Event/Village Cinemas - $20 Gold Class Tickets Monday to Wednesday + $1.20 Online Booking Fee via AAMI LuckyClub


$20 online Gold Class tickets Monday to Wednesday. Booking fees apply to Village Cinema Gold Class and Event Cinema Gold Class. Purchase of tickets is strictly dependent upon availability.

Exclusive to the AAMI Lucky Club, buy $20 Gold Class tickets online, for movie screenings on Mondays to Wednesdays to enjoy the ultimate luxury cinema experience.

As an AAMI customer, you can:
- Buy up to 4 $20 Gold Class tickets per transaction
($3 extra per ticket for 3D Gold Class)
- Pay standard booking fees (applies for Village Cinemas Gold Class and Event Cinemas Gold Class)

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  • +13 votes

    Unlucky I'm not with AAMI!


    So sad I only have Thursday Friday off.


    Event and Village or just Event?

  • +1 vote

    These would've been good but I just saw end game recently.

  • +1 vote

    If you have a Suncorp bank account you can also access AAMI Lucky Club via the rewards section of the Suncorp App


    now that hoyts has recliners, what more does gold class have to offer to justify the extra price? Do you even get free coke and popcorn?

    • +3 votes

      Hoyts recliner is simply making the normal experience more comfortable. Akin to increasing the leg room in economy class.

      Gold class is more similar to Premium Economy or Business. It's a much smaller and more intimate room. Because the price is higher, you don't get the usual riff Raff.

      Also access to the GC lounge before and after the movie to relax in.

      (All of those might not be worth anything to you, but it is for the regular cinema goer.)


    Am I doing something wrong? The booking fee is $3.25 when I tried booking Village Gold Class in Doncaster Westfield. I don't think it's a 3D movie.

    • +1 vote

      That's the standard price for Gold Class. $1.20 is the usually booking fee for a standard ticket.

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