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4 Types of Security Camera System Set - from $89.99 - $319.99 Free Delivered @ JOOAN Amazon AU


[50%off]4x720P HD-TVI Security Cameras system with 8 Channel DVR
Original Price:$179.99
Deal Price:$89.99
Discount Code:57NL3QW7
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[25%off]4 x 1080MP Wireless Wifi Security Camera System with NVR(10pcs left)
Original price :AUD266.99
Deal price:AUD200.24
Discount Code:BP3E84PB
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[20%off]4×2MP HD Wireless Security Camera System with NVR(New version-3pcs left)
Original price :AUD279.99
Deal price:AUD223.99
Discount Code:IW7BWJ5H
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[20%off]8×2MP HD Home Surveillance Wireless Cameras set with 8 Channel NVR
Original price :AUD399.99
Deal price:AUD319.99
Discount Code:43FI6LBK
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[25%off]8CH 1080N DVR Security Video Recorder(3pcs left)
Original price :AUD59.99
Deal price:AUD44.99
Discount Code:73YZ9T28
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[50%off]1080P HD Outdoor Security Camera
Original price :AUD59.99
Deal price:AUD29.99
Discount Code:KAMTVYTV
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The 8CH 1080N DVR Security Video Recorder works with the 1080P HD Outdoor Security Camera.

[25%off]Wireless 1080P Outdoor WiFi Security Camera(10pcs left)
Original Price:$69.99
Deal Price:$52.49
Discount Code:5L5C2GCB
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4ft iPhone Charger USB Cable-Blackwith Free shipping-$5.5
No need code
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Deal all,Please let me know if you are interested in other products in my store ,I will try to apply a discount to you
Thanks .

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  • +1 vote

    I hope you don't accidentally break them all like Ozplaza Living did :-)

  • -1 vote

    You have to laugh at the 'wireless' term used for the cameras.


    You can bet that the NVR isn't very secure when it come to internet access. Even if it is secure now, how long will the updates continue to be issued for?

    • +2 votes

      It is only a problem if you open it to the internet. Good router settings will stop this, but still allow you remote access via a VPN.


        Can explain what needs to be done in the router to do something like this?
        Sounds like it would also me allow stream movies from a plex server to a mobile device while I’m away.


          Google it, UPnP will come up. You do not want it to open ports that listen on the net.
          I'm not even sure if this DVR does that, as it uses an app and cloud-type server for remote access, does not need your IP.
          I believe it is more a problem with standalone IP cameras, than for DVRs, but have not researched it.


    Just to clarify does the wireless system work on its own network or does it require a WiFi system to be active?



      Thanks for your comment :)

      Wireless security camera set ,built in WIFI module. No need to run cables between cameras and NVR,just plug to power for cameras and NVR,then the cameras will be auto pair to NVR. This wireless security system is completed,standalone WIFI security camera system ,with its own router built-in. But if you need remote control ,we have to use Ethernet cable connect to router.

      Have a nice day !


    I just received your 1080N DVR. The manual is terrible of course. Does not even mention how to add ONVIF digital cameras.
    But I've used similar before, so getting there.

    Q1) How do I change the time zone? It is set to EST.

    I guess these use generic software from the chip manufacture, and reference hardware design.
    It must be quite ancient, as the web client requires ActiveX (argh!!) and the "cloud upload" uses FTP. (i have not used that since the 1990s!)

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