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Auto Openers Garage ROLLER OPENER - $239.20 Delivered, Save $59.80 @ National.garage eBay


Morning OzBargainers! If you've got any questions about this unit, or your specific garage, gate and shed automation feel free to ask. I'll help as best I can!
I'll be around all day today and tomorrow on the thread :)

Suits doors up to 16.5m²
Max peak pulling force: 600N
Minimum side room: 45mm
Garage Illumination: Powerful Festoon Globe Lighting
5 Year Warranty (DIY Installation Covered)
The Auto Openers™ Roller Opener is a product that is Safe, Secure, Reliable & Affordable. The Roller Opener has been designed for the Australian DIY market, from the 5 Year DIY supported warranty to the silent motor that can handle doors up to 4.5m high on the market at an affordable price.

The Roller Opener is designed to suit every garage door manufactured in Australia up to 3.5m high. As a Slim-Fit motor, it will suit every garage with a width of 45mm between the bracket and the door. With the Australian Standard drive arms, this will fit every brand of garage door in the Australia / New Zealand market. Finally, the motor comes with three hand transmitters for the keyring, as well as a wall clip/sun visor holder that you can mount either on the wall in your garage or in your vehicle.

Every garage door opener also comes with free tracking, so you can follow your opener on its way from us to you. We send every order received before 2pm the same day, so you get the order as fast as possible!

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    Hijacking the top comment - The manufacturer has released a video showing you how you can DIY install the motor on YouTube, found here.

    If you want to have the motor professionally installed, just let me know your postcode or suburb and I can refer you onto an installer in your area.

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    "5 Year DIY supported warranty"

    Haha, you mean fix it ourselves

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      G'Day Lps,

      You might find the warranty for this unit is pretty interesting. Every other manufacturer in Australia requires you to return the motor Back to Base (us) so we can send it onto the manufacturer. They then inspect / repair / replace and then send the unit back to us, then onto you.

      If it sounds like that'd take a long time, that's because it does.

      Auto Openers has a replacement warranty, which lets us fix problems faster. If there's an issue we believe is a warranty problem, we get a replacement powerhead sent to you within 24 hours of that first call. It's pretty obvious what a warranty problem is and what isn't one. For example, if you plug the unit in when you first get it and it doesn't light up, it's not going to be because it got wet or had a power surge. (The 24 hours number is a pretty arbitrary number. All that means is that if you call me at 5pm with the issue, I can't get it out with a courier that day. So we can get it on the road tomorrow.)

      We then sort out the return of the motor back to us. To date, every time (three times, roughly two years?) we took a motor back into stock we found that it was due to user error - I.e. not setting the limits on the motor, which causes the unit to 'inch'.

      • Sounds good, but are you saying you've never had a single faulty unit in 2 years other than those caused by the customer. You must be selling very low volume.

        • We've actually got a pretty high volume on the product - For example, on that one listing we've got around 500 units sold. IIRC, that listing went live February last year.

          We also supply garage door companies around Australia with various openers in bulk. As we buy units pallets at a time, we can afford to get the units to local garage door companies that can't get accounts with the major manufacturers. We've been doing this for the 12 years that we've been around.

          During the 12 years, we've obviously been able to discern the fail rates between the units and promote the brands that leave us (and more importantly, you as the customer) with less issues. This happens to be the one with the least amount of fail rates. Take it as you will, but Auto Openers is one of two Australia owned garage door manufacturers. The other is Dulux (ATA / B&D), which is currently in the process of being bought by the Japanese based giant, Nippon. You can see an announcement on their website here.

      • Auto Openers has a replacement warranty, which lets us fix problems faster. If there's an issue we believe is a warranty problem, we get a replacement powerhead sent to you within 24 hours of that first call

        24 hours ? Could be handy indeed. Seeing as you're both located in Albury.

        • +1

          I think there are about 5 or 6 garage door companies here in Albury, with at least three of us being National resellers and distributors. As we're on the highway from Sydney to Albury with a fairly large industrial area, it's a great spot for eBay companies.

          IIRC we also host Australia's largest hot rod parts seller down the road. If you're into golf we also have Australia's largest golf supplies distributor.

          Must be something in the water… :)

  • Will these work in one of those 1970s single car garages with the roller doors - the really small narrow type? I'm renting an apartment that has one, and lifting it up all the time is a pain. Assuming the landlord agrees, will this leave any permanent marks? I would likely remove it and take it with me when I leave.

    • G'Day Aussie - These have the power to lift some pretty old doors. We use these particular models as "retrofits", where we remove older AC units to replace them with these. As they have the capability to lift 16.5m² doors, your single door won't be an issue. You'll also be able to remove the opener with little to no noticeable impact on the door.

      Only recommendations would be to get the door serviced once the motor is installed, to make sure it runs smoothly. That normally runs for $99-$119 and revolves around cleaning and servicing the springs on the door (there's a spring that runs inside the roller door).

  • Are these quieter than the chain system.

    • Hi NightElves, this is for a roller door. If you're after a sectional, panel or tilt door opener, I would recommend the Panel Opener. The belt rail is much quieter than the chain rail. You can check that out here. I'll post some key specs below:

      Suits doors up to 16.5m²
      Max peak pulling force: 1000N
      Minimum head room: 60mm
      Knockdown Belt Rail
      Garage Illumination: Powerful LED Lighting
      5 Year Warranty (DIY Installation Covered)

      • Is this version suitable for a double door garage?

        • Hi again NightElves,

          Certainly is! The motor can suit double doors up to 16.5m², with a max height of 2.4m high. The max dimensions would be 2.4m high x 6.5m wide. If you had a door that size, annual servicing would be very important to ensure that the weight of the door would be offset by properly tensioned springs.

          If your door is higher than 2.4m, we also have extension rails available.

    • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Door-Opener-Garage-Roller-MR850E...

      I installed one of these a year ago. Very quiet system and reliable. At a later date, I picked up safety door sensors to enable use of the auto close feature. ( how many times did I forget the door open) . Merlin also has a raft of accessories and you can buy cheap clone remotes off ebay.
      Their newer model also has wifi capability so you can control the door remotely. I rigged up a raspberry pi nano for $20 to do that for me.

      I can vouch how easy these systems are to install . And like the poster says , get your door serviced beforehand, if you have trouble opening the door by hand. This to make installation and operation a lot easier and smoother.

      • Thanks for that and how easy is it to replace your old chain system?

        • Hey Nightelves - This is again another Roller Door Opener. The Merlin equivalent of the chain / belt opener would be the Merlin MS105MYQ. Again, this is a 1 year warranted product.

      • Hey Nuno! The MR855EVO is now outdated and has been replaced by the MR855MYQ, which now has the capability for battery backup, smartphone control and comes with updated remotes. You can view that on our store here. The cost for the unit rocks in to about $311.20

        As a note of interest, all Merlin openers sold online now come with a 1 year warranty. Whilst some companies self warrant the units for the full term of the warranty (such as the seller you linked) a lot of these companies have not been around for even the length of the 7year warranty itself (again, such as the seller you linked). This includes buying the unit online, but having it installed by a Merlin professional.

        It's of note that if you purchase the exact same motor from a local Merlin dealer for their advertised RRP of $799 you will receive the full 7 year warranty. There is no difference in the units.

        • So I'm confuse are you saying that if we buy from you we only get 1 year warranty instead of the 7 if we buy from Merlin at double the price?

          • @nightelves: Hi NightEvles, if you buy a Merlin branded garage door opener from anyone online at all, Merlin will only offer you a one year warranty. This includes from ourselves. But yes, if you feel that you 100% need a Merlin garage door opener then you will need to go to a local dealer and pay the price they sell the units for.

            If you do have a Merlin branded opener and want another motor to run off the one remote control, you can wire in an additional receiver. This would go onto the existing Merlin opener and allow you to use the Auto Openers remote control to operate both openers. You can find this receiver here.

            This is why we promote the Auto Openers motors.

  • Hi rep,

    What's the difference between the panel opener and the sectional opener? I believe I have something similar to this. Definitely not the "roller" types. Cheers!

    • G'Day Metric!

      We're actually running pretty low on the sectional openers due to this sale, however, we do have more arriving soon.

      The difference between the units is pretty vast. Whilst the sizes that they can handle are pretty similar, the Sectional opener has a shorter warranty (3 years vs 5 years) less optional accessories (The panel opener can use PE Beams, battery backups, etc) and doesnt have the diagnostic system inside it that the Panel Opener does. The Sectional Opener is fantastic at making the door go up and down - The Panel Opener is for when you want additional features and functions.

      On a personal note, I'm putting a Panel Opener in my house that'll be done in August because the wife prefers the blue remotes. Different things appeal to different people :)

      • Thanks for the reply. So technically, both would work on these types of garage doors? It is just a matter of a few features?

        I am leaning towards the panel opener, just want to be sure it will work :)

        Thanks again!

        • Hey Metric, 100%. The only issue can be on a specific, old type of Panel door which is referred to as a "J Type Tilt Door". Apologies for the ant sized depiction, but you can see what that looks like here.

          J type doors open half in and half out of the garage door. This can lead to some issues with the motor's safety suite thinking it has not traveled far enough. Whilst the door itself might be the standard 2.1m high, the motor has only really opened 700-800mm, which is not far enough for the unit to allow limits to set.

          We have a specific rail type we need to use for these doors, that use a 10 tooth sprocket, rather than the standard 12 tooth sprocket. This tricks the motor into thinking it's opened further than it actually has.

          These doors are pretty far and few inbetween, as they're so old. I've had this REALLY unique problem crop up twice in the last 12 months of these units.

  • I have 2 single garage doors side by side, maybe 60cm between them. Can I purchase one of these and buy an extension of some sort to open both doors, or would I need to buy 2 of these units?

    • Hey dkstorm, unfortunately, it's a one-unit-per-door situation. The unit can be reverse installed, however, so you can put one unit on the left-hand side of one door and the other on the right hand of the other door (i.e. back to back).

      • Dang. Is there a type of unit that would operate both? Otherwise I see there is a discount if I buy 2 on ebay, so that may have to do!

        • Hey mate, no sorry. I tried thinking of a few things (hella long tines running the length of a door, jackshaft openers with split chain) but nothing I'd be able to recommend without breaching warranties and making the job harder / more expensive than it would be.

          Grab up that 2x bargain and we'll get those on the road :)

          • @GrecDeFreckle: Sold! Bought the 2. Thanks :)

            • @dkstorm: We'll have them sent this afternoon!
              If you pop me a message with your eBay username, I'll also let you know the tracking when we create the labels :)

  • +4

    I don't know if this is a good deal, but plus vote for the excellent customer service. If I needed one I'd buy one.

    • +1

      Thanks for the vote! I'm happy to answer any questions about garage door hardware or automation, even if it doesn't relate to this unit (or us).

      When you need one, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do :)

  • +2

    Came to this thread expecting eloquent answers from OP - was not disappointed.

    • finger guns

      Good to see you again Hinee! Gotta keep that character count up…

  • Hi there,
    Currently building a shed with two roller doors and am looking at openers for both - do your Auto Openers range come with wifi/app capabilities at all? Otherwise which would you recommend? Thanks for your advice :)

    • Hey Aldog, whilst there is no 'official' or Auto Openers branded wifi receiver, I quite like the GoGoGate2 wifi units.

      They've got IFTTT protocol (If This, Then That) which allows you to set up your Siri or Alexa to open the garage door. Much easier than fumbling to unlock the phone, open the app and then hit the screen to open the door!

      • Hi how easy is it to connect to gogogate cable to the opener?

        Also just wondering how much professional installation of the opener will cost typically

        • G'Day mate,

          Pretty easy. I worked it out in another post as to where the cabling goes - You only need to run 2 core wire to three terminals on each device. As for professional installation, the rough median price is $149, give or take depending on the complexity on the installation site.

  • In the Auto Openers is there different qualities/grades? e.g. what is the base model and what is the top tier model

    • Looks like this deal is for the premium one but they also have a cheaper one https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Auto-Openers-RM600-Automatic-Gar...

    • Auto Openers offer two different ranges, called a Premium Range and a Standard Range.

      The Standard Range openers include the Doormaster and the Sectional Opener (which we're officially out on stock on, erk). They both come with a 2-year warranty, two remotes and a wall button. They're a pretty solid unit, but don't have a lot of optional accessories available, or other equipment.

      The Premium Range of openers includes the Roller Opener and the Panel Opener. They both come with a 5-year warranty, three keyring remotes and a sun visor clip to either affix the remote to the wall, or the visor in the car. They both also have a diagnostic suite in the back of the motor that would allow a technician on site to plug it into your unit and see the cycles its doing, where its having to push extra to open the door and how many times it hit something and auto reversed. It's advanced enough it could point a tech to within 5mm on your door to where a problem might be. The units also have optional PE Beams, battery backup and much more.

      So, pretty much worlds apart :)

  • This is just the thing I was after….. Even though I didnt know I wanted this until I saw the post…

    • Happy to be of service :)

  • Hey Rep. Do these openers come with extended arms (not sure what exactly called) that attach to opener to reach further inside the garage door?

    When I fitted an opener to one of the 3 Gliderol doors I have, I had to get an opener with them. I grabbed a Liftaway from Bunnings.

    • +1

      Hey mate, your best bet is going to be the Doormaster. It comes with extended tines already in the box, as it's a unit designed for retrofitting to older doors.

      The Gliderol doors about 50 years ago had the same issue - They (Gliderol) sat the drums further inside the drum wheel so installers had to use gliderol motors on them, rather than another brand of motor, or a cheaper solution.

  • Received both units the other week. Installed it with the help of a friend, no problems at all. Thanks OP very happy