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[WA] Under Sink Water Filter System (Supplied & Installed within 30km of Osbourne Park) $189 @ Ice Clear Water


Goodbye expensive bottled water. No more waiting for the Jug filter. Best upgrade for your basic single or twin filter system. Enjoy the unlimited, clean, premium drinking water provided by ICE CLEAR WATER.

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Get your AWESOME brand-new under-sink water ultrafiltration system for only $189 from ICE CLEAR WATER!

5-stage UF system makes water clean and healthy by removing all water contaminants up to 0.01 micron

More benefits:
No wastewater
Works without electricity
Compact and stylish design
Function with normal tap water pressure
Easy and low-cost maintenance
1-year manufacturer warranty

Filter box dimension: 45cm(W), 33cm(H), 10cm(D)
FREE standard installation within 30 KM from Osborne Park WA 6017
*Free installation is based on a standard installation, which does not require any changes to the plumbing, etc. Available for residential properties within 30kms of our Osborne Park office, For further than 30km, we charge only $15/10km. Filter system comes with 5 filters inside already.
*All water filtration systems will include comprehensive one year warranty and we will provide you with complete and professional installation and after sales service.

M: 0403 627 943
P: 9445 1918
Email: [email protected]

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  • Interesting too bad I'm not based in WA.

  • No post option? Seems to be a very good price if they are standard filters.. Do new filters need to come from you?

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      Hi, Thank you for your reply. We only provide service to Perth metro area. We can post the filters to you via post. You can also pick up the filters from our office at 1/6 O'Malley St, Osborne Park WA 6017.

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    I think the more important questions are:

    • What are the included 5 filters?
    • What's the replacement cost for each?
    • What's the lifespan for the filters?
    • Are the filters compatible with after market ones?
    • Is the tap included? Or better yet list down all inclusions.
    • Any WaterMark certification? What about NSF?
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      Thanks for the heads up. Please see the below for more information.

      The system has total five filters and the average lifespan is 6 months for first 3 filters and 12 months for the last two. The first three filters together is $29, and the last two filters together is $42.

      Function of filters
      PPF: Removes impurities such as rust, sand, algae, particles, etc.
      GAC: Removes chlorine, chemicals, odours, pesticides, etc.
      CTO: Further removes odours, colours, organic substances, chlorine, etc.
      UF: Removes bacteria, viruses, other harmful micro-organism and all contaminants large than 0.01 micron
      T33: Further removes other impurities, improve and enhance water quality and taste

      Tap is also included together with parts required for standard installation


      Ice Clear Water


    Is this reverse osmosis? What percent of flouride is removed.

    Yeah bottled water is in the $1000s per year for a large family



      This is ultra-filtration system, not reverse osmosis, which means there is no wastewater and the mineral will still remain.

      The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) continues to support Australian states and territories fluoridating their water supplies within the range of 0.6 to 1.1 milligrams per litre, given fluoride’s role in reducing tooth decay.

      With our system, the granular carbon (GAC) and compress carbon (CTO) will remove up to 50% of fluoride in the water depends on the area and suburb.

      Many of our clients choose our system because the price of bottled water is too high to afford.

      If you would like to know more about our system please feel free to contact us via 0403 627 943

      Ice Clear Water

  • Hi Op, how much for supply only for the unit?



      Thank you for your inquiry.

      May I know which suburb are you in? As the standard installation is included.

      Ice Clear Water

      • I am also tempted in purchasing the unit, but would need it delivered to Adelaide (as want to replace an old Puratap unit - sick of their heavyhanded sales techniques).
        Is this possible and what price would you be looking at ?

  • So what exactly are you offering?

    Your webpage has two products listed, I'm assuming this is neither of those?

    If you're trying to sell something you need to at least make it very clear what it is you're selling.

    edit: and how does your product produce the ICE part of your name?

  • Does the system use standard (250mm?) cartridges, or expensive proprietary ones.\?

    6 months life for a water filter in Perth is very short.
    Why would anyone in Perth need a UF system, rather than a cheaper 2-stage?



      Thank you for your reply.

      2-stage system is also an option for people have limited budget.
      However most single and twin filter system can only remove stuff larger than 1 micro.

      Ice Clear Water

      • Ha! you sound like a used car salesman. Or is it snake oil?

        People of discerning taste would notice those 1 micron bogies.

  • in sydney - are these needed, given we have drinkable water on tap?



      We are based in Perth only. Some of our clients who come from Eastern suburb did mention about the odour taste of Perth tap water…
      So maybe Sydney is a little bit better? It also depends on the suburbs as well.

  • Tap water has less bacteria than bottled water!

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