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Starter Packs: $30 Optus 35GB - $10 | $10 amaysim 1GB - $2 | $30 Vodafone 35GB - $15 @ Big W


A few good mobile starter pack deals starting tomorrow at Big W.

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  • whats it with everyone rolling out cheap plans

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      Australia has been paying for overpriced services for far too long and now there is no one left to milk. Time to get fair prices.

      Ps, if you send text messages, be aware that Optus including the list below, don't support delivery report. Buy a Telstra or Vodafone based service.

      Optus resellers that do not provide delivery report :
      Moose Mobile
      Southern Phone
      OVO Mobile
      Catch Connect
      Coles Mobile
      Jeenee Mobile

      Please add if I missed something

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        A delivery report?

        • They post u a letter to say your message arrived 😂

        • I think it's just a receipt that says the text message has been sent from device? Not enough for me to jump ship, especially now that I have 4gb overseas and unlimited/text calls when travelling overseas

          • @snoopydoop:

            I have 4gb overseas and unlimited/text calls when travelling overseas

            What provider is that?! Surely gotta be paying good money for that…

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              @illumination: That was Optus about a month ago. $40 for 80gb and the 4gb overseas.

      • But but… Fakebook Messenger, WhatsApprivacy are better!

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    Nice but don't need thanks

  • What's the deal with Amaysim? Can I just buy 12 and set up a new one each month and cover (most) of a year (since they are quite likely only for 28 days)?

    • Would you like a new number every 28 days?

      • I use one phone to make calls and another to receive them, so wouldn't worry me if I had a new number each month. The receive phone is Telstra Simplicity so I send $1 to the wifes phone and she sends me $1 back, so keep it live.

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          Friends already complaining they dont know which is my real number as it keep changing each month

          • @atlinus: Sounds like a Scammer… lol

          • @atlinus: just hide your number when you call out

      • Can't say I care that much. I have like 3 people I text/call regularly, and a few others here and there. A quick bulk text to all 7 or so numbers in my phone book once a month telling them to update my number, not that hard really.

      • Gotta be active before the end of June. No month to monthing unfortunately

        • What do you mean by

          No month to monthing unfortunately

          • @lomie: I can't activate one, use it, then activate anther a month later. THats also what I was asking about initially, if they don't expire until like December or whatever I can buy a fair few and go month to month on them

            • @TheDukeOfNukem: The other deal gives you 8 consecutive months (28 day month).

              • @lomie: Wait, so I can buy that and actually use it for 8 months? I thought it meant 8 individual 28 day codes that would all expire by the end of June.

                If I can use those I will gladly pick up that deal.

                • @TheDukeOfNukem: Yes, ~$10 for 8x28 day consecutive renewals. So you don't have to do the month to month hop every 28 days. You can relax for the next 223 days after activation.

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    Too bad you can't actually use Optus at the moment…

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      Optus has been terrible for a few months now. I was a very loyal and advocate customer, but I've now moved both my numbers to belong. I used to pay $80 a month, now I don't pay anything anymore thanks to fellow ozbargain referrals.
      For once I earn and not spend money using ozbargain :-)

      • hmm…. you get those service for free ?? kindly share to all of us ?

      • I was on Vivid Wireless for free for over 6 months from the referrals here. Plus a couple dozen meals for free from the food delivery apps. What a beautiful website :)

  • so if i buy a whole lot of the 2 dollar sim cards for amaysim how long befor gotta activate them???
    2 dolla is cheap

    • I believe it is 12 months from cashiers receipt. Can't confirm. I still have 6 from last sales I bought last July. Got them for $1 each. So twice as expensive but I think I will just go buy another 5.

      I actually find it hard to use them up as I use the referral system and lately can get 3 months out of each SIM ;-)

  • Amaysims reception is horrific..

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    let me suggest how to get good value for this ten dollar sim to extract cheap data: use the 35Gb as a stand alone for data, using a cheap phone with wi-fi, and watch Netflix. when the month is up, simply discard he sim and get another one. somebody has always got it for ten dollars (true since the world cup when they were first discounted) also works with Vodaphone and the I.D needed is a debit card or medicare card respectively. I use wifi to get the data to my pc then hdmi connection to my tv. keep the video quality on low setting at the dashboard of Netflix (or stan) and at 0.4 Gb per hour, your good for nearly 80 hours of viewing a month…happy viewing, and it sure beats sitting like a lemming being brainwashed by ads all day….if that's not worth a vote, I don't know what is!.

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    $10 from Optus and free delivery.

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    The 8x 28 days amaysim promo from groupon is a better value. Less swapping and cheaper.

  • Do you get Optus Sport with it?

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      Not with prepaid

  • whats the expiry / activation max date for the optus? anyone knows?

    • September 2019 for mine

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