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Zzz Atelier Chiropedic Black Label King $263.20, Queen $223.20, Double $199.20, Single $127.20 + Delivery @ Zzz Atelier eBay


Ozbargain's favourate mattress has returned.

These are regularly restocked so don't freak out if it's out of stock.

Super Firm Mattress w/ Extra Firm Pocket Spring are also good buy.

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  • Are they any good?

    • It looks nice. Felt good on the floor, I might sleep in it tonight as the smell seems to have gone. Quite firm

    • I love mine, first mattress I've not had to get use too

    • +1

      Edges are a bit soft if I was looking for a negative. I love mine.

      • I agree, however I've found that there are those who prefer the more solid edges and those who prefer the softer. Can't say I'm that fussed one way or the other but to each his own as they say.
        I've had mine for about three months now. I quite like it so far. Here's hoping it will do well over the longer term. Certainly at this somewhat early stage I highly recommend.

    • +1

      Yes very happy with mine, wouldn't say its firm though.
      Noticeable sag on one side after a couple months use but nothing major and just rotated it.

    • +1

      Yes they are… Got a single for my son and def very comfortable.

  • +6

    Bought a single for my daughter last sale. Good for the price, but has no edge support. Probably because it ships rolled up in a box

    • weird, can't say the same about mine, I was expecting it, but seems ok to me.

      • +5

        Everyone complains about the edge support but I have a queen with no issues, can sit on the edge and put on my shoes etc.

        For reference I'm 6"4 around 90kgs.

        • I agree. I don't find it such a big deal as others but fully accept (as per the old saying) to each his own.

          • @DisabledUser107191: Mine could be defective or just more an issue as it is a single. But given it's my daughter's who is only 3 years old, I think she's quite happy with the amount of edge support available for her lol

    • I bought a single last deal. I only use 5 days now. I definitely agree with you that it has no edge support. When I sleep on middle, I feel comfortable. When my 2 years old boy with me on single mattress, I little bit move to edge side, and I feel very uncomfortable. I regret to buy medium firm. I should have bought a hard firm one.

      • +1

        Yes I agree, if I'm in the bed with my 3 year old I basically feel like I'm constantly falling off the side

  • +2

    I bought the 5 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress almost a year ago now and I love it. It's soft on the top but still firm in the middle. Was $159.20 shipped back then, would definitely buy it again in a heartbeat!

  • +1

    Would highly recommend the firm version..

    • +1

      How firm is it? Looking at a mattress and being …um… big people I worry about how long the regular ones hold up. This reads like itd be more durable in that respect but don't want to sleep on a rock either lol.

      • +1

        Definitely not a rock, my sons single is more like medium than firm if you ask me. Very comfortable though, best way I can describe it is a firm mattress with a mattress topper… :)

        • I agree. Well explained.

      • +2

        Firmish.. Most full memory foam mattresses are far far too soft. The last one gave me horrendous back pain. Replaced it with the ZZZ Firm mattress and it is in a different league. Completely comfortable. If you have back issues, the standard one may be too soft.

        • your comment helped me. thanks.

        • Cheers just ordered one each for us and the kiddo.

  • +3

    chiropedic..? Does this reduce subluxations while I sleep?

    • +9

      just rectal

  • Bought a single other week for kids room and although I haven't slept on it, found it quite comfortable.
    Might lash out on a queen soon

    • +17

      Might lash out on a queen soon

      Pretty sure that's a hate crime…

  • If I purchase now but don't intend to use right away.. does anyone know how long it would sit compressed in the box without any dramas?

    • +2

      Probably a few months. However, these come up for sale ALL the time so I wouldn't worry about getting one later if you need to.

    • I would say months would be ok, so I think you'll be ok with what ever time you want to wait

    • I legit asked the manufacturer this through two different means of contact and still haven't gotten a single response

  • +2

    Got a Queen last time around, haven’t put it on the bed yet, there are two small holes in the top of the mattress where some thread is protruding from not the biggest worry as I plan to have a topper on but I did send through an email to the seller to see what was up. Shipping back from Perth for such a small thing likely too much of a hassle. Ordered on the 23rd of April and Arrived 7th of May in Perth for those wondering.

    Have had a lay on it on the floor and while it does feel super firm it also seems to feel great. Looking forward to setting it up properly on the weekend!

  • +1

    How these compares to cheaper IKEA? Are they Australian made?

    • +1

      My daughter has Ikea one (double) and it's great, but after I got my son a single version of this I'd def get these over Ikea going forward.

  • How do these compare to the Koala mattresses?

    Currently own a Koala mattress but the Mrs doesn't like it. Been on the market for something different

    • +1

      I own a koala matteess and I'm sick of it. It's too soft after just 1.5 years. I'm considering getting this firm option.

      • Bit the bullet and bought the queen size mattress.

  • Good mattress, does not feel like cheap ones.

  • +1

    I purchased a queen bed two years ago! Best design ever, the bed is so comfy and very affordable!

  • Can someone Tell me if Australian made or chinese? Lol

    • +1

      Not Aus made, or I'm sure it would be all over this website, but Aus owned:

      • -2

        Just can’t interpretative this. Seems like made here it all stock is, either for their terms but it’s to cheap to be made locally, correct me if I’m wrong.

        We are based in Melbourne and Sydney. This means all of our orders are shipped directly from within the country. Purchase your mattress from Zzz Atelier and you shall receive your mattress within days. No more long waits for items to arrive from halfway around the world.

  • -2

    anyone lives close by and prefer a firm mattress can consider to get this…..
    Very soild build and made in aussss

  • -1

    further 10% off if you're keen

    $110 value for $100 spend, that's 9% discount

  • Bought the super firm single for my son. Hope it's as good as everyone is saying. Thanks OP.

    • I just did the same for my 4yo, hope it turns out as good as everyone says.

  • +3

    Obliged to report I'm a heavier side-sleeper (low 90kg's) and after a month I found the medium-soft unuseably uncomfortable, as did a few others who commented on the previous post. For the weeks before I changed it it was giving me some of the worst upper back and neck pains of any bed in my life. I now have an 8cm proper memory topper from eBay on top - that works out OK and is still pretty cheap all up ($220 for the mattress, $130 for the topper), but as you might imagine it now has even less edge support, and it's really high (high mattress + 8cm), which makes coverings a hassle. Maybe it would be better with a thinner extra firm and the memory topper?

    Could not in good conscience recommend it, but others here seem to love it so maybe it really does depend on the person.

  • Sounds too good to be true…

  • No queen size extra firm?

    • looks like sold out, I want to buy one too.

      • Doesn't show as out of stock but when you try and choose it it's unavailable. Disappointing.

    • +1

      Back in stock now

  • It's probably an obvious question, but can these be put/pushed back in the box which they came in for easier transport in the future?

    • No, they are vacuum packed, for the trouble of boxing it up, you'd be better off buying another one :)

      • Thanks :)

  • On the image it says "free delivery to multiple areas". Does anybody know which areas?

    • Some of the suburbs under the below postcode ranges may require additional delivery charges. If your delivery address is within the below postcode ranges please contact us to get confirmation before placing an order. In the event where you have inadvertently placed an order without confirmation from our end, we may have to contact you to discuss the additional delivery fee prior to dispatch. You will always be given the option to cancel your order if you do not accept the delivery fee.

      QLD: 4208 - 4299, 4306 - 4999      SA: 5118 - 5120, 5170 - 5180, 5200 - 5749, 5825 - 5854  
        NT: 0800 - 0899      TAS: 7000 - 7999      NSW: 2150 - 2160, 2321 - 2435, 2440 - 2999     
        VIC: 3210 - 3299,  3330 - 3430, 3630 - 3760, 3810 - 3999     WA: 6000 - 6999     
  • Is there anyway to try these mattresses in person ? I notice they do not accept returns on sale items.

    • Just ask for an ozbargainer in your area, I'm sure they'll let you try one out.

  • +1

    Out of stock for all but a King Single. That said, they usually restock overnight. Heres hoping as I am ready to buy 2!

  • out of stock… hope they restock.

  • +1

    Back in stock again.

    • Legend. Thank you

  • Received mine today, let's find out how good/bad it is tomorrow (24 hours after unpack).

    • I couldn't wait so bought one..fingers crossed.

      • +1

        Mine arrived today. It is medium firm (contrary to super firm as advertised) and edges are soft. Not bad I would say, let's see how long it survives

        • +1

          Tested it today, even though it says super firm for my standard I would merely say it is medium firm and nowhere close to "Super".
          However for the price I pay and including delivery I will not complain.
          And yes, let wait and see how long the current firm level will last.

  • First time mattress buyer. How would the super firm mattress compare to a foam mattress like this one or this one? I just need something firm and comfortable to sleep on for 6 - 12 months until I move.

  • Has anyones mattress already sunken in? mines sunken in :(

  • The pic says mattress only, so we need to buy the bed separately right?

    • +1


  • Has anyone tried both the extra firm and chiro mattresses? And do you know the differences between both, please?
    TIA :)

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