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20% off Sitewide (Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Earphones $27.16, QCY Q26 Pro $9.56, Piston Basic $4.76 + Free Shipping) @ Apu's World


Hi, OZB Peeps,

Today we have a new promotion for Mother's Day. A few highlighted deals below, code works for all in stock products no exclusions USE MUM20 for 20% off sitewide free shipping no minimum purchase.

Full sale link https://www.apusworld.com.au/pages/mothers-day-2019-sale

Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones ( $27.16) https://www.apusworld.com.au/products/xiaomi-wireless-blueto...
QCY q26 Pro (Global version) ( $9.56) https://www.apusworld.com.au/products/qcy-q26-mini-invisible...
Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 1080p ($39.96) https://www.apusworld.com.au/products/xiaomi-mi-home-securit...
Xiaomi Mi 360 Camera ( $63.96) https://www.apusworld.com.au/products/xiaomi-mi-360-home-sec...
Xiaomi 6 in 1 Mi Smart Sensor Kit ($82.40) https://www.apusworld.com.au/products/xiaomi-6-in-1-smart-ho...
Xiaomi Mi9 Global 128Gb ($759.20) https://www.apusworld.com.au/products/xiaomi-mi-9-global-128... https://www.apusworld.com.au/products/xiaomi-mi-9-global-128...
Xiaomi Mi Mouse (silver) $23.96 https://www.apusworld.com.au/products/original-xiaomi-portab...
Xiaomi Mi pro 2 ($32.8) https://www.apusworld.com.au/products/xiaomi-mi-in-ear-headp...
Minix U9 with Minix A3 airmouse ( $219.96) https://www.apusworld.com.au/products/minix-neo-u9-h-4k-hdr-...
Xiaomi 70mai Pro (Global) ( $103.2) https://www.apusworld.com.au/products/xiaomi-70mai-dash-cam-...
Xiaomi 70mai (Global English) ( $63.96) https://www.apusworld.com.au/products/xiaomi-70-mai-dash-cam...
Xiaomi Piston Basic Edition In-ear Earphones with Mic ($4.76) Sold Out….

Zeblaze Classic Smart Watch ($39.96) https://www.apusworld.com.au/products/zeblaze-classic-heart-...
BlitzWolf® Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charger ($20.76) https://www.apusworld.com.au/products/blitzwolf-fast-charge-...

Any queries let us know we will try our best to assist.

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  • +12

    thankyou come again

  • Hi rep, is there a battery / charging case for the QCY Q26 Pro? Thanks.

    • Sorry there is no charging case for this model.

  • any deals on the Xiaomi XiaoFang Camera

    • Sorry just on the mi 360, mi security cam

      • you sure the mi home cam supports 5ghz wifi ?

  • how long does shipping take?

    • +1

      Thanks for the query, pm me the model and post code and I will provide a estimate.

      Thanks Paul

      • pm'ed you

        • Thanks replied.

  • -1

    No real address and a sole trader not registered for GST? I assume this is a bit of a hobby/backyard business?

    • +1

      Just buy what you’re interested in with paypal.

    • +2

      While this would be buyer's beware - i'd say they have been around long enough on ebay for you to see their ranking and rep. Pay with paypal and if any issue arises make some noise here :)

    • Aren’t they owned by Shopping Square?

      • Hi we are no way affiliated with shopping square.

        We are an Australian independent start up.

        Kind regards Paul Jo

        • -2

          "Start up"?… On the website they claim to be a "superstore" that's been operating for 12 years… but they have a turnover of less than $200 per day…. Maybe the website should be a little more honest…

          • +2

            @FLICKIT: To clarify we started on eBay in 2007, which is clearly stated in our about us. We have recently added our flagship webstore, which was last year. We are on growth trajectory from a small eBay shop, scaling up to Omni channel sales, across various marketplaces.

            In regards to company structure, that will change after this financial year ends. And we move the company structure, gst etc.

            Kind regards Paul Jo

            • +2

              @Pauljo: Good for u guys. Keep it up

              • @Bellpop: Cheers it's a tough market, but we are giving it everything we have.

                Kind regards Paul Jo

      • +1

        i think that's apus auction

  • Recommend any Xiaomi in ear Bluetooth earphones that rival bose sound quality?

    • +2

      Also interest in Xiaomi earbuds (in ear) that are good quality

    • Hi sound quality is quite subjective, the air pro dots are quite good. Otherwise the one more range are superb but quite pricey.

      Kind regards Paul Jo

  • It will be interesting to see how Xiaomi prices change with an official Australian distributor on the horizon.

    • don't think it'll be Ozb cheap

    • They have already started prices are substantially higher than what we are selling at.

  • Piston basic black and silver "is already sold out". Both blue and purple "Cannot find variant"

    • Yes all Ozbargained, I am surprised they lasted this long at $4.76

      We have some of Bluetooth model left, and some QCY . At this rate they will be sold out quite soon too.

      Kind regards Paul Jo

  • +1

    QCY Q26 Pro is a single earphone, not a pair, FYI.

  • Good to see Apu has stepped up from his Kwik E Mart.

    Good luck my friend.

    • Who needs the Kwik E Mart not meee.


      Thanks for the support much appreciated.

      Kind regards Paul Jo

  • Any deals on wireless xiaomi earbuds? I am looking at buying one.

  • The mi cam says "EU plug or US plug"

    So no AU plug provided ?

    • The cameras only come with USB cables,they can be powered by most usb phone chargers or equivalent power bank etc. If you order one send me a pm and I will send usb au power pack for no charge.

      Kind regards Paul Jo

  • Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 1080p - as above does it come with an AU plug?

    also is this the international version/works with mi home/google?
    where abouts is your warehouse/shipping based from?

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