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Bonus 10,000 or 12,000 Flybuys Points on Optus 12 Month SIM Only Plans (from $40 p/mth) With Free Google Home


Update, Optus has dropped its $50/mth plan to $40/mth on the 80GB deal. I have just received another Flybuys email on this. Also, my Google Home arrived last week.

Referencing the previous targeted/expired deal regarding Flybuys bonus points found here:


(which offered 20,000 Flybuys points, $40/mth x 12 months with 80GB data, 4GB international Zone 1 data, unlimited calls for metro customers and a free Google Home for regional customers).

The following targeted offer should have arrived to most Flybuys members (I received this email on 7/05/19):

Offer 1:
Collect 10,000 BONUS POINTS and get 40GB for $40/month with Optus (Min total cost $480 over 12 months).
Get 40GB of data for $40/month on the Optus My Plan Plus 12 month SIM only plan and collect 10,000 BONUS POINTS. Min cost $480 over 12 months. New services only (excludes recontracting services). Conditions apply.

Offer 2:
Collect 12,000 BONUS POINTS and get 80GB for $50/month with Optus (Min total cost $600 over 12 months) plus 4GB international Zone 1 data/month.
Get 80GB of data for $50/month on the Optus My Plan Plus 12 month SIM only plan and collect 12,000 BONUS POINTS. Min cost $600 over 12 months. New services only (excludes recontracting services). Conditions apply.

For all those in metro locations, you cannot get a free Google Home, however, if you click on the link from the Flybuys email and then on the line address syntax, change the "metro" text to "regional". example:


A new page will appear and ask you to type in a Postcode. Please put in a regional postcode (applicable for your state) until you see text "Congratulations! Your residential postcode qualifies for this offer. Continue with your order online." and a free Google Home should appear on all the applicable offers. I used Ballarat 3501.

Proceed to sign up and put your residential address as your normal address but put in the same regional postcode that you used. Then, for the delivery address, put in your residential address with correct postcode.

Based on the other expired deal, I ordered on 23/4/19 and received my SIM card on 26/4/19. A confirmation email of my Google Home being dispatched was sent to me yesterday 14/5/19 by a marketing company called Edge. My Flybuys points have not been credited, but should arrive within 60 days from date of order.

Hopefully the above is of use to someone.

In essence, if you select the $50/month plan, it effectively works out to be:

$600 - $60 (12,000 Flybuys points) - $119 (cheapest price on eBay) = $35.08/month

It is extremely important that you use the unique link provided in the Flybuys email so they can credit you the Flybuys points.

Note: Use at own risk, no liability held if your order isn't successful.

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  • How do people get these flybuys Optus emails I’ve never got a single one :(

    • Make that two

    • Maybe check your Flybuys account preferences to receive marketing material. Also check the email address on your Flybuys account. If that fails, check your junk mail/spam mail.

      I have spoken to a couple of friends from different suburbs and they receive Flybuys emails, but ignore them/mark them as SPAM (which then goes to junk mail).

      If the above fails, maybe call Flybuys and ask why you don’t receive any emails from them?

  • Half the points and half the data of the previous deal is a bit disappointing.

  • Ugh. Literally signed up for the $40 plane last month.

    • I apologise for not sharing this “hack”….but I had to make sure it worked b4 I was comfortable in posting…

      Regardless, those that jumped onto the $40 expired deal got a bargain! Better yet, those who were regional got a far superior deal (with a Google Home included). Then there’s the $100 in Flybuys points.

  • Just a note for anyone wanting to sign up, i signed up my optus account in January and I didn't not receive my optushome until March and my points last week!

  • my Fly Buys does not offer a link to Optus……

  • A noob question: What can I do with that 10,000 Flybuys points?

  • Optus data sims now $25 per month which is outrageous

  • I usually get this deal in my email, would wait for this one as it gives you a free month as well

    Collect 10,000 BONUS POINTS, no plan fees for 1 month plus a bonus Google Home and 30GB of data for just $35/month on a 12-month SIM Only plan. Min. cost $385 over 12 months. New services only.

  • I am trying to sign the deal, I used a fake postcode in residential address which is ok.

    However when I try to input a correct delivery address, it advised me: Sorry. Unfortunately the postcode in your address field is excluded from this promotion

    Did I miss anything??

  • This doesnt work

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