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Samsung 65” QLED 8K Q900 $6995 (Free $1000 E-Gift Card) Delivered @ The Good Guys


Hi guys i was browsing the good guys website and found this tv for $6995 original price is $8292 comes with $1000 e-gift card. If you can’t pick it up from the store the good guys are also offering free delivery for this tv. This sale expires on the 22nd of May. Samsung 65” QLED 8K UHD Q900 smart tv QA65Q900RBWXXY


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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • +7 votes

    Can't wait to watch my DVD of the 1987 Predator on this.

    Arnold's pecs are gonna look so big when that 720x576i image stretches across that 8K display.

  • +2 votes

    Waiting for all the "we do we need 8k?" comments

  • +2 votes

    I’ve just put a 4K tv in, and there’s no discernible difference IMHO.

    All those American cooking shows seem to be shot through a pair of stockings, and Australian Free-To-Air via Foxtel satellite is like the footage is rerouted through a potato.

    • +5 votes

      If your source hasn't also improved, you've wasted your money.

      Why this isn't more obvious to people is beyond me.

      • +1 vote

        agree all about the source. bit-rate is important too, physical media often looks better than streaming, eg bluray vs many 4k streams…. what's also important about 4k is wide color gamut and hdr, especially dolby vision. I don't think I've seen anything look better than Dolby Vision on a good 4k OLED.


      Still, it is higher bandwidth then carrot tech can support. Though, carrot spec V2 may be just around the corner.

  • +5 votes

    Nice, at 1.6m viewing distance.

    Where fully utilised, what this higher 8k resolution does, for those who don’t know…and for everyone else, is it allows you to sit closer to the screen - thereby filling more of your peripheral vision - while retaining the same level of pixel sharpness for a much more immersive experience.

    Even with 4k once you’re further away than 1.5x the diagonal measurement of the screen you may as well be watching 1080 as the human eye can’t perceive the resolution difference..plus your periphery is empty, or filled with wall or darkness..but not screen!. For a 70” tv (which is what many of us want/have) that means sitting closer than about 2.7 metres.

    So much moola has been spent on 60-70” 4k TVs where viewers are too far away to get any benefit from it. Now that 4k is becoming/has become the standard people should take full advantage of the technology by getting closer. Incidentally, if 4metres is your preferred 4k viewing distance, and it shouldn’t be, then the perfect 235” set is still a little way off. Btw, while true this is also a joke.

    With 8k - content permitting - that optimal viewing distance closes to about 1x the screen size, so still under 2m for a 65-75” telly. At some point in the future we may all be enjoying 8k movies at 3metres on our 120” screens. That’s if wearable headsets have not replaced traditional screens by then.

    I hope this has delivered some ‘perspective’. Mua..muaha,,,,muahahahaha…..


    They have to get creative and sell this crap to the rich and ignorant early adopters I guess 😂🤦‍♂️

    You should see Samsung getting roasted on their Facebook post https://www.facebook.com/208043925927503/posts/2275611985837...


    Maybe we'll finally be able to read those T&C's on ads….

  • +1 vote

    Just went into TGG to pick up a nice ozbargain deal earlier …. and had a wander through the tv section, spent a good few minutes looking at a 50" model and marveling over the samsung demo shots…. If this is the future of TV/home entertainment…wow.

    we might have looked a bit odd instore. Me and my two sons were crouched down about 70cm away from the screen for 5mins! haha.


      That's my ideal definition of father - son bonding!!


      Yep, 8k is good enough for the foreseeable future. Unlike 4k and below, this will surely be a standard for 10+ years.
      Hopefully it will mean time to work on colour, frame rate, and other image quality issues.