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Blufree Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter Hands Free Car Kit $13.59 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Bluefree Amazon AU


Blufree FM Transmitter is the easier way to upgrade your car radio and enhance your journey without taking apart your car, which is built to carry crystal audio sound to car radio that with no audio-in capability.

How Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter works?
1.The FM Transmitter is connected to car stereo over an empty channel for the least interference. Press and hold the phone button to enter FM mode and them adjust the frequency.
2.Cell phone is paired with the FM Transmitter via Bluetooth connection for hands free phone call and mobile music, even for GPS audio navigation.
3.MP3 Music play from memory TF/SD Card or USB flash drive.

Multifunctional FM Transmitter Bluetooth for Car, a convenient accessory to make your driving more interested!

Bluetooth receiver function: hands free phone calling and MP3 music streaming.

MP3 Music for Car with Hi-Fi Stereo Sound:
A. Bluetooth enabled devices (cell phone, tablet…)
B. USB flash drive
C. Memory TF/SD Card

Dual USB ports Car Charger which Output 3.4A total: Fast charge your phone and other devices at the same time.

Voltage Detection: The car voltage is showed on the digital display for monitoring easily

Memory Function: Fast Bluetooth pairing. Once paired, the FM transmitter will automatically reconnect with the last paired smart device when turned on next time.

Universal Compatibility: Bluetooth Transmitter works well with most Bluetooth enabled devices, such as iPhone, Android phone, iPad, iPod, tablet and etc.

Excellent service with 90-days money back guarantee.

Package Included:
1 x Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Dual USB Charge Ports
1 x User Manual

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  • I think its useless posting about these items unless someone can vouch for the call quality. Hopefully someone can?

    • Great if it's Infront of you, average if it's behind you / in a centre console / etc.

      Basically you'll want to be talking at it for good quality, if it's behind you or obstructed it doesn't sound as good.

  • +1 … would pay an extra $100 if you can guarantee leading class call quality including noise cancellation.

    I have bought about x5 in the last 6 months and they are all average .. compared to say my mate with his built-in bluetooth in the Hyundai Sonata is crystal clear.

    • I think no matter which brand, they are all made by the same company. Or at lease the same circuit inside.

  • Bought one of these a couple of months ago. For listening to music on your car stereo it’s great. Call quality is average but it’s only a cheap unit

  • I've bought one of these
    I listen to podcasts/ audiobooks
    There is always some static/ hissing metallic noise in the background
    Don't hear the same when I use headphones

    Perhaps with music, you don't hear this hissing as much?

    Any way of eliminating this?
    Don't get me wrong it is a decent unit, but you don't get that hissing noise with $10 headphones, and certainly not with more expensive headphones