Nadi, Fiji from Brisbane $474 / Melbourne $610 / Sydney $566 Return on Qantas Airways (various May to Dec) @ FlightScout


Qantas tickets to Fiji include under $500 return from Brisbane(!).

Airline: Qantas
To: NAN (Nadi, Fiji)
When: May to Dec
Alliance: OneWorld
FF: Qantas Frequent Flyer

Flights from Brisbane: (note: partly operated by Fiji Airways)

Flights from Sydney: (wholly Qantas operated)

Flights from Melbourne: (wholly Qantas operated)

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    Flights from Brisbane are operated by Fiji Airways.

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    The Brisbane to Fiji deal does not make any sense as the prices are available for travel onwards on 28 May and return on 29 May. what you stay there for less than 12 hours holiday? Prices for other dates are equivalent to Virgin and atleast you will get full status credit unlike Fiji Airways where you don't earn full status credit with Qantas unless booked in certain classes.


      Bear in mind that's just a sample date that FlightScout's automatically found. It usually indicates there are many others available around then if you search as well - sometimes just expanding the dates to say, a week, will show the others. They're limited in how many queries they can do to skyscanner for prices (at least, I presume that's their limitation)

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      Staying less than 12 hours? Seems like a drug runner "holiday"

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