expired Sharp Aquos S3 6.0'' SD630 4GB/64GB USD $133.05 (~AUD $191) (with Coupon) Delivered @ AliExpress


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Sharp Aquos S3 FS8032 6.0'' Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 Android 8.0 RAM 4GB ROM 64GB Smartphone 3200mAh NFC 4G LTE Mobile phone

Band 28
No 3.5mm jack

Not sure if dual sim as per previous discussions, microSD slot in the single tray MAY functions as dual sim but will need to cut edges of a nano to fit.

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    I have one, it doesn't have 3.5 mm audio jack. I'm using it with dual SIMs now, just need to cut both edges of the nano SIM to fit into the SD card slot. It's working fine so far.

  • +7 votes

    Bought it on last deal - pretty satisfied with it. Cameras not great and a few small things but I just changed from an iPhone 6s so might just be that.

    Would recommend it for ~$200 :)

  • +17 votes

    I have this. It's okay. It has no 3.5mm jack. Also it's a bit thicker than some going around with similar specs.

    Please bear in mind that it won't receive any software updates as these are end of line and Foxconn are known for not supporting their phones with updates, especially end of lines ones. Trust me, having had my phones hacked, this is important as there are not even the essential security updates - Foxconn will simply not be obliged to pump out any, just as it was the case with the S2 I owned previously. The existing software has some quirks, most notably with the inability to get notifications when there are missed imo calls, Gumtree msgs, Skype etc. The software does not support dual apps like two WhatsApp accounts for the two SIMs. Also the personal hotspot is a bit flaky and will need restarting the phone to work sometimes. Camera is average but if someone can work out how to unlock bootloader and root to install GCAM then this may be addressed. There are currently no active developer communities building and supporting custom ROMs either so not sure if you'll even have anyone bother tweak GCAM for this phone.

    For this money there are other worthy alternatives running Android One out there to consider.

    • +5 votes

      This is not a glowing endorsement.

      I still use an x626 and the camera is still better than most of these things… I think its 21mp vs. the generic 16mp most of the no name Chinese phones have.

      Want to upgrade but it seems this isnt it.


        In the same boat as you Tonyjzx, The x626 is still amazing when compared with almost everything else below $300.

        If i was'nt in such a need for band 28 i would've bought another x626 already.

    • -3 votes

      Foxconn are known for not supporting their phones with updates

      Er no they never do that, that's not their job.

      Sharp however are known for updating their phones and they did update the S2 do not sure what you're doing.

    • +7 votes

      More detail about how you had your phone hacked? Before you do let me grab my tin foil hat…


      S'pose it depends on preferences. I can't find any other 6" remotely close. That's the main thing I'm after.

      Could really do with an OzBargain comparo. Review sites (usually euro/US-centric) base on retail at the time & their availability.


      Trust me, having had my phones hacked

      More detail required.

      • +1 vote

        Well you can imagine.. even with Apple - remember that facetime bug where people could listen in conversations, or the one where they could unlock your phone.. it'd be like if those bugs were never patched. And if it was a remote bug that wasn't patched, you basically couldn't go safely online with the phone ever.

        Similar to how you can't put a Windows XP box safely on the net.

    • -1 vote

      Your review is quite strange. Perhaps, you had a faulty product and you just assumed that the problem is with the brand and model.
      Firstly, the phone is made by SHARP and not by Foxconn. And it is SHARP who updates the software and security of their phones.
      My wife has been using S2 for about 1 year and her experience was perfectly fine. She didn't have any of the issues you described.
      The phone received regular software/security updates. The camera is quite good and you can also install Open Camera with positive results.
      This phone is an excellent value phone - you get a very good phone for a small amount of money.


    is it possible to install google apps on this?


    The coupon appears to be greyed out?


    Is this a good phone?

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    Hi, off topic question. Can you recommend a cheap dual SIM phone that sim1 supports 4g, sim2 supports 3g.

    Thanking you

  • +2 votes

    Smartphones are a con, aren't they? You can't keep a smartphone safe for longer than 3 years even if you buy a Pixel on day 1 of its release. Great business model.

  • +2 votes

    Probably better off finding a Nokia 6.1 4/64 model for around $200 instead of this.


    Does this one have B28?


    Display has curved top edges, non curved-bottom edges? Nice


    Coupon didnt work earlier, now its not even showing anymore..


    I just got this phone from the previous deal and I'm very happy with everything except for the camera. NFC, fingerprint, B28 and decent specs for circa $200.


    Battery too small


      What's better for the price?

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        I bought a Xiaomi Mi Max 2 for about $250 2 years ago which has 5300mah battery. Not the same price but hard to go back to smaller battery after that. It also has 6.44 inch screen.


          I remember seeing them, a proper phablet! Some reason why I didn't pull the trigger, hmmm. Guessing specs.

          I'll take another look. Thanks.


          It would be too heavy for some users when compared to this phone.

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