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$175 Cashback and 2 and 6 Month Waiting Periods Waived @ Suncorp Health Insurance (New Customers Only)


If you're looking at buying/switching health insurance came across this deal.

If you buy a combined hospital and extras policy (excluding customers in the NT, and current Qantas Health/NIB/Suncorp Health customers), they are offering $175 cash back (after holding policy for 45 days) and 2/6 months waiting periods waived.

Of course you'll have to compare cover etc but worth a look.

Extract from T&Cs on the offer.

  1. The offer consists of the following:

a. A reduction of $175 off the premium payment for the Eligible Product (“$175 off”); and

b. A waiver of the 2 and 6 month waiting period for Eligible Customers on all Extras services taken out during the Offer Period that normally require a 2 or 6 month waiting period under the relevant Eligible Product. The Promoter will apply the waiver at the time the Eligible Customer takes out the Eligible Product. Applies to Extras services only and excludes waiting periods on Hospital cover (“Waiver”).

  1. The $175 off will be applied 45 days after the end of the month that the Eligible Product was purchased in (“Fulfilment Date”). The Fulfilment Dates being 15 July 2019 and 14 August 2019 respectively. The reduction will result in the premium date paid to amount advancing by the value of $175 and appear on policy statements with description “$175off marketing reward”.

  2. Eligible Customers must meet the following entry requirements (“Entry Requirements”):

a. the Eligible Customer must successfully purchase an Eligible Product during the Offer Period with Suncorp Health Insurance;

b. the Eligible Product must have a policy start date during the Offer Period (“Commencement Date”);

c. the Eligible Product must be current and fully paid at the time of the amount being applied, being 15 July and 14 August 2019;

d. the Eligible Customer must purchase the Eligible Product via direct debit or credit card;

e. the Eligible Customer must not be a current Qantas Health Insurance, nib, Suncorp, Apia or Suncorp health insurance policyholder at the time of purchasing the Eligible Product, or have joined and cancelled an Eligible Product within 6 months before or during the Offer Period;

f. the Eligible Customer must not be an employee of the Promoter or its related companies, nib health funds limited or its related companies, or their agencies.

Full T&Cs are here.

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  • Extras - I don't have these in my current policy with Bupa.

    I wander if many people get the "extras" with their health insurance policy.

    If you do:
    Do you find they are worth the higher premium?

    • Lots of people get extras - The maths can be pretty simple if you get a number of the extras and make the most of your limits. Things like dental/optical are common, and acupuncture/remedial massage/chiro/major dental/pregnancy related extras are also options.

      The general maths is the same of any other insurance: Are the costs (or risk of costs) higher to me if I have the insurance or if I don't.

      ** Side note: My partner and I don't have extras cover currently. Looked into it quite a lot about 2 years ago, but at the moment isn't valuable to us as we have minimal health expenses.

    • I don't think they normally are unless you actually have high ongoing health expenses (not if you're just increasing your health expenses to consume your benefits).

      That said, it's easy to take advantage of if you have waiting periods waived - sign up, consume the stuff that you do need (dental for everyone, optical for many) and then drop the extras cover. Rinse and repeat next year with a new provider.

  • What is the minimum I have to pay to not pay the government more money @ tax time.

    • Still quite a lot, but you have to be earning $90k after employer paid super single ($100k package) or $180k family ($200k package) before that hits, so for most people it's a non issue.

  • i believe this is nib?