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Rockport World Tour Men's Classic $131.97 + Delivery @ Rockport


Been eying these shoes for a while as they are known to be comfortable walking shoes and are dressier than sneakers.

Not sure the cashback applies on the discounted price. But even if it's on the discounted price with 9% cashback from Shopback, it's gonna make them $119.

This is the lowest I have seen in local stock.

Just found this a while ago. ENDS BY MIDNIGHT TODAY

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2019

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    • Good price but they only seem to be having the boring black. Also the size chart on gilmours seems to be way off to what's on Rockport.

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        These shoes are exciting and deserve more vibrant colour schemes

    • Bought these yesterday from Rockport, $131 with 9% Shopback and free shipping makes this a better deal than Gilmours. Free shipping is supposed to be for orders over $150 so they must use the undiscounted price when calculating the shipping cost.

      • I bought a chocolate chip color pair as well and got free shipping! Which color did you get?

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    Now THESE will get you laid.

    • Chad could be wearing nothing but rags and still get laid

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    That looks ugly af.

    I wouldn't wear them even if I was given a free pair.

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      Agreed. The black ones look like school shoes. Particularly ugly school shoes.

      • Exactly, Black, and white are pure ugly! I would go for Chocolate Chip or Brown leather colour codes.

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    If I saw someone wearing these there is no way I would think they were worth more than $5. What do u do in these shoes aside from swatting away ladies

  • The official footwear of the I.T. Department

  • how to order a X-wide pair?
    How to find out the correct size?

    • They have a size guide on their website. Not sure if they have different wideness. I think they onlue have default size.

  • why can't they use the same materials and make more classic looking (simpler) styles.

  • The manufacturing for Rockports have really gone cheap for the last few years. Unlike from 10 years ago. Really cheap "rubber" type material now on the sole, almost a plastic, like crappy Kmart shoes. Would be dangerous on wet slippery surfaces. Rockport brand has been bought and sold a few times now.

    • lol you must be buying fakes, i have these my second pair, slip resistant.


      • check the sole. Does it look like good quality rubber to you like they used to do? No I don't think so. Besides the one you posted is different than what the OP listed. I'm in the health industry for over 20 years and we deal with dodgy footwear a lot. Rockport quality is no where near what it used to be.

        • Based on what I have read online I kind of agree with Sammyboy. Many reviews online saying quality went down when they moved the manufacturing from India to Vietnam.Say it's rigid and not as soft as it used to be. But some say it's still comfortable. Not to forget the business casual look as well!

          I took a gamble so let's see!

        • sure does

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