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Save $15 on Your Next Delivery (New & Existing Customers) @ Lite N' Easy


Order and receive your next delivery by 24/05/19 and SAVE $15. Simply place your order online and when you reach the Pack Selection page, enter the code '19May$15' or call 13 15 12 and mention this offer.

*Cannot be used with any other offer. Valid for one delivery only.

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Lite n' Easy
Lite n' Easy

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  • Anyone ordered from these guys before?

    • I've been on it on and off for a few months at a time when I gained a few extra kgs and wanted to lose it easily, If you follow it it's quite easy to lose weight. I find the food for the breakfasts and lunches to be quite nice (and I loved the frozen dinners in the beginning) however over time I found that I got really sick of the dinners and the lunches could sometimes be really small (nachos i'm looking at you). I know plenty of people who still enjoy it though, it's definitely not gourmet but the dinners are much better than what you'd get frozen at a supermarket and you can't beat the convenience.

      I have been on youfoodz for a few months now and have lost 10kg, imo youfoodz tastes much fresher and i'm not sick of it at all like I was with lite n easy, in fact I really look forward to some of the meals. I also like that I almost always get at least 30% off youfoodz with their discount codes so It worked out $30-$40 cheaper per week than lite n easy who veerrry rarely give out discount codes. If you are very active (and moreso if male) and require a lot of calories then youfoodz is likely much too low to be cost efficient however. With lite n easy if you need 1800 calories then you get the same meals just with more snacks.

      • Unfortunately YoufoodZ has changed all their ingredients (happy to provide proof I posted in another thread)

        They are now using preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilisers and artificial flavours and enhancers.

        They were 100% natural and fresh when they first started so it's disappointing to see the bait and switch

  • I’ve lost 5kg steadily on lite n easy combined with adequate sleep and regular exercise. The food is rather low in salt, which is good too. Some of the breakfasts can feel sugary, particularly if you combine a sweet cereal with jam on toast and then have a fruit pack. Above everything, it’s convenient.

  • Code did not work for me.

  • Code not work for me also