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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N950F $559.99 Delivered (AU Stock) @ Luvyourphone eBay


Great price for brand new Australian stock in black or gold colour. This is the 64GB single SIM version with Exynos 8895.

Original PHONO 20% off Selected Seller on eBay Deal Post

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  • Great price and phone. I'm still using the Note 8 since release and still going strong.

  • wasn't there dual SIM a Note 9 for for about $650 the other day ?

    That aside, I have had a Note 8 since Day 1, still going strong. Current plan is to replace it with a Note 10 when the Note 11 is being released and they're discounting the Note 10 :)

    • wasn't there dual SIM a Note 9 for for about $650 the other day ?

      It was $755.65 and Grey Import

      • cyclone22

        "These are Dual sim models . I used 10 % off ebay gift cards from Woolworth and price was effectively $680."

        • I bought one, I reckon the extra sim slot will save me 100 a year easily.

          Just hope it turns up OK!

    • I usually wait for 2 iterations of the same electronics to see decent improvements over their predecessors. .. unless your current is dead, damaged or lost.

  • What a price !!!

  • Damn!!!

    I dont need two phones.
    But so want

  • Shouldn't Samsung warranty be 24 months if it's brand new? 12 months makes it sound like it might be a refurbish, lots of negative reviews complaining about not receiving products brand new in box as listed.

    • yea i looked at their other products, they sell mostly refurbs. i'd be cautious with this seller.

  • Says Warranty 12months, but if it's au stock then should be for 24mnths

  • definitely 24 months if Oz stock. Scam?

  • States Package Content: 1 x Micro USB Connector

  • Says 12-24 months warranty on the page, depending on manufacturer

  • tempting, Note8 or wait for Samsung A70 ?

    • A70 is much better buy if you can keep it away from water. Faster wired charging and bigger batter is a heaven for me on my use case.

  • So is this legit or a scam? I also thought brand new samsungs are always 24months warranty??

  • Any reason to upgrade from S8+ to Note 8?

    • I wouldn't say it's worth it unless you really want the s pen, no dual aperture camera on note 8 to differentiate much from s8+

    • i had the s8+ for a year and then changed to note 8, no difference noticed except stylus

      but my s8+ screen stopped registering touch in a year, my note8 is still going great except for burn in. (i didn't have burn in at all for the entire year on s8+)

  • Some people complained about used phones sold as brand new.

  • I am tempted by losing $560 to have a nice stylus …

  • The title of the listing says "AU Model".

    Is this the same as saying AU Stock?

  • Is this a worth it upgrade from regular s8?

    • Depends on your use case and whether you "need" the extra features. I have a HTC 10 and it's more than enough for me.

      • Same here. HTC 10 user currently and although using an active stylus could be worth trying,

        never had one before, so don't know what I'm missing.

        As a matter of fact knowing me, the stylus could go missing lol.

  • How about cameraļ¼Ÿ

  • Cheers OP, black ordered

    Fyi, messaged seller and had confirmation AU stock in sealed box with all accessories and can return if not.

    Fingers crossed . .

  • How about battery life guys?

    • Have used one since original launch… I'm a heavy user from Chrome browsing & YouTube/ Netflix point of view, need to charge more than once a day for it to last effectively…

  • ive had the note 8 for a year. don't use it on max brightness, my note 8 has been reddit branded for 8+ months

  • I highly suspect the phone isn't new - check seller feedback

  • is this particular build lineage OS compatible?

  • +7 votes

    I just received replies back from messages sent last night to the seller.

    They are confirming it's 12 month warranty only.

    I asked how the phone can be brand new Aussie stock with only 12 month warranty which I confirmed with Samsung should be 24 months and am getting only radio silence!

    Also they keep referring to Aussie "model" and not stock and won't explain when I press the point.

    OP my neg is not reflecting you but I think this may be a bit of a dodgy seller as others have posted re the sellers feedback so is a bit of a cautionary warning.

  • Coming from the Note8 and moving to the S10+, I can tell you from first hand experience, I wish I kept my Note8, The S10+ and that new One UI is abismal. The Note8 is a solid phone and would recommend it.

  • Ok just got my phone plastic wrap around box looks dodgy seems like they seal it themselves the grade and thickness of plastic doesn't feel like genuine Samsung also the sticker with imei number looks sort of blurry not sharp I'm super sus atm we will see

    • See if you can register your phone here to see if it is new and covered for 24 month warranty:


      Report back with your results.

      • Will do

        • Does the phone have A-Tick sticker?

          Google for how to see your phone's imei to tell if it matches the sticker.

          • @prxy: It's a plain plastic shrink wrap no stickers for tampering just a white sticker on the bottom of the box saying the colour and 2 barcodes and imei number

            • @BiG BoY: Ok so finally took of plastic wrap under outer sleeve is box with a genuine Samsung tamper sticker untouched so now can confirm genuine sealed outright brand new handset just not sure if 2 or 1 year warranty hope that helps

              • @BiG BoY: As i said below if samsung confirmed brand new genuine aussie stock and also has tamper proof stickers then should be 24 month warranty with proof of purchase.

                If not i would take matter up with consumer affairs/ACCC/Ombudsman etc.

      • I called Samsung Australia they said it's genuine it is under warranty they have no idea how long for its outright and I need a tax invoice to register which I'm trying to obtain and then I'll update

        • definitely let us know.

        • So are you saying it has previously been registered so is partway thru it's warranty?

        • Shouldn't the warranty start from the date of purchase?

          Especially since it's brand new aussie stock confirmed by Samsung.

          So long as you have purchase proof such as tax invoice.

          I wouldn't let this "authorised reseller" stuff fly and confirm with consumer rights.

    • If the phone isn't aus stock brand new, you can not only refund it but could potentially take it to even report it to ACCC for further investigation so that it doesnt happen again.

    • did it have a samsung sticker on the box? those sticker are not easy to duplicate. good indication of whether the box has been opened outside factory.

      • Sorry for later reply no stickers anywhere except imei sticker

        • Did you end up getting tax invoice to register the phone on Samsung website?

          Sometimes they email it out to you automatically so might want to check. Don't forget to look in your junk/spam mail folder as i've occasionally found them there.

          I just noticed they changed the package contents part of the ebay listing to say 24month warranty?

        • i dont think that's brand new then. i bought s8 and s10, both had a samsung sticker that u have to break if u're to open the box. just to let u know…

  • Arrived this morning, sealed with security sticker which was under the top sleeve, so all good . .

    Battery was at 0%, is that ok?

    Otherwise pretty happy (so far) for $540:. .

  • My bad $560.

    Item certainly appears brand new, had an intact security seal, phone was brand new inside.

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