[Multiple Locations] General Admission Movie Tickets $13.50 (Excludes Avengers and Aladdin) @ Hoyts via Scoopon


Note: Offer excludes Avengers and Aladdin
Hi, First time posting..
signed up just to post this deal but yeah was a long time (by stander) but first time posting XD
$13.50 for hoyts movie tickets valid until 31st of May 2019 [Multiple locations]
I'm sure it's valid everywhere but to be sure contact them.

Not valid for Saturdays after 5 PM which is pretty fair.

Limited Time
I just bought few

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    Village tickets are $12.50 when purchased through Telstra


      Hoyts Ticket are also $12.50 + Booking Fee when purchasing through Optus Perks


      I'm in a few hifi related groups and the general consensus is that Hoyts has better quality facilitie/projection/sound than Village, at least for those around Melbourne. The newly refurbished Hoyts @ Chadstone being considered the best quality cinema in Aus.

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    Offer excludes Avengers and Aladdin.


    Damn was hoping to see Avengers with Hoyts recliners for this price. Might have to stick with $11 per adult at the old Reading Cinemas in Sydney lol


      You can get cheap Hoyts tickets via entertainment book or some of the health funds…


        Just remembered the discounted cinema tickets from Westpac Rewards & Offers (via Neat Ideas). Cheapest adult one showing:

        HOYTS Adult Off Peak Movie eVoucher
        Regular Price: $22.00
        Special Price $11.50

        Downloadable PDF eVoucher
        Valid nationwide
        Valid Monday - Thursday Only
        NOT valid for Special Screenings


          Extreme screening is extra $3 each when u redeem ur voucher at counter.


            @lovepub: Yeah true but I'm happy with the normal screen. I just want the comfy recliners (different to Xtremescreen but same upgrade pricing) but I might have to call up to check which locations don't charge extra for those premium seats. I recall Eastgardens not charging the extra fee but Wetherill Park did. This was 3 years or so ago so things might have changed - unless Eastgardens just forgot to charge us..
            No mention of recliner fee in the terms so it's uncertain:
            "This voucher is redeemable for one (1) general admission ticket for one (1) adult: for any 3D/Xtremescreen or Bean Bag Cinema movie session with an upgrade fee, which will be applied at time of redemption"



              No mention of recliner fee in the terms

              In Melb, I think they are all recliners now, thus no extra fee.


    You have to pay a booking fee when you redeem these scoopon vouchers online.

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    Always wonder why they put on such a high booking fee.

    Wouldn't they be saving human resources in processing tickets at the counter?

    Adding back on these fee just makes the deal sour


    How much is the upgrades? they don't tell you.


    I don’t get why anyone goes to the movies anymore:
    1) Big TVs are cheap.
    2) Good surround sound systems are cheap.
    3) Movies get released digitally/Bluray much quicker now, normally only 1 - 2 month wait.
    4) Don’t have to sit next to strangers in the dark.
    5) Cleaner seats (maybe?)
    6) Cheaper snacks.
    7) Watch any movie at any time that suits you.
    8) Pause the movie for a break or a leak.
    9) Cheaper.
    10) Price is the same regardless of how many family/friends watch it with you.

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      I started going to the cinema regularly a couple of years ago for the nostalgia aspect. This won’t go for everyone but I enjoy watching films in the cinema because I’m completely removed from all the distractions at my house so I’m more likely to enjoy the movie properly without going on my phone or getting up to do something every ten minutes. Also I don’t have a 7.1 Atmos set up in my house, I always get a big chub when they play the Dolby promo before the movie.

      Im also sick of all the crap films of the last decade so I’m making a point to go out and support good movies that aren’t franchise films, remakes, or films for kids/seniors.


      You want your loved ones to sit through the entire movie even if they don't want to since they take you to movies you don't like.

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      4) Don’t have to sit next to strangers in the dark.

      Are you kidding. That's the best part…


    (Excludes Avengers and Aladdin)

    Discrimination against good movies.

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