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Samsung Galaxy Buds $179.10 (Make $180 Offer for $162) Delivered @ Think.of.us eBay


This is my first post so please be kind, I will respond to any changes required.
I've been using OzBargain for about a year now and thought I'd give back to you guys looking for some Galaxy Buds.

Been looking at purchasing the Galaxy Buds for a while at about the 150 mark and this is the best I have come across.
I made an offer for $180 which they accepted and with the 10% off, brings it down to $162 the cheapest I have seen yet.

Original PEEL20 10% off Eligible Items on eBay Deal Post

I have just noticed that you can get them for $5 cheaper @https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/454117
If you have a Membership @The Good Guys Commerical.

I have updated the coupon code.

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    Can anyone can provide their own feedback for this product. Thanks.

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      Best fit I've had for in ears, easy to forget I'm wearing them.

      Case is compact, lives in my pocket.

      Battery life is alright, I have the S10+ so I can just reverse charge it if I need to.

      Sound quality is so so, clean and clear but fairly gentle and lacking power. Guess that's to be expected. These are for convenience, not audiophile quality.


        Cheers. Have you tried the airpods? I guess these are not bassy.

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          I own both airpods (gen1) and galaxy buds.

          • Microphone on galaxy buds is trash, i've had multiple people ask me if something was wrong with my microphone during calls.
          • Bass wise, using the "bass boost" EQ i find it muddles up the highs and mids, it tones everything down to add more crappy fuzzy bass if you know what i mean. Using the "dynamic" EQ was the best option but overall bass isnt that good.
          • Fit wise, it took me a day or two of using them to get them in the ear properly. You gotta put them in then twist the earbuds so it sits correctly in the ear, otherwise you wont get a good seal and can hear background noise.
          • Ambient mode quite frankly is pretty rubbish, i could barely hear the ambient sounds when turned on and using the voice focus feature i could barely hear the other person i was talking to while i was at the gym, which makes sense considering the microphones are bad.

          Comparing these to airpods, ignoring the fact that these are in-ear and the airpods are an open style, they pretty much sound the same to me when using the dynamic EQ setting on the galaxy buds. Both of them have mediocre bass and decent mids/highs. The microphone is way better on the airpods, but the in-ear galaxy buds provide a more "enhanced listening experience" due to passive noise isolation of the design.

          Both arent the best for the price IMO but thats not exactly what you're paying for here.

          Thats just my 2c between the two, personally i dont use my airpods anymore and for phone calls i just take an earbud out and pickup using my phone.

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      Also have them and use them mostly for calls and sneaky Game of Thrones watching at work. They aren't bad. Won't win audio quality awards but sufficient. Call quality is ok. No one has whined about not hearing me on conference calls. Very comfortable for 60 to 90 minutes at a time.

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    QCY does the job for the fraction of the price.


      QCY T1's?

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        yes sir or commonly called T2C


    Seller declined offers from $180 to $185


    Yeah I also had the seller decline my offers. Ended up buying the black version here for $172 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Samsung-Galaxy-Buds-Black-SM...


      May i know how did you get it for $172 as the price stated it for $229?


        Was listed at $215 - 20% coupon code got me to $172