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Kogan Mobile $9.40 (or $8.91) for 90-Day Unlimited SIM Plan with 60GB Data @ Groupon ($8.42 for new Groupon Buyers)


Cheapest yet. Apply HUGE at checkout for 5% off ($9.40), or BRANDNEW for 15% off ($8.42) if you're a first time Groupon buyer.

New Kogan Mobile customers only. Activate voucher by June 30. Enjoy :)

Thanks to tanana for pointing out that GET10 may still work for a 10% discount ($8.91).

Original HUGE deal
Original BRANDNEW deal

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  • Sorry, this code can't be applied. It's only valid for new subscribers on their first purchase.

    • Please read the OP. There are two prices in the title. One for return, and one for new Groupon buyers.

      • Sorry to bother you.
        Went to the deal page and in bold, it says new customer only.

        Where are you seeing existing customer deal?

  • Just bought 6 before , great for my substitute instead of nbn. Telstra sims get me 100mb p sec downloads in my area compared to Kogan at 40 mb p sec

    • +6 votes

      Not really sure why you got downvoted. As someone who's been in NBN Limbo for a month (as of today) with both NBN and Telstra pointing fingers at each other going "It's THEIR fault", I will use any and every means to get online. After picking up an unlocked NightHawk M1 off FB Marketplace recently, I'm buying every damn discount SIM package that I can get. I used to use Belong SIMs and just refer myself with a new account to get the @20 credit each side, but it's far more economical to just pickup the large data "on sale" prepaid SIM deals like these.

      Legally there's a 5 active SIM per user limit in Australia (to stop weird telemarketing/farming/phishing things I guess), but that's fine because I obviously use them consecutively. Once one is burned out I whack in the next. If providers sellers want to sell "Hey, 90% discount ! Bulk data ! Deliver to your door ! No contract !" SIMs then they can't be surprised when people sign up for more than the allotted per-customer amount, and I'm pretty damn sure that "per customer" limits have no legal standing. It's no difference than my mum getting some vouchers and going through the checkout twice with a "max two per customer" bread deal, or handing me the voucher and saying "Hey, I want more of these. Take this money and go buy me two more of them".

      In the exact same way, I am picking up two of these for my mother because she also uses long life prepaid data in her 4G hotspot as my parents do a lot of traveling. I may be buying all of these things on the same credit card but they are still FOR different people, just as I'm sure Calmerancer is probably doing. Two for me and two for mum. That gives us both 6 months of solid data in our hotspots. Or, if our NBN doesn't get turned on (the 5/1mbit 4G backup just doesn't cut it, sorry) then we can just burn through them for home data.

      Either way.. No one's ripping anyone off. I'm just buying a bunch of these on behalf of family members so that they don't have to "line up" to get them. No need for anyone to hate on people for doing this.

      • That’s right. I gots family and each member has a groupon account so I buy on behalf of them and we all use the data when they need to. Just like family does the shopping and buys food for me. But hey, downvote ya fools ;) but also hey maybe I shoulda wrote “we” or “our family bought”
        Not to mention broadband per month use to cost $30-50 for us until the nbn started upping their prices. My last 3 bills were $79 from Aussie broadband. If I have 6 sims running I save $158 per quarter.
        Not to mention when I cancelled Aussie bb I was astounded about the music/message playing in the background. They said something like we are sorry if our name sounds or is racist but we picked that name in 2007 and we can’t change that… I was gob smacked, perhaps trying to keep customers or sth to do with the election is to why it was like that, idk. Hopefully I heard them wrong.

        • +11 votes

          As someone who has lived overseas and seen poor countries in SE Asia roll out phenomonal 4G networks to hundreds of millions of people with ease, it is funny to see Australia first make claims about "going all fibre" and offering "gigabit speeds", only to deliberately cripple their network from both a techonological and sales standpoint. Coming from somewhere where all FTTP plans are symmetric, it's hilarious to see Australia deliberately imposing the "Oh, upload bandwidth is extremely limited" condition on every product. And since NBN is, if you exclude these mobile broadband plans, the only network you can get, the whole country is basically being told "Hey… you are NOT content creators. Don't stream. Don't upload. Don't VPN. Don't do any uploading shit".

          Why ? It doesn't cost them any more if people upload instead of download. If someone wants to stream high def video, they can't. If someone wants to use remote desktop work or they want to sync files, they can't. Not for any technical reason or because it would cost anyone more. Just because NBNCo decided "You shouldn't do that". I can go to Vietnam and get a 25/25 connection for $5 a month or a 60/60 for $30 a month and stream like a mofo. I'd have to pay a fortune to do that in Australia and I couldn't even get 60mbit upstream because it's just been decided "That's not what we do here".

          Australia's internet habits are being artificially curbed by deliberate technological limitations that have no actual financial impact on the companies that offer the services. It's just that someone high up has decided to shape everyone's usage in a particular way. It's not that the carriers can't afford it. It's not the whole "geography of Australia" or "How far it is to run an costly undersea cable". Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam .. they're just as far from America as we are. Yes, they tend to pool their resources and thereby share the cost of undersea links, but there's no reason Australia can't do that too. Is there some reason the AAG (Asia America Gateway) doesn't continue on to Australia ? Not really.

          There's a million things wrong with the internet in Australia and it's pointless for me to try to cover them all in forum comment. I only bring up this one point because I find it funny the way Australia pretends that upload bandwidth is such a precious commodity that is "only for business people". HAhaha, piss off. One of the main reasons I switch over to a 4G connection is because it's the only way I can Game Stream to friends, use my Nvidia Shielf for remote gaming, and because then I can upload content I create to Youtube. I sort of look at Australia's NBN and go "Uhh, what's the problem guys ? It's the same 800mb video whether I upload it at 100mbit or at 5mbit. It doesn't matter if you shape me. I'm still going to have to upload 800gb of data". It's like Australia's response is "Yeah, well don't do that".

          LOL. 4G is great in Australia. We are always pioneers in the rollout of fast mobile technologies. We're a country to look up to when it comes to being the first to roll out real high speed mobile technologies. But then we either make them unaffordable or we cripple them.

          NBNCo's message is "Ok, you sort of have broadband. Your downloads are a bit faster now". But the new high speed world isn't about "slightly faster downloads". It's about enabling new technologies. New ways of doing things. New things in general. It's about being content creators, streaming not just Netflix, but 4k video games as well.. not just in one direction but in both.

          NBNCo isn't just crippling Australia's internet. They're crippling Australian's concept of what the internet is for and what it can do. It reminds me of the expression on Ex-NBN CEO Quigley's face when in the parlimentary inquiry regarding NBN, one of the panel asked something akin to "But at home in my household my kids can stream Netflix and browse the web just fine. Why do we need the internet to be faster ?" and Quigley just sort of looks pained and grits his teeth and tries to explain that it's not about what you can do today. It's about what you can do tomoorow.

          Australia is constantly champing at the bit while someone pulls the reigns and goes "whoooah girl… not too fast. That's not how we play this game. We play catch-up, because it lets us reap the most cash". And that's what it comes down to. You go see the broadband networks they've built across Asia and you look back at Australia like "Really ? Who are you kidding ?". Sure. NBNCo plans may be "Good enough for the average person", but that means that anyone who is an above average user… not in terms of how much they download, but in terms of wanting to do bigger things with their internet.. they're just not given any options. The whole system is setup to make cash by structuring everyone's usage in a certain way, and now that it's the only game in town, basically it's like putting everyone in a sort of time bubble and going "Just stick with this stuff. Don't try anything new. Standard Def streaming is just fine. You don't need any of that new stuff".

          I just feel so sorry for that hypothetical kid living on the outskirts of Townsville who wants to be a mad Twitch streamer but just can't do it because he's stuck on some shitty FTTN connection that can only get 8mbit upstream, and there's literally no possibility of another company coming along and offering something better because there's no competition allowed other than reselling. To someone like that it would feel like things are never going to get better for him, and they basically aren't. That theoretical kid will be an adult with kids of his own by the time that technology that he wants to use today is finally available. While the rest of the world will already have already been doing it for years… even the poor kids in SE Asia.

          If I can't game stream my Steam collection on my 2015 Nvidia Shield on 2017 NBN then there's only one way to put it….

          NBN promised a network for Tomorrow but built a network for Yesterday.

          Bring on the 4/5G ! Its your only way out.

          • @Pawz: HOLY.WALL.OF.TEXT.

            youre right though

          • +4 votes


            Not for any technical reason or because it would cost anyone more.

            There is actually a technical reason why FTTP is not symmetric. It's because we are splitting the signal from one fibre across 16 to 32 premises, as part of the 2.4 GPON system.

            That means that at the exchange, each fibre has one laser, continuously pushing out data at 2.4Gbits per second. Every one of those 16 to 32 premises receives that, everyone receives everyone else's data, except that it's all encrypted and you can only decrypt the data intended for you.

            But for the uplink data, it's different. You can't have 16 to 32 lasers all transmitting simultaneously back to the exchange, they all have to take turns. Which means they have to wait for their turn, then turn on the laser, adjust the output power, transmit the synchronizing sequence, identify the modem, and then transmit the data. And you have to leave gaps between one laser turning off and the next laser turning on, in case one of the modem's timing is a little bit early or late.

            If every house had a single fibre running all the way back to the exchange, then you can have symmetric data. But that's not the system we have, it would make the NBN significantly more expensive than it already is, and all politicians are facing complaints that it's already too expensive.

            There are also other ways to achieve symmetric data, but they are all more expensive than the 2.4GPON system that the NBN has started with.

            Contrary to popular belief, the original NBN design was designed to incorporate new faster systems as they were needed. Spare fibres were laid in every cable bundle, which could accommodate a new system running in parallel with the 2.4GPON system, and then customers could be gradually migrated over if they wanted the higher speeds. 10GPON exists now in some countries, and NG-PON2 (16x faster than 2.4GPON) will become mainstream in the near future.

      • I say this every time it gets brought up, but there's no active SIM limit in Australia.

        It's perfectly legal to have more than 5 concurrent services, and that's why the ACMA has extra ID checking requirements for SIM purchases in those circumstances despite credit cards being used (of course the first financial transaction is often during activation these days, so the requirements are "re-interpreted" by telcos). With no accessible database of active services apparently in place, and no secure and economical way of verifying physical resemblance to ID portraits, online SIM providers rely on truth telling and a clause in their terms and conditions.

        Whether we've triggered Federal Police checks thanks to these SIM deals is another matter. If a guy roams around on his scooter selling oregano, parsley and rosemary in unmarked bags to young budding chefs then the SIMs might work against him. "NBN replacement" might go down better than "free burritos" in court.

        • +2 votes

          Hehehe funny comment by PeterPeterPumpkin there.

          I'm not bothered if I've been flagged for having activated 12 SIMs this year. The carriers may insist that there's a 5 SIM limit in Australia, but I'm not using all 12 at once, and as Peter said, it's not an actual law (if anyone can cite an actual federal law for this, I'd love to see).

          If we're breaking some Terms of Service thing by burning through promotional SIMs, so be it. If the providers want to crack down, then they can. It's up to them. We're not committing fraud or anything. I'll accept whatever consequences there are for breaking the TOS of a carrier by activating too many SIMs. I'm just trying to get online. I'm not doing anything illegal with the connections. I just wanna play games, watch TV.. the usual stuff. The stuff that is currently not possible for me on my broken-ass NBN connection.

          Regular people don't do this stuff. They don't hunt down the best deal, and use that for a while and then switch over to the other best deal. Regular people just choose a phone and broadband provider and stick with them for decades, regardless of whether it sucks or not because changing all the time is a headache.

          But for people who need something more.. hey they're gonna sniff out the best deal they can get anywhere and switch at the drop of a hat. They're the lost people who aren't being served properly by Australia's current internet packages. The SIM burners and the modem aggregators aren't criminals. They're just people who are desperate for something that serves their needs. Eventually the Telcos will see what's happening and make offerings that are a reasonable compromise and which people want to buy.

          Yeah, like many my fixed line broadband is just a completely broken disaster and I'm forced to use 4G. I don't want to limit my internet usage to 2009 habits. I want to keep my 2019 habits. I want to create content and have it uploaded quick. When I dump 500gb of raw video footage on my system, I want to sync it to my Google Drive and One Drive accounts without it taking a month to do so. I want to backup, stream, share, connect and do all that cool stuff. You know.. the stuff they advertised on TV as what we can expect, instead of the stuff we actually got.

    • "Calmerancer" Just wondering why you don't get the Kogan Mobile XL for $4.90 per 30 days instead?

      • I do sometimes. More annoying to do it evrymonth compared to every 3 months.

        • That's true, but well worth it if you use the extra 20GB per month.

          Much worse if trying to port your main phone number over every 28-30 odd days,

          activating these Kogan Mobile XL 40GB/30 day sims are a breeze in comparison.

  • The Fine Print
    • Limit of 2 vouchers per person
    • 7-day cooling-off refund period does not apply to this deal
    • New Kogan Mobile customers only
    • Not to be used in conjunction with an existing Kogan Mobile service
    • Unlimited* refers to national standard calls and texts within Australia
    • Personal Use and Fair Use policy apply
    • Before purchasing, please read the Kogan.com Website Terms & Conditions at: https://www.kogan.com/au/terms-and-conditions/ and the Kogan Mobile Critical Information Summaries and Plan Terms & Conditions at https://www.koganmobile.com.au/legal/
    • Standard fine print for all deals

  • +2 votes

    Also, CR 5% cashback, Shopback 7% cashback if purchased via app.

    Thanks TA, great deal!

  • once purchased, do we get the voucher code straight away to the email? just like how we purchase direct from Kogan website.

    • Takes a couple of minutes for a confirmation email with a link to Groupon site and PDF of voucher. I’m not a Groupon member and used Paypal but it gave me a link to a member page anyhow.

  • It's been ages since i've bought a new sim, after the 90 days will it continue at the discounted price per every 90 days? or will it return to full price?


    • +4 votes

      If you don’t uncheck the auto renew option you will be billed at the regular full price.

  • Wow… Just wow.

    I'll never understand these deals. The world's gone mad.

    2019, and we're still plagued with call issues from the 90's… But they'll give us the kitchen sink for $9.

    Oh well, mad deal. Grab it!!

  • For existing Groupon users, I just found another way to get 10% off , enter code GET10, a message displayed :

    GET10 has expired. But we still want you to get extra savings. Take 10% off (up to $50) with this discount!

    Click Apply Discount, and you get 10% off.

  • If I want to buy a few of them and just use them as my internet, is there any restrictions on registering as ‘new’ customers on Kogan? Can I just put in whatever name/info address?

    • +6 votes

      New customers only means you can’t renew an existing Kogan number. All registration deets can remain the same.

      • So if your number has previously been with Kogan (but isn't presently), you still count as a new customer? Noice!!

  • Activate voucher by June 30.

    Thanks OP. The fine prints says
    • Although your service must be activated by 30 Jun 2019, the SIM card itself is able to be activated after that date. However, it must be activated within 365 days of purchase (it cannot be guaranteed that it will work after this time

    So I guess we can use the SIM plan activation even after June 30th

    • +3 votes

      The SIM card itself can be activated long after the voucher expiry. You cannot activate with this voucher after the stated expiry date.

      If you fail to activate before this date you will lose your chance to activate and use the value you paid for.

      • Hmm.. so do you mean the 90 days’ plan has to be started on or before 30th June?

        • +2 votes

          Pretty clear in the terms I think.

          Also in last line of OP

        • yeah its pretty unclear until you go to activate. Basically if you dont activate before 30 june the deal is dead. The 365 day they are referring to is the blank $2 sim card they send you in the mail which is what you can buy at supermarkets and phone shops.

          So people thinking about buying this deal and activating 6 months down the track… you have been warned.

  • Is there a recommended pocket wifi/mobile router to use with these data sims? I'm new to them and it's much cheaper than paying for unreliable internet.

    • +2 votes

      Voda or Optus 4G modems are both good for Kogan.

      If you have an existing Telstra modem it’ll work (so long as it’s unlocked) but you wont get 850Mhz band I think which could affect your connection/performance.

    • Vodafone pocket 4G wifis. About $59 now but not so long ago were on special for $29 at post offices. Be careful if you look on eBay as some sheisters are selling off their old 3G ones.

  • good for those without decent home internet.
    good for kids' phones so they can do TikToc anywhere.

  • What an amazing day, first free sims 4, and now this. It's a great day to be alive.

  • My 2nd 90day sim for the next 3mths- Thanks TA!

  • Got one of these with the last Groupon sale but it took almost 3 weeks for the sim to turn up.

  • this has probably been asked 1000 times so I'll make it 1001

    How long do you need to be ported away from Kogan till you can port back as a "New Customer"

    • I think it’s 60 days but have no personal experience to base that on.

      • thanks, it was 30 days last time I checked a a bit over a year ago and thought maybe it changed…

        I guess I'll have to do the "what did they say when you asked them" thing…

        • Spoke to Kogan, rep couldnt answer the question with confidence, they said they thought it took about 30 days but sometimes a little longer.

          What I can say is that I ported away from Kogan 41 days ago, my number is nolonger on their system and the rep said it would be treated as a new customer if I ported back

      • Does this mean that if my kogan plan expires, i switch to another carrier for 2 months, then go back to kogan ill have access to 'new customer' deals?

        • It does yeah but you should confirm the period, it may not be as long as 60 days, I don’t recall with clarity.

  • Does anyone know how long it takes for you to receive it ? Metro Brisbane area.

    • Just saw Matt88 post regarding delivery time.
      Could anyone recommend something cheap for overseas guest staying here for 1 week to use ? Mainly need it for calls and text so don't need huge data thanks

    • I bought two of these 20 days ago and the sims just arrived to my mailbox (Sydney metro) few minutes ago (Within 21 days as advised by groupon :)). Look like they only printed the SIM after you ordered :).
      So if anyone need the SIM urgently, it won't be a case. It should be fine if you have a spare kogan sim.
      If order on kogan website, the sim normally arrives in a week in a thick grey envelope. The sim from groupon deal came in normal white envelop, however.

  • Flip flop btw this and https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/457130 would mean 18 bucks a year
    Best ever

    • +2 votes

      If only you could activate one and then when that expires you activate the other. But alas you have to activate both by 30th June so would not last you a year.

  • Not bad at all! Just wondering though if the $4.90 Kogan Mobile 40GB XL 30 day sims marginally better though? (Apart from watching the supposed 5 active sim card limit that is). These have to be activated by 31 July, 2019.

    Dropped by as seeking a better deal on recharging my Kogan Mobile 365 day account. Seems Small 365 is still $152.10. (I use mostly NBN wifi at home for data)

  • If I purchase this can I port in my number after receipt/activation of the SIM?

    • Yes.
      New sim required if porting over from other carrier to this new account. Specify you are porting number over from other carrier in online set up process. Some carriers are quick to change over from (Vodafone) whereas others can be slower.
      Old Kogan sim only needs the activation code, if you purchased the renew option.

  • Is there a way to buy and use multiple of these on the same mobile? I would like to have a plan that lasts longer than 3 months

  • Cheers TA, picked one up for $8.42. My Kogan service expires on July 14th I think, so I guess I'll just throw it in the bin two weeks early.

  • Shopback app showing 20% cashback

  • I had 2 services with Kogan Mobile, both expired in 2017.
    Do I qualify as a new customer?

    • +2 votes

      You’re a new customer for every new number. If you’re porting back after several months then yes, still new customer.

  • Hi, As a new member, how quickly do you have to use the referral credit? I could not see it in the terms and conditions apparently it is printed on the voucher.

  • Is there a way to add international calls as an "add-on" to the account?

  • For existing users CN10 also works for an extra 10% off. Just used it so verified working :)

  • Does each Sim card come with a different phone number or can I use my existing non-Kogan phone number ported to each Sim card? No idea how this works.

    • Expired now, but these sims do come with a new/different mobile number. When activating though, you have the choice to either use that number, or port your existing (other telco) mobile number over. It varies the amount of time it takes the telcos to achieve this. I found Vodafone to Kogan Mobile was extremely fast.

      Ps. Dont forget when signing back into your account, to turn OFF automatic recharge, or you will pay the "normal" amount for recharge when the 90 days (etc.) has expired.

  • is this unlimited calls to other australian mobile with no time limit? some companies have a time limit on each call…

  • Anyone else still waiting for their sim card to arrive? I bought it on the 25th

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