out of stock Oban 14 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky + Can of 375ml Coke $60.93 (Groupon + New User) Delivered @ Boozebud


Been waiting for this to drop to a reasonable price. And followed the same method as the Lagavulin that was posted a few months back. Used the $50 Groupon from here and the can of coke to get over the $100 minimum.

I added the can of coke for the cheapest possible price, but getting the 1.25L for $1 more might be the better option. But who's drinking this with coke right?

Price breakdown
Oban 14 - $91.95
Coca Cola 375mL Can - $1.99
$50 Groupon - $10 ($8.5 if new Groupon user with BRANDNEW coupon code) + CR/SB
Shipping - $6.89

Total: $110.83 (or $109.33 for new groupon user)
Total minus groupon: $60.83 ($59.33 for new groupon user) + less with 7% from CR

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