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Philips All-in-One Cooker HD2237/72 $159 (Was $199) @ Big W


Big W has dropped $40 off the price of the Philips HD2237/72, was $199- AFIK this is the cheapest it has been, ranges from $199 to ~ $250 elsewhere.

I've been agonizing over pressure cookers and multi cookers the past few weeks and reading endless reviews but finally pulled the trigger on this deal after it dropped $40 overnight since I last looked at it.

I believe it is the updated version of the HD2137, which is inexplicably the same price/more expensive in most stores…
Read the Philips product comparisons here


  • Ceramic-coated pot (a must have for me)
  • 1300 watts (improved searing/sauteeing)
  • Most other things you would expect from a mid-range multicooker…
  • 2 year warranty

It has a great score and reviews on Productreview.com, HOWEVER reading through them I did get the sense that they may have been incentivised posts
I'm not sure when this came out however it appears to be new enough that there are few objective reviews out there for it. I'm going in blind, people…

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    Annnd I forgot to post the product comparison link- have a Google at it….

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    They are good - use ours all the time. Made three cans of dulce de leche in it yesterday.


    I bought mine about 3 years ago. They are excellent!

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    I use mine daily. Works so well, I was really surprised.
    Never used one before, but was very simple. I would recommend looking at the Instant Pot for recipes. Just google it.

    One favourite is the egg bites! So easy, quick and tasty.

    Today made rice, soup and Al dente pasta! Pasta without having to drain water!
    Trick there is to do 3-4 min on steam then turn off and open up 5 min later.


    Tossing up between this and the Tefal CY505


    How does this fare against the famous instant pot?

    And a pressure cooker?


      I've given up trying to compare beyond the features, every review seems so subjective…
      I've also given up on waiting for a decent Amazon UK deal for the Instant Pot, winter is upon us and I gotta cook stew


      I believe the Instant Pot is difficult to get in Australia. If you buy from Amazon US, it requires a step-down convertor thingy due to the different voltage. They used to be sold on Amazon UK with a matching voltage but they can no longer be bought.


    I have a slightly older model and it works great! Mine has a non-stick inner pot which I dislike a lot, but this comes with a semi-ceramic pot, so should be fine. I sometimes wish I had the instant pot as most recipes online are specifically for the IP, but it isn't a huge dealbreaker as it only takes a bit of extra work to convert recipes. If you're thinking about a pressure cooker this because you're a cooking novice get the IP instead.


    Just beware Philips cookers take forever to heat up and build pressure.
    I had the model above this one and even the simplest dish which may only require 15 mins of pressure cooking actually took twice as long as it often took +10 mins just for it to build up pressure and start cooking.

    I returned it and got Tefal Cook4me instead which gets up to pressure so quick in comparison.

    Having to release pressure manually isn't convenient either.

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    Just picked this up from Ebay Myer for $142.20 using the 15% off code from the other post.


    Just bought one. Wonder if the Philips Premium HD2178 Stainless Steel inner pot fits this HD2237? The SS inner pot does fit the older HD2137. Thanks OP.


    Buy it from Myer for slightly more ($167.30) but claim the $30 cashback from Philips.



    Would really appreciate some updates when people get these and start using them 🙂

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      Bought one on the weekend, pretty happy with it, did some asian style BBQ pork ribs in it, the recipe said 30 minutes in the pressure cooker, reality was closer to 50 minutes cooking time. Meat fell off the bone.

      Also did some cauliflower soup for tonight.

      We've been waiting for the price to drop for a little while.


        Thanks! Do you think it would probably replace a lot of your regular cooking in oven, stovetop, etc?

        Shame the Myer deal didn’t last long but contemplating grabbing this one from Big W or appropriate pricematch

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      Just did split pea and ham hock soup (serious eats recipe)- came out great! After warming it came to pressure quite quickly, pretty happy with it so far


    Did Lamb shanks for the first time last night. It started 'maintaining' the pressure before the pop up valve closed. Not enough liquid in it perhaps ?
    I eventually lifted up the valve manually and this stayed sealed until venting after cooking.


    Decided to order one yesterday based on the positive comments so thanks guys + djamesm88 for posting.

    Grabbed it from Amazon for $161.10 as I had $130 in credit, but if it helps anyone else reading, right now it's also:

    • $143.65 at Bing Lee eBay with PAPPY, click & collect or $10 postage
    • $152.15 at Myer eBaywith PAPPY, click and collect or delivered

      Nice one- just a tip I've found that meat takes a bit longer in this than most recipes, eg yesterday made ragu with Chuck beef, took about 15 minutes longer under pressure than recipe suggested


      or $142.80 at goodguys ebay with PAPPY C&C

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