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Templeton Barossa Shiraz 2012 - $8.01 Per Bottle / $44.60 Per Case of 6 + Delivery or C&C @ Dan Murphy's


Original price -$21.99 per bottle or $125.40 per case of 6

Member offer is advertised at $15 per bottle but appears as $8.01 per bottle or $44.60 per case of 6 at checkout.

Bargain for a 2012 vintage.


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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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  • Case of 6 is showing as $54.60.

    • Hi Richard, not sure about that. Are you logged in? Price might be different for different states or stores..?

    • Same for me. $40.05 for 5 or $54.60 for 6.

      5 delivered for $46.95 which is still an amazing deal.

  • Not sure if it is store related. I pick up 5 from Cannington WA store for $40.05. 6 bottles priced at $54.60

    • Cheaper per bottle to buy 5. Thanks.

  • thanks bought 2 at 8.01 each

  • Got 4 bottles for $32 save $55.90 😁

  • Thanks. Ordered 5 to pick up for $40.05

  • +4

    Thanks! Ordered [email protected] $30.05 total

    • Did you have a supplementary voucher on checkout? I’m only getting $8.01 up to five bottles then each bottle goes up to $15

      • Nope! Could it be that im logged into my account or just the stores pricing.

      • +3

        Heres a screenshot https://imgur.com/a/piTSOI7

        • I think they have already drunk a few bottles looking at that arithmetic:

          $109.95 - $69.90 does not equal $30.05 lol

          • @0xDEADBEEF: Haha Yeah. I placed 3 orders. Lets hope they don't cancel them while im at work.

        • Nice! Must be local pricing.

    • Well done!

  • Thanks OP ordered a dozen to pick up

  • What are the chances of this being a price error and Dans cancelling all orders.

  • +1

    Prices change depending on store and quantity.

    Oddly enough I'm getting a higher price for 12 then for 6.

    • It’s max 6

  • Thanks OP. Picked up 3 bottles.

    Don't forget the old double stack with WISH giftcards (5%) and Cashrewards (3.5%).

  • +1

    Ordered 5.
    5 for $40 or 6 for $54.had to pay for deliver unfortunately I was too slow and there wasn't any in store

    • Had some luck with Pasadena in SA. $40.05 for 5 bottles

  • I get $15 a bottle or $90 for case

    • I must be doing something wrong 😒

      • +5

        For those having issues, you must be logged in to Dans for the extra discount to apply, if not logged in it will show as $15.

        Best discount if ordering 5 bottles, I ordered 6 for $54 but could of got 5 for $40

        • Yes.. worked when I logged in..

        • Thanks but i have Missed out.

  • +4

    Seems to be coming up $15 a bottle for me, even following it all the way to payment, tried multiple stores

  • Thanks got 2 !

  • Thanks OP. Case was $54 or 5 bottles for $40 so I got that click and collect :)

  • 5 for $40 for me! Thanks OP

  • Thanks Op bought a dozen.

  • Got the last one at Leichhardt :(

  • Got the last one from thornleigh $8.01
    Thanks OP

  • I got a case (6) for 44. Stoked.

  • +1

    thanks OP, reminds me the monkey shoulder find

  • Thanks - ordered last bottle at Carine (WA) pick up.

  • Thanks OP —> ordered a case delivery at $51.50 , i think i will add ozbargain website to my blocklist to save my money.

  • Showing as $90 per 6 for me at checkout

    • Are you logged in as a Dan's member?

  • none left in Sydney for pickup?

    • Not that I could find either. But I got 6 delivered for $61.50, which is still pretty good.

  • Got it for $54.60 pickup (for a case) in Melbourne QV - Thanks OP :)

    • +1

      I'm an idiot…
      In such a rush to get the deal - i should have figured 6 x $8.01 would be cheaper than a case (which is usually cheaper)
      Dont make the same mistake i made people! :)

      P.S - Shopback/Cashrewards too

  • +4

    Worked out $30.05 for 5 bottles pick up.

    • which State are you in?

      • +1

        I got the same for WA

      • QLD, Pick up Robina.

  • -2

    $54.60 for 6 bottles, pick up in Mulgrave

    • +2

      You overpaid

  • Interesting - Ordered 5 for delivery, $36.95. That is now $7.20 each. Hope they don't taste like a $7 bottle.

    • +1

      I'm not sure about the taste but the reviews seem good. Let us know when you get them.

    • How'd you get $36.95? I get $46.95 including delivery for 5

      • No idea - -$69.90 discount. $6.90 delivery.

    • Also ordered 5 for $36.95 delivered (SA).

      I just clicked the link and that's the price it gave me.

  • I can only add one bottle at each store for some reason - either that or that actually only have 1!

  • Looks like the promo discount decreases after 5 bottles (Lyndhurst, VIC). $40.05 for 5 bottles…$54 for 6. Not sure how others are getting 6 for cheaper :)

  • Looks like a pricing error. Hope they honor the deal

  • Fantastic deal

  • Thanks OP.. I think the ideal quantity is 5 numbers pick up costs $30 something so $6 per bottle

  • I made the mistake of buying a case too. Looks like you're paying 15 for additional bottles over the first 5.

  • Called them up and they said max is 6 per customer. Yes it is on special.

  • had to go delivery on the 5, couldn't find local stock.

  • Got the last 3 in my store for pick-up, good one OP, thanks.

  • Go through to the final payment section and this is what you will end up paying for a case:

    1 x Templeton Barossa Shiraz (Case) $54.60

    Subtotal: $125.40
    Promotion Discount: -$70.80
    Total paid: $44.60
    (inc $4.05 GST)

    • $54.60 or $44.60 ???

      • The final amount paid was $44.60 for the case.

        Looks like everyone is looking at the $54.60 figure and not the final discount amount and cost in the total paid section.

        • you've literally ruined my day lol

    • +1

      $54.60 was definitely deducted from my card.

  • Seems to be fixed - 5 showing as $75 (Melb QV closest store)

  • Bought 2 orders of 5. Still cheaper even with the 2x delivery fee.

  • +1

    I think they're onto it… Bought last one from my local at 8 but when I change to another store to get more it's 15ea

    • Yup, likewise - ordered only 3x @ $8 (less shopback 4%, less Wish cards 5%), then talked to my wife and she was keen on more, but now showing as $15 each. Ah well.

      • +4

        Buy first and talk to the wife after. Remember the correct order.

        • +2

          That's why I got the first three and then talked to her ;) You're right though, should have got the six.

  • Limited stock at many Vic stores; 1-4 bottles max at many metro. IMHO it will be honoured.

    • Out stock

    • Mine is for pick up next week, I hope they have stock.

      • You should be fine. As the store personnel told me, they would be honouring the orders. If your store is out-of-stock (after you purchase), just wait for the stock to come in. My store did not have stock yesterday, but today, they came in, I was notified, and have collected mine. And it is the 2012 vintage. Enjoying it now, good value for $8 :-)

        Edit: Just saw this comment for member based in Adelaide. Need to qualify what I said above, there are exceptions it seems.

        • And there was someone else that had their order substituted.

          I’ve had a similar issue for an EOL Bitburger keg. Hopefully this wine isn’t EOL. I don’t expect to get 2012 vintage but anything would be nice at $8/bottle.

  • Think they've fixed the issue now. $15 price per bottle is staying…

  • Cheapest pour moi is $13 per 5 or 13.33 for 6 (+ 6.95 for delivery)

  • +1

    I paid three different orders to get the cheapest (hopefully).

    1 case came up as $54.60 + delivery
    2 cases came up as $144.60 + delivery
    5 bottles came up as $40.05 + delivery

    I needed around 15 bottles for my wedding.

    Therefore, I did three seperate orders:
    3 X 5 bottles delivered = $129.30 delivered ($6.90 each)

    Hope I did the right maths and got the right thing!

    Will be a true OzBargainer and just fill the remaining necessary bottles with $2.90 Aldi Red wine. Doubt anyone will notice by that point of the night haha

    • Are you only inviting 6 people to your wedding? :)

      • +1

        I edited my comment around the same time as yours.

        I'll still need to source white wines and spirits, just waiting for them to be posted on OB.

        The latter half of the night will be filled with cheap wine. We don't have many guests.

        I think everyone knows you start with "top shelf" and then ply them with cheapo when they can no longer taste the difference ;)

        • Very smart idea!

          Could even go next level and refill the good bottles with a goon bag!

    • I can see why it is ozbargained :)

    • 15 Bottles / $129.30 = $8.62 delivered. Still a great price.

      • -1

        I should have mentioned this price included CashRewards.

        Definitely a great price! Of course I wish I would have bought more, but I already have another 6 bottles of "expensive" wine and will fill the rest with cheapo.

  • +1

    Ordered three lots of 4 bottles from different locations for click and collect. SMS received advising ready for collection.

  • +1

    Got SMS "ready to collect" for my 2x4 bottle orders right on 9am. Just collected - great work OP!

    • Which store?

      • +1

        Frankston VIC

  • +1

    This working for anyone still in NSW?

  • +4

    Got a call earlier from my local Dan Murphy's to tell me they can only give me 3 bottles. He remarked that there was an influx of orders for that particular wine this morning. Didn't seem to know why!!

  • Still waiting for the pickup email and sms. Doesn't look good as they usually send within 30 mins of order confirmation.

  • +2

    I just spoke to Dan's customer service and they said the store I ordered from has about 2000 bottles on back order, but they would fill all existing orders. Also confirmed it was a price error, but they will honour it. Fingers crossed we get our orders!

  • +8

    Got the call to say they don't have stock left… Ended up agreeing to substitute for Pepperjack Shiraz. Still pretty happy with this drop for $8.01 a bottle.

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