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Buy a $100 eBay Gift Card, Get 2000 Bonus Rewards Points (Worth $10) @ Woolworths


Buy a $100 eBay gift Card, Get 2000 Bonus Rewards Points @ Woolworths. Enjoy :)

Edit: Some users have reported that the gift cards may not work on Car / Vehicle Parts. If you intend to purchase parts with the gift card, contact eBay before purchasing the gift card.

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  • Nice, will combine this with 10% off ebay offer

    • At the same time you can redeem up to 7 gift cards + 1 promo code.

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      Can confirm, I purchased 15 $100 cards in 5 transactions on same rewards card and got all 30000 ($150) points on the way plus 150 earn and learn stickers then redemmed all 15 gift card with ebay with a PMUM20 20% off voucher on a single $1800 purchase with $1 left on a single card.

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        Thanks! Very informative.

      • So 1 transaction max out to 3 giftcards?
        Did you do self check out or through the normal humane register?

        • I was able to purchase 10x cards through self checkout, then the remaining 3 through the human system.

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          I went through the front desk as I had to ask for more cards as the shelf was below 15. The manager came out to make sure it wasn't an ATO scam. He then commented, oh yeah I remember your from last time!

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            @rabbit71: How thoughtful of the manager. :)

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            @rabbit71: So you're the one who brodened all the gift cards and left others empty handed. Very greedy.

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    How much that 2000 point worth in $ please?

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  • Nice move by EBay and Woolies

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      We've gone from 20% site wide codes to 10% back in funny money …

      • There has never been an eBay 20% sitewide sale.

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          You must forget you've upvoted this deal. πŸ˜‰

          • @O O: Correct, that’s eBay UK. I’m referring to eBay AU.

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          There was one 20% for the US site in the days when you could easily change your address, but none purely for the au site though as you say https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/383058

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            @tryagain: plus the numerous $20 off $100 min spend sitewide deals that happened previously

  • How many card can be purchased Max to get bonus point ?

    • usually. one time for one Woolworth account

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        I believe you mean Coles, Woolworths usually have a 10 card limit.

        • So maximum earn is 2000points x 10cards? In a single transaction 20,000 points earned?

        • Can anyone who purchased this deal please confirm if multiple purchases allow multiple lots of bonus points? Thanks.

          • @Going Broke: Multiple can be bought in 1 transaction to get multiple points

      • Last time I bought 8 Visa1 GC and had $40 back immediately. I cant find any limit per WW account, but I am sure it is more than once.

        • kendo, do you mean the $10 applies immediately, onto the transaction that you bought the gift card itself?

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            @xrailgun: it tells you you have the points and dollars off NEXT txn. Cannot apply to same txn.

    • Not sure if this rule applies to this deal.

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      Last time I bought 10 in one transaction, at a regular serviced checkout.

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      For everyone looking at buying 10 cards, please read this comment by wyu.
      TL;DR: There's a limit on how many cards you're allowed to use on eBay at once.
      It would be pretty brutal to buy these for a big purchase and then discover you can't use them all!

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    Pity I can't use e-gift cards at my local store anymore to buy these.

    • +2

      Who can?

      • It used to be fine to use the e-gift to pay for any gift card. At least I did it 2 or 3 years ago.

        • +1

          As you said 2 or 3 years ago, i think they shop this last year

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            @SnoozeAndLose: You dont appear to be able to get any giftcards using an egiftcard at Woolies now.

            This is explained by Woolies as being an issue due to scams and they've implemented a ban on all purchases as a result.

            This was being gradually rolled out across all their POS systems and I think that's now complete..

  • Can you buy gift cards on eBay with these?

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    Kiss Kiss Big 1 TA :)

    • Won't you love him long time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    Great deal thanks TA

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    Come on colesssss

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    Awesome deal, thanks TA :)

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    Can be bought using egift cards?

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  • Excuse my noobness, but do I need to be a Woolworths member to redeem the points?

    Eg how do I actually use the $10 credit?

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      Join wow rewards https://www.woolworthsrewards.com.au/ for free to redeem the points.
      Buy one $100 GC at a time to collect the rewards $. First time you pay $100. Second time $90.00 for each GC you buy. or Buy 11th for free and still have $10 to spend on you groceries.

      • Can you use Woolworths rewards points on eBay gift cards ?

        • +1

          sure you can. You earned it!!

          • -4

            @ashikk: Actually you cant spend points on gc… You can only use $ off on items. My boss buys $100 grocerys and a $100gc when she has points.

      • -3

        So walk up to the checkout with 1 giftcard.
        Then walk back to the checkout and pay of No.2 giftcard with No.1 giftcard.
        And keep on repeating until done 10x and you've ended up with 20000 points on your Woolie card worth $100?

        • +2

          yeah. I prefer to use those points (dollars) for my groceries

          • @ashikk: Thanks. Will try this and not look suspicious at the same time!

            • +4

              @bargainman000: you won't . Just go to self-serve, scan 10 GCs, scan your reward card, call the attendant to authorize the transaction, pay with your award credit card (if you have any) to get points towards your purchase (I get .75 points per dollar spent on my NAB CC) and get out of woolies!

              • +1

                @ashikk: Thanks. I get 5% off Egiftcards at Woolies so don't think it's worth the hassle to spend so much money on my credit card to save $50.

                I would for 10% though (if I didn't already get 5% off)

                • @bargainman000: sorry, I didn't get what you mean 5% off eGCs at woolies.

                  For me, I put everything on my CC and pay at once on its due date. For groceries/petrol/liquor I use eGC bought from cash rewards or shopback with my NAB CC.

                • +1

                  @bargainman000: You can't pay by egift card for buying any gift cards.

              • @ashikk: He's talking about using $100 of GC, not $1000.

          • +2

            @ashikk: For groceries, you could have used eGC.

            For another eBay GC, you cannot use eGC but reward dollars. You make it worth $10 cash, not $9.5 in gorcery purchase.

            • @Neoika: I know..
              that feeling when you get your groceries for free… (my average weekly groceries is about $100.00).

      • This doesn't make sense. How do you get your 11th card free when you are using up your $10 credit each time you buy one.

        • +1

          or Buy 11th for free

          you save that $10 (2000) each time to buy the 11th one for free.

          • @ashikk: Still W$10 earned even the 11th is free.

            • +1

              @Neoika: Can you please read my original comment again:(

          • -4

            @ashikk: Cant use points on gc purchase.

            • +3

              @Seedy seed: Incorrect, again

            • +2

              @Seedy seed:

              Cant use points on gc purchase.

              You certainly can!

            • @Seedy seed: You actually use the reward dollars you earned from collecting the points. So you are using points indirectly.

      • There is a link referring to 1500-1700 bonus points on signup. It is not hard to find here.

      • This would be good if you could use your $10/points towards another card purchase but you can't only to use for your shopping which is good also but would prefer to reduce these cards to be honest.

        • You can use the points/credit on another card purchase…

      • Is it capped at 2000 points per transaction?

        I.e. Can I check out $500 of eBay gift cards in 1 transaction and get 5x2000=10,000 WW points?

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