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$50 Cashback for Opening a Simply Access Account with Heritage Bank and Meeting Criteria


Get a $50 reward
It's not rocket science — it's Simply Access

Be one of the first 1,000 applicants to open a new Simply Access account and meet the qualification criteria to receive a $50 reward.

How to qualify:

Step 1 Open a new Simply Access account by 31 May 2019

Step 2 Deposit $1,500 per month or more in both June and July 2019

Step 3 Make at least 20 Debit Transactions per month for both June and July 2019

T&Cs apply. Offer ends 31 May 2019. Offer only valid for the first 1,000 qualifying applicants

EDIT: Looks like you can go into a draw for a $1000 gift card if you sign up with a referral too.
If you refer a friend for a Heritage account, you both go into the draw to win a $1,000 Prepaid Visa gift card each.
To ensure you both receive your entry into the draw, the new customer should tell Heritage that they were referred - and if possible, give Heritage the >member number of the referrer. The new customer has 28 days to supply this information to ensure you'll both be in the draw!

Referral Links

$250 Gift Card with Loan: random (26)

When an existing Heritage member refers a new member and that new member has a Heritage home or business loan approved and fully funded within 3 months of the membership creation, both the new member and the referrer receive a $250 pre-paid Visa gift card.

Win $1000 with New Account: random (21)

Refer a friend for a Heritage account, both go into the draw to win a $1000 prepaid visa gift card each. Tell heritage you were referred and give them the member number.

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  • +11 votes

    20 transactions for $50. That's too much effort.

    • +2 votes

      Actually 40 transactions in 2 months


        Yeah that's what I thought too.. But then I thought I could make lot's of small split payment's at woolies/coles. Or use the square app and pay myself. But yeah definitely not one of the easiest t&cs.

    • +7 votes

      i'm more worried about the first 1,000 people bit. you could do all that work and not get paid.

  • +4 votes

    Not very simple

  • +1 vote

    Just buy your daily coffee with it and it’ll stack up real quick. Heritage are actually a really good bank to deal with, especially if you’re in SE QLD and have access to a branch.


    be very careful with them as I opened an account with them and did an online ID check which was accepted, then I deposited some money into my account to be able to use the account. after a few days I found out that my available balance is 0 so I called them and they told me they put my account on freeze as there was a problem with their system and they need an ID checked to be done in a post office which I did. yesterday they called me saying that the ID check that they got from post office is incomplete! so much effort for opening a saving account!


    i got $40 refunded onto visa card why only $39 is available? is there a minimum $1 deposit balance required? also ref Step 3 Make at least 20 Debit Transactions per month for both June and July 2019 i guess there is no point doing any transactions in May as they will not count?


      i think there is a $1 member deposit. you get it back when you close the account.


    ref 20 Debit Transactions per month, they cant be online transfers? can they be purchases via eftpos, paywave, apple pay or does it have to be visa debit transactions only?

  • +1 vote

    I also ran afoul of their (automatic) fraud detection system. The customer service rep said my email was suspicious (I used a custom alias 'heritage'@myemailprovider.com', and that they didn't like the answers to my security questions! I commonly make up nonsensical answers to these questions as the real answers to the security questions (first school, mother's maiden name) are probably trivial to find out for someone up to no good. I was told I would have to present at a branch in person (700km away).


    Step 2 Deposit $1,500 per month or more in both June and July 2019 can it be an inter bank transfer ie from heritage bank account wife transfer $1500 into husbands heritage bank account and out in the same day? or does it need to remain there until the end of the month?


      i'm not sure about inter/intra banks transfer

      the t&cs doesn't mention anything about maintaining a minimum balance.

  • Comments re-opened by request.


    Has anyone received their $50 yet?

    Edit: I received an email from Heritage 5/June to say I was on track to receive the $50 (although no dates were given)

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