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Razer Basilisk Chroma Enabled RGB FPS Gaming Mouse $55.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Must be a cool mouse. Got heaps of RGB's, moves at 450 inches per second and named after a bizarre Chicken Looking Reptile King with balls for a chin, a fear of weasels, and can kill you with a simple glance.

As the famous gamer #R0b3rtBr0wning put it in his ode to FPS gaming;

Be thou like the imperial basilisk,
Killing thy foe with unapparent wounds!
Gaze on oppression, till at that dread risk,
Aghast she pass from the earth’s disk.
Fear not, but gaze,- for freemen mightier grow,
And slaves more feeble, gazing on their foe.

Likely this post will end up discussing the questionable QC of Razer products nowadays and that some of us still have a Razer mouse that's been fully functional since nineteen thirteen. Owner reviews always help.

Price is better than;
JB and EB over $100
Centrecom $69
CPL $79

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Ok product at a good price

  • tempted

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    Upvoted because of description

  • What kind of grip does this mouse suit?

    • Probably leans toward Claw

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        I find claw isn't comfortable on mice with thumb rests, but that's just my personal experience. Also… did this review just say that this mouce and the G502 are ambidextrous?

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          They did. They must be drunk.

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    Just a heads up to anybody thinking about buying this mouse. I had this mouse for about 6 months, which replaced my Razer Deathadder 2013. It held up well, no QC issues to this day, however I passed it on to my sibling once I found it uncomfortable to hold for extended periods of time. The interchangeable buttons on the DPI clutch feel really solid and premium, I used it for FPS and MOBA games, no issues with Razer Synapse or the mouse itself. I ended up buying a newer Deathadder because it just didn't fit my hand comfortably, if you currently own a Deathadder, similar sized mouse, or have larger than average hands, keep in mind this mouse is probably designed for smaller / average sized hands.

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    i'm seeing it as 79$

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      Yes - poor form Amazon. If you go via this link and add the top one in the list to your cart it goes through at the stated price. Weird.

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      Just a heads up, the link is linking to the mouse sold by Razer themselves. To see the other prices available look near the bottom right and you'll see different price offerings from other businesses. The $55.20 is offered direct from the Amazon warehouse.

  • Apart from anything else why would you want a flouro green advertisement running every time you start your computer?

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      I believe it's called the power palm. It injects DPI directly from the palm into your wrist increasing reaction time by 3.33565 nanoseconds.

  • Razer mice are notoriously unreliable, with the middle mouse clicker often dying.

    They are great mice for FPS gaming - but be prepared for a 6-12 month life.

    • My DeathAdder did the this after 8 months, scroll wheel died so I bought the Logitech g502 over 2 years ago and have adored it ever since. Best mouse I've ever had

  • Buy the Logitech g502 instead, that mouse is perfection

  • I'm currently rocking the Deathadder 2013. Does anyone know what the main differences are? I'm fairly happy with this, but the thumb grip's glue has lost a lot of its grip, and its a pain fixing it all the time. Should I upgrade/swap?

    • They are a different feel to the mouse. You can check dimensions here. Probably depends on your preferred grip. Scroll down to grip type on this page if that helps.

      • Ah, I have a pretty different way of holding my mice. Mine's similar to a claw grip, but the bottom of my hand (closer to my arms) doesn't touch the mouse. Rather, it's the bit that connects all my fingers to my hand together that touches the mouse. Not sure how to properly explain it, so I hope it makes sense.
        An awful attempt to show where I touch the mouse

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          Yep I understand that. Maybe have a look at the reviews at Rocket Jump Ninja as it may help. If you have a centrecom nearby they often have mice out so you can give them a try.

          • @cornbeef: Oh, that's a really compact website for mice reviews. Saved, thanks for that!