This was posted 6 years 7 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off Purchases above £20 on eBay (~ $40AUD), Capped to £50 off (~ $98AUD)


Hi all,

Thought I would pass this on from and it is expiring at Midnight UK Time:

I just tried it on a LG G4 and it brought the price down to AU $601.03 delivered (if people need a deal):

Easiest way I found was to search for the item on then when you're on the item page, change the address to and follow on with that.

edit: turns out you can use it from the site as well, thanks st33p!
Discount capped to around $98AUD in that case, based on a poor conversion rate.

Feel free to post any good deals if you find any as I don't have much time to search at the moment.

The limit as per link above is "Maximum discount of £50 (£250 spend)" and also limited to one transaction.

Thanks all!

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    • I wonder…..

      As per the link.

      Simply make a purchase on in any category;
      Pay with PayPal and enter the voucher code in checkout.

      To redeem this voucher, a minimum Purchase Price of £20 is required ("Purchase Price" means the total price of the items you buy. It does NOT include related postage and packing costs or any taxes which are not included in the item price).

      The voucher must be redeemed in a single transaction and it can be used when purchasing from multiple sellers.

      Maximum discounts is £50 so (£250 spend).

    • i.e. $100.61 (being the current exchange rate at the time of posting this comment).

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      Sorry, don't mean to hijack, but a message for ozbargainers for more savings:

      As per this comment, you can use this deal to get a $50 voucher when you purchase a total of $200 from the listed participating stores. You can also use this custom search to find deals using only these sellers!

      Hope that helps some of you

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    Just tried to buy a 2TB portable hdd from Officeworks - the 20% was applied and checked out successfully!

    Seagate Hard Drive 2TB Backup Plus Slim External Hard Drive Portable Blue

    PAID : AU $117.60 with PayPal
    Fast 'N Free postage. AU $29.40 voucher applied.

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    Can confirm that it works. Wow. Crazy deal.

    Qty: 1
    AU $154.90

    CTWENTY - AU $30.98 off applied
    Subtotal (1 item) AU $154.90
    Postage Free
    Discounts - AU $30.98
    Total AU $123.92

  • Can I use an LG G3 D850 AT&T Unlocked in Aus? :)

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    worked on the target PS4 + 4 game bundle

    Brings it down to $446, $48 more then the upcoming Big W deal so up to you if the $48 is worth the extra 2 games

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    Damn it. I didn't want to buy the G4 so soon. But it's $601 now with the code… ughhhh

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    Holy moly it does work. Bought an item located in Melbourne - just changed the address to on the item as suggested. awesome.

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    I want LG G4 for $399

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    We cannot combine with $50 ebay voucher offer, I guess

    • $50 voucher? where from?

      • When you buy at least $200 from few suppliers such as TGG, Masters, etc

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    Wow it works with AU site but can't add to eBay group deals since we need to commit to buy??!

    Edit: it works with Australian eBay.

  • I tried adding Galaxy Note 4 without changing to link and discount code works too?

    • Oh, I never actually tried without changing to, maybe it doesnt need it :)

      • and bought the Galaxy Note 4 local stock
        Subtotal AU $781.80
        Postage Free
        Total voucher amount -AU $96.46
        AU $685.34

        Thanks OP!!!!

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          Can anyone confirm that is eligible for tax return when leaving Australia?

        • @cminez:
          should be, since you'll be paying GST on this and you get tax invoice.

  • wonder when does it expired?

    • midnight.

      • argh day till my new cc cycle….

        now gotta think of what impulse buy I gotta make

        • UK midnight = 10AM AEST though.

        • @elusive: So that mean 10am tomorrow then? If yes, then that's awesome

        • @Droid11:

          That's my guess based on the midnight in the OP.

        • @Droid11:

          Welp. Looks like it "expired" early (read: too many people used it). Who knows what's gonna happen now. Even if they re-enable it… probably not for AU.

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    great deal, thanks OP :)

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    Seems to work with Dell U2414h

    CTWENTY - AU $69.00 off applied
    Subtotal (1 item) AU $345.00
    Postage Free
    Discounts - AU $69.00
    Total AU $276.00

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    Thanks op

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    Work with eBay AU.

    I just purchased the Samsung S6 for $625 from Groupdeal

    Order total

    Subtotal AU $722.00
    Postage Free
    Total voucher amount -AU $96.46
    AU $625.54

    • Is this model compatible with all Australian bands?

      • Tainwan model. Should be good to go :)

      • This seems to be the chinese model (SM-G9208/SS).
        From what i can see, the only LTE band that is missing is 850MHz (B5) used by Vodafone.
        Seems like a good model to import to use in Aus, if your not a voda user.

        • I am a vodafone user unfortunately. Could you please let me know if I can still get LTE on the 1800 band ? I believe Vodafone supports LTE on 1800.

          Thank you

        • @hung861988:
          Voda is still mainly 1800. Some new ones are 850.

        • @clse945111: Thank you :)

  • Is it ok to order Synology NAS from (Italy). After discount price differences are significant.

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  • Worked for me, Thanks OP

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    Thank you OP!! … You have saved me $96.5….. Yaaay!.

    Those who are wondering… no need to go to Ebay UK site. Just add the item (assuming its a tech item stuff) to your cart, then checkout then enter the code. I used paypal and used credit card to pay ….

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    I went through the Aussie ebay site ( and the code worked fine for me.

    Gym goers and sporty people, I highly suggest to stock up on your Quest bars. Works out to be $31.20 per box with Free postage ($2.60 per bar), which is the cheapest you will find anywhere and has not been this cheap for many many months (maybe years?).

    Yes, there are a couple of slightly cheaper listings but they have passed their expiry dates, so I wouldn't go there to try and save a few cents.

    • any flavour recommendations?


        Click the link that says View Flavour Ratings and you will see all of them.

        Cookies and cream, double choc chunk, choc chip cookie dough to name a few.

        White choc and raspberry was nice but a bit sweet. Coconut cashew is nice but not a strong flavour compared to others.

      • I have a friend who can't stand the chocolate flavours (choc brownie, choc cookie dough, choc chunk) but I find that 99% of people love them because it's chocolate! Who doesn't like it!

        Personally, my top three are : Double choc chunk, choc peanut butter, cookies & cream.

        But closely behind them are : Choc brownie, raspberry white choc, banana nut muffin.

        Strawberry cheesecake is a bit sweet, but tastes like the name. I just ordered apple pie, looking forwards to that. Banana nut muffin I thought would be overpoweringly like "lolly bananas" but they have got the mix perfect. Crunchy nut almond is OK, nothing special. Cookie dough is a good safe option. S'Mores is OK but too sweet and no unique taste. Cinnamon is an acquired taste…

        I find they are all generally super tasty, nothing like your shredded cardboard bars like Swisse, BSC and Aussie Bodies. Well worth paying $2.60, heaps better than the $5 other health food shops charge, especially considering when places like Chemist Warehouse have "on sale" Swisse bars half price at $2.

        In addition, they use Erythritol sweetener which does not cause tooth decay and has the lowest gastric side effects of all sweeteners, whilst still maintaining virtually zero calorie status.

        If you're in Adelaide I'm happy to sort you out with a mixed box…

  • LOL… nice! it worked. thank you.
    Can confirm it works with CREDIT CARDS too

  • Works on AU Site! I'm not sure about the 'single transaction' thing, but I'm adding items to my cart, and when I apply the coupon code, it takes 20% off all of them…will be buying soon!

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    1Tb toshiba portable hard drive $55 with code delivered.

  • Great, I could checkout out on, did not have to use

    • +1

      I accidentally purchased on but when I went to pay I went to and entered the voucher and it still worked!

      EDIT: NVM, looks like you don't need to go on the uk site at all haha

      • haha, I even added to CashReward to get other 2% cashback, did you?

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    Moto G 2nd Gen $160 delivered

    CTWENTY - AU $40.00 off applied
    Subtotal (1 item) AU $200.00
    Postage FREE
    Discounts - AU $40.00
    Total AU $160.00

    • +1

      I just bought one myself! Cheapest ever! Yay!

  • Bargain Lego Pirate Ship 70413

    Only $98.40 !!!

  • Thanks, just saved $80.

  • Don't forget 2% cashback.

    Mod should change the site to to show cashback

    • Cool, someone did it for me :) thanks!

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    Kindle Paperwhite $119.20 through Telstra, not as good as DS deal but still a solid discount

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 16GB from Telstra for $401 delivered

    • Is that cheap for a 16GB tablet?

    • I wonder if i can get a tax invoice for trs refund

  • How can I check if the code work ?thecodeCan I change my order once I click commit to buy ?

    • Add the item to cart. There is no commitment to buy if you do that.

    • Add to cart. No need to commit.

      • Thank you . I was commit to buy .. Now it all good.. Just bought LG g4 dual SIM … It work out to be $753 after discount …

  • Its 1 per account, if you try to use it twice it says "Credit Exceeded".

    • one per paypal or ebay? can't you just make a new ebay account.

      • Sorry its 1 per paypal account. haha

        • damn! so many things I wanna buy :(

    • Can someone try adding multiple items from multiple sellers into a cart and seeing if the code works for the entire transaction?

      I made the mistake of buying protein bars, then forgot to buy my Lego Pirate ship ;-(

      • Nevermind, it works!

        Guys, just add anything and everything to your cart, works like a charm!

    • applied to multiple item?

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    Dell Alienware Alpha Intel Core i3 4GB RAM 500GB HDD NVIDIA GeForce 2GB

    It's about a $98 dollar saving
    AU $501.03

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