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½ Price SunRice Jasmine Rice 5kg $8.50 @ Coles


Country of Origin: Packed in Cambodia

Long, slender, Fragrant grains define this classic rice variety. When cooked,the grains display a delicate Fragrance. Jasmine is the preferred rice in Southeast Asian cooking.
The heart of Thai cuisine.
Gluten free.

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  • Feedback on these Cambodian jasmine rice? Thanks.

  • very bad rice.

    • Best rice in the world comes from Thailand and Cambodia

      • Thats highly subjective as best rices for sushi, risotto or curries are all different. Best long grain rice actually comes from India/Pakistan. Jasmine rice is inferior compared to Basmati when it comes to length and thickness of the grain. Jasmine rice also tends to be stickier and "moist" compared to basmati. Again, depends on the type of dish you wish to serve.

  • Wait, what… I thought Sun Rice was Aussie? I need to read all labels


      Many of their rice varieties are Australian (e.g. calrose, doongara, all-purpose long-grain).

      It seems they import their cheaper line of Jasmine rice (which is what you’ll find in supermarkets), and all of the Basmati.

      • Also depends on the season. Rice growing areas depend on irrigation from regulated supplies so it can be tenuous at times. If they can’t keep up with just locally grown crops for long rice etc in a particularly bad year, unfortunately they have to import. Still goes through Aust QA processes though.

  • The 20kg ones sold in Asian Shops are grown in Australia. Coles ones are now Cambodia packed.

  • Sunrice jasmine

  • How about comparing it to brown rice, which I usually buy just thinking it might be healthier..and less fat?

    • How about not fearing fats, and consider the insulin response to the carbs.

    • Based on Google search results, brown rice has 0.9g fat per 100g when cooked and long grain white rice has 0.3g per 100g.
      Hope this helps

  • +2 votes

    Nice price

  • No brown jasmine available?

  • I'd stay well away from this brand. Grab a bag of Riviana or MC and do yourself a favour.

    (Personal experience)

  • Rice price has rised?

  • Best to buy in bulk from Asian Grocer much cheaper Thai Hom Mali rice has been voted best rice in the the world low glycemic for diabetics like me..
    Sorry Hom Mali is Jasmine Rice, Hom Mali is Thai name grown mainly in isaan province of Thailand ie North East Thailand.

    My preferred brand is elephant brand….available all over Australia…

    Yummiest rice for me is sticky rice… (glutinous rice) dipped in chili sauce yum

  • Not that cheap, woolworths had half price 10kg Medium grain rice for $12 a while ago. Actually it was ages ago and still going :). May still pick some up however.

  • Brown rice pls!

  • Agree 100 percent with Wayne7497 Jasmin rice shoots up blood sugar levels dramatically especially for people with Diabetes, so my preferred rice is Basmati.