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HSBC Platinum Rewards Card ($100 Cashback, up to $150 Credit after 5 Mobile Payments, $0 Fee 1st Year) - Corporate Partners Only


If your company is a corporate partner of HSBC, this card might be good.

* $0 Annual Fee for the first year (saving you $129)
* 0%p.a. Balance Transfer for 22 months with No Balance Transfer (BT) fee
* Receive $100 cash back on account approval
* Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of Mobile Payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, with all HSBC credit and debit cards. And for a limited time, make 5 mobile payments within 30 days of opening your account, and we’ll credit your account up to the value of $150
* Earn two Reward Points per dollar spent on overseas purchases, and one Reward Point per dollar spent for all other eligible purchases. Points can be redeemed for a variety of merchandise, gift cards and Velocity frequent flyer points
* Complimentary International and Domestic Travel Insurance
* Boost your points' earning potential with a complimentary additional cardholder

Check terms and conditions for more details.
No signup bonus, but essentially gives you a $250 for free.

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  • Mobile payment part. Can I still do it if my android phone doesn't have NFC? And no smartwatch either

    • From the fine prints: "Mobile Payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay™, can be used wherever you can make contactless in store purchases and online at participating retailers where the logo is displayed."

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    How can u tell if ur company is a corporate partner of HSBC?

    • You can ask your hr department.

      • Might wanna label it as targeted then

        • I dont see samsung epp deals as targeted - this is pretty much same. corporate partner deals.

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        sorry I had to laugh at this comment. My HR dept couldn't tell the time let alone corp partners. But that could just be me.

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    I've signed this up ~6 weeks ago. notes:

    • re:$150 credit for 5 mobile transactions, make sure the value of 5 mobile transactions are >= $150. i.e. if you do 5 x $10 transactions, you will only get $50. some colleagues of mine received less than $150 for that reason.

    • App is pretty bad

    • HSBC asks you to cancel the credit card (I think they meant stop and reissue) if you have to dispute transactions. I have a duplicate 2 x $5 transactions, but they asked me to reissue a new one. I didn't bother.

    • will be cancelling it now that I received $250 credit two days ago

    • Terms and conditions indicate that they will charge the annual fee at the beginning and will refund after spending $6000. Did you get charged the annual fee?

      • I just called them up.

        The first year annual fee of $129 is waived.
        The 2nd year, you are charged $129. However, if you spend $6,000 in the following 12 months, they refund you the $129.
        This goes on for every year you hold the card.

  • do they check if your employer is a partner? or can anyone take advantage of this?

    • Yeah. they check the payslips you submit to them to see whether the company is a corporate partner in their system. Just called them.

  • Apart from $250 initial benefit, I dont think anyone will carry this card to 2nd year.