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Philips Sonicare Flexcare Electric Toothbrush HX6912-21 $99 (RRP $219) @ Shaver Shop


A popular deal in the past, this toothbrush is now $99 again at Shavershop, both in store and on-line. I just picked one up today in Melbourne.

Not sure on the end date - but possibly around Mother's Day. Not sure how it compares to Oral-B (the heads are more expensive, but generics are available - not sure on their performance though), but I've had these recommended to me by family and friends.

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    Wife got me this toothbrush for Xmas. A huge jump up from the Oral-B 3000 (i think) I was using. A whole different level, would never go back.

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      A night and day difference like replacing a DAC!

  • Was just looking for a new one, the battery on mine is done after about 5 years. Got really good use out of it

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    These work fairly well in terms of a head replacement option. They don't last quite as long, but you get 20 of them for almost the price of 1 branded. I end up replacing them every 6 weeks or so. They give a decent clean.

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      They have excellent reviews on amazon.com. Thanks for posting - I will get a pack!

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      Legend, thank you

    • Cheers. got a pack to go with the brush

  • Does this have a pressure sensor?

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    SHAVE10 code for another $10 off

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      Cheers. works after registering.

  • I don't know if mine is a rare case but the battery runs out very fast. Have to recharge twice a week.

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      I charge mine more or less monthly with 2 brushes per day. Seems like yours may be faulty.

  • Doesn't seem to come with the UV brush head cleaner, bit of a shame.

    • According to the department of infectious diseases (or something like that) in the USA they don't seem to matter much anyway. So I don't think it's a big loss.

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    Cheers OP. Got one to try it out

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    Just got one, Free Shipment with Shipster . Thanks

  • My wife and I have never owned an electric toothbrush.. do most people just have one between two people and swap heads? Or do you buy one each? TIA

    • This guy is asking the real question here.

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      You buy one and then you choose which half of the head to use: front or back.

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      Nope, one each. Partly because we would be waiting around for the other person, but also it’s just too much of a pain to be swapping them around.

      Would never go back to a manual brush. Even have a cheap ALDI one for travel- they sell them every once and awhile.

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      One brush, with different heads is fine.

  • expect to buy a new toothbrush after 12 months (50% chance)

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      With a 2 year warranty why would you have to do that.

    • Agreed I gave up on the Panasonic brushes. Unreliable AF.

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      I had a Sonicare toothbrush fail after 2 yrs 1 month. It wouldn't charge as indicated by a blinking led. Phoned Phillips support and they asked for a copy of the receipt. They were going to replace my toothbrush but I told them that when i turn the toothbrush on and place it on the charger it doesn't turn off indicating that the charger is probably at fault. They agreed and sent me a new charger within the week. Has been going strong for months now.

      • I should have made the effort to call Philips and find the receipt too. I've had two Sonicare Diamond Clean fail on me on roughly 2.5 years. After spending $400+ I am a little unsure about Electric tooth brushes and will continue to brush manually with my $2 tooth brush.

  • This or the Oral-B Smart 7 which is priced at $130?

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    Just switched from my old Flexcare to the Xiaomi Oclean SE - like the Xiaomi much better. Cheaper heads too!

    • Very happy with my Oclean SE also, great product. Also cheaper.

    • @OpenHand - I have a flexcare about 4 years old.

      How do you find the Xiaomi better?

      • Part of it is that my Flexcare was falling apart, it didn't take new heads well. I had to ditch it in any case because it started turning on in the cupboard and going bananas in the middle of the night.

        Xiaomi is a bit neater, feels like a nicer product, more waterproof, the brushing is as good or better. The charger takes up way less space, battery lasts longer I believe. Cheaper than the Philips and genuine replacement heads are much cheaper. There's an app which I haven't used and won't bother with. My only issue is that the thing is a bit slippery in the hand sometimes.

  • This is an awesome toothbrush.

  • The brush heads for these are expensive, $15 each.

    You can buy 6 Oral-B ones for $27.

    The Oral-B toothbrush is $159 and a better deal once you consider the brush head cost.

    • you can buy cheaper 3rd party heads if you want

      think there was like 10 or 20 heads available for 10 bucks on amazon linked elsewhere

  • How does this compare to Oral B 9000 series?

    • The Oral B is made in Germany.
      Philips is made in China.

    • Oral b 100x over

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    bought one

  • $10 cheaper than Philips staff discount lol, real bargain

  • Flexcare or Diamond care which one is better

    • Same body (motor is the same) but Diamond care comes with the inductive charger.

      I think Flexcare comes with more heads.

  • Is it worth upgrading from a philips vitality $25 dollar unit?

  • this model is finishing soon - new model should be out next month

  • Can someone tell the benefits of this rrp $200+ brush over some generic electric toothbrush?

    • Cheaper brushes tend to have low powered motors with rotating heads. They're arguably better than brushing with normal brushes.

      These more expensive sonicare brushes shake/vibrate with a very high intensity. The difference between this and the cheaper sonicare is speed (motor with twice as much power, Up to 62000 brush movement/min) . Their cheaper (but still expensive) electric brushes are exactly half as powerful as this model. On top of that you've got specific brush heads, different modes available etc.

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        Ordered one, thanks man!

    • I've just upgraded from a cheaper model to the Oral B 90003D (an Ozbargain special, of course).
      Amazing difference. Teeth feel cleaner all the next day. Hard to believe, but true.
      It's definitely worth it.

  • I have 2 and the shafts were broken after about 2 years. After the first one was broken, I thought maybe because I often removed the brush head to clean the shaft. So, with the second one, I hardly removed the brush head. However, after roughly 2 years, it's broken.
    That's a surprise because my oral b brushes never had that problem. They only died because battery didn't take charge anymore, not because of broken shaft.
    But because Philip Sonicare is much better than oral b I will get a new one. They're cheaper at Costco with the double package is around $150 (I can't remember exactly). Only one problem: colours are white and pink. Buying from Costco means when it's broken again I can return it easier than buying from shaver shop.

    • Double pack is $129 at Costco (1 white, 1 pink)

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    Thank you OP (BugsBunnyAUS) for the heads up, my Colgate Omron toothbrush is yonks old & now it does not last the 4 minutes I take to brush my fangs

    Thank you to sTon3r for the code, that pays for the shipping :)

    My contribution is this
    4 replacement brushes for the Philips Sonicare Flexcare Electric Toothbrush HX6912-21
    You get 4 for $5.13
    Only 6 left, there was 9, I bought 3 :)

    Thank you once again to the OP for this (OZ)bargain :) I can smile with my clean teeth now ;)

  • Thanks OP, picked up an Oral B 9000, great price there too!

  • Thanks OP, also paired with shipster for $89.00 delivered