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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2C 20000mAh Charger $23.99 (Expired) | PowerBank 3 Pro 20000mAh USB-C 45W QC3.0 $59.99 Delivered @ Shopro


Great price on this charger.

Xiaomi Power Bank 3 Pro 20000mAh USB-C Two-way 45W QC3.0 Fast Charge Power Bank for Mobile Phone Laptop - $59.99

Xiaomi Mi 20W Qi Car Wireless Charger with Intelligent Infrared Sensor Fast Charging Car Phone Holder - $69.95 - Expired

Demo video.

Great price on this charger. Gearbest and Banggood are currently selling this for $111.69 and $73.82 respectively.

•Infrared Sensor, Auto Open and Close the holder. Lock the Phone Firmly.
•Quick and easy to install, very safe to use.
•Smart compatible with a variety of mobile phones and models.
•Charging while navigating.

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    showing $39.95 ?

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      Same here.

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      Showing on flash deal page as $23.99.

      Edit - price now updated.

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        Yep showing as $23.99 on flash deal page but $39.95 when clicking through - good price if they go ahead… Pity as I just bought the Kogan deal but I would have preferred to support these guys

        EDIT - yep now showing $23.99 Good Deal!

        • Kogan price effect? Saves another $ on this deal …

        • Will this one fast charge an iPhone XS Max?

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        Don't tell me you guys haven't found the better priced here?!Even with express post, buy two and get 10% off also on ebay app with pocket10 code

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    I already have the 10000mAh version. The price is so tempting, even though I probably have no real use for it.

    • Wouldn’t this zmi qb815 better than the xiaomi 3? Use code “pocket10” on ur ebay app and get 10% off if buying two, make price goes to $56.69, quality wise lot of people would prefer the zmi over xiaomi.

    • But you can use the 20000mAh to recharge your 10000mAh twice :-)

  • what's delivery time to sydney?

    • Usually takes a few days based on past experience

  • Anyone have a review of the PowerBank 3 Pro?

    I intend to use it for switch and Lenovo Yoga 920 laptop. Anything to watch out for?

    With the 45W I assume it will charge a bit slower but that's the only issue?

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      Haven't tried this one but have the QB815 QB820, it charges my Lenovo E585 fine. Actual charger is 65Wh, the powerbank is 45Wh.

      Just note if it's dead flat you may need to wait 10-15 minutes before it'll boot off the powerbank. Once on it works fine, just slower charging.

      Mine I switch to power saver to charge quicker, otherwise it basically just keeps it the same charge for an hour (maybe +10-15%). Yours shouldn't be an issue as (from memory) the Yoga's are more power efficient.

      Side note - the QB815 / 820 has a USB hub feature where you can plug a laptop in and use the powerbank as a USB hub while charging. Less durable feel though - the one here is more protected. (I have a 2C - the USB PD version looks to be the same design)

      Edit: they're actually basically 40Wh outputs btw - only 2Ah at 20V. They can do 45Wh at 15V but most things request 20.

      • Thanks! I pulled the trigger.

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          I have a Yoga 730 (with 65w charger) and it charges brilliantly. Very impressed!

  • What are the major differences between 2C and 3Pro?

    They look the same :S

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      3Pro can do PD charging.

      • +1

        Thanks. This is a pretty noob question since I didn't even know PD charging existing - can this potentially damage the battery of a say - Huawei P30 Pro?

  • Sigh, ok..

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    I still haven't gotten my order from last month. 😭

    • bugger. i pulled the trigger.

    • Same D:

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      same, still havent got my order from the deal last month, it's ridiculous

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      That's unfortunate. Mine came fast, within a week.

  • Only one per customer for the 20,000mAh 2C. Bugger. I wanted 3.

  • Will the 2 do Nintendo Switch charging?

  • Is both output fast charge?

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      Yes. But only when 1 port is used.

  • will this work with surface pro?

    • The power bank 3 pro does charge a surface pro, but you need the usb C adapter from Microsoft.

  • +10

    Specs Zmi Aura 27W Xiaomi 3 Pro 45W Zmi 10 45W
    Model QB822 PLM07ZM QB815/QB820
    Battery LiPo 20000mAh LiPo 20000mAh Li-Ion 15000/20000mAh
    Feature Battery % Display, Low-Power mode Low-Power mode USB-Hub, Low-Power mode, Aluminium Body
    USB-A Out (QC3.0, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC) 5V𝌂2.4A, 9V𝌂2A, 12V𝌂1.5A Same 18W Same 18W
    USB-C Out (QC3.0, FCP, AFC, USB PD) 5V𝌂3A, 9V𝌂3A, 12V𝌂2.25A, 15V𝌂1.5A, max 27W 5V𝌂3A, 9V𝌂3A, 12V𝌂3A, 15V𝌂3A, 20V𝌂2A, max 45W Same 45W
    Multi-port 5V𝌂4.5A, max 22W 5V𝌂5.4A, 9V𝌂3A, 12V𝌂3A, 15V𝌂3A, 20V𝌂2A, max 45W Same 45W
    USB-C Input (QC2.0, USB PD) 5V𝌂2.4A, 9V𝌂2.5A, 12V𝌂1.8A, 15V𝌂1.5A 5V𝌂3A, 9V𝌂3A, 12V𝌂3A, 15V𝌂3A, 20V𝌂2.25A, max 45W Same 45W
    Size 149.3 x 70 x 25 mm 153.5 x 73.5 x 27.5 mm 160 x 81.8 x 21 mm
    Weight 363g 439.6g 405g
    Cable included USB-A to USB-C Cable USB-A to USB-C Cable USB-C to C Cable, 2in1 Cable
    Made by Jiangsu Zimi Corporation Same Same

    Credit to Mostly Melbourne for the spec layout -

  • What's the difference between this & the 2S?

  • Well that was fast. Ordered around 1pm, received dispatched and tracking email at 5pm

    • So you have received it by now?

      • Nope… tracking didn't update till Wednesday and now tracking is stuck at in transit for a couple of days now. It is marked as "delayed"

        • Update: after lodging a complaint on Friday, it seems to have arrived at a Melbourne facility. Hopefully I get it tomorrow.

  • What USB C cable to buy to charge laptops with the PowerBank 3 Pro?

    • USB C to USB C

      • Thanks Lancerevo.

        Does it need to have to have a certain specification? Or will any usb c to usb c cable do?

  • One question: how do I switch the USB C port to output versus input on this powerbank? Eg say I want to charge the Powerbank from my laptops source?

  • Is this expired? WTB the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2C 20000mAh Charger $23.99

  • Can you take these power bank on a plane?

  • Can anyone please tell me what name the invoice from Shopro comes under?

    I cant seem to find my order in my emails even though I purchased the power bank.

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