @the INFIDEL: I wore a jacket on my first flight to cold country, used it 2 weeks, left it in airport lost propertyon flight to warm climate, and picked up on way back.

                  You can always buy stuff and throw it out as you go too, easier

                  • @Donaldhump: Good idea! Hadn't thought of that. Yes, be creative on your travels.

                    Wearing your heaviest clothes (eg jacket & boots) keeps the carry on baggage weight down. Stuff pockets with weighty items like phone, powerbank, etc. Just remove when on the plane.

                    Many accommodation places have lost property boxes & are often willing to let travellets take what they want. Can be fun & keep you warm. Discard later.
                    In Osaka, I gathered up unwanted clothes from Foreigners I knew working there, & gave out to local homeless. A great way to meet people😉

                    Second hand & local clothes can be great value. Bought beautiful older Japanese robes there (Yukata, similar to Kimono) at charity shop for $4 (locals won't wear 2nd hand) - used them in my hotel & wore them home on Jetstar flight. Wearing one now😀

  • Tips: Dining out for sole travellers can be an issue in SK. Local restaurants often won't serve 1 person. (I've offered to pay for 2 but was still refused.) Dining out is very social there, so find a new friend. Did that many times with fellow travellers.

    The owner of a Hagwon (tuition school) in SK befriended me in a restaurant, paid for my meal, but wanted me to fill in for an hour teaching, then had drinks at cafe by the beach - another interesting experience. One of many times unknown SK locals paid my restaurant bills, but only time I had to work!

    Age matters in SK. It is the custom there for older people to pay a younger guest's bill. Paying for a group of older SK artists & film makers, after a friend's gallery opening night in Insadong, would have caused offense - so I "accidentally" left money on the table before leaving. We had been eating & drinking for hours, so I think that pleased them.

    Try local foods & drinks as a part of travels. In SK, I often drink cheap makkoli (Korean rice wine - a farmers drink). I would sit outside a GS25 convenience store, with a chilled bottle, drinking out of a paper cup. Locals would join me at my plastic table for a chat in English & a drink.

    People do make very personal comments about weight & dietary changes - in the street. It can be embarrassing! I've had way too many hands on my belly!! But it's just their way.