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WD Elements Desktop Hard Drive 10TB $319.42 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


I have one, its 5400rpm and shuckable with the tape mod.

Good use for the $30 voucher per order that was given out after cancelling the $150 ones. I made 2 orders, so this drive is $278, $248 for people with 3, and $310 for those who made one order.

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    Not really the best price for this item with the 8tb being 217 and 10tb being 240ish on sale last month

  • The $130 ones were cancelled? I didn’t get any news or contact from amazon?

    Edit: yep. It’s been removed from my pending orders. Did people get contacted?

  • Got an email from Amazon CS yesterday telling me the $138 WD10TB order was incorrectly priced, and that I'd have a $30 voucher applied to my next purchase.

    Not bad for 5 minutes work.

    Which at that rate:

    $30 x 12 = $360 per hour
    $360 x 7.6 hours a day = $2,736 a day
    $2,736 x 5 days a week = $13,680 a week
    $13,680 x 52 weeks a year = $711,360 a year

    So I basically now earn $711,360 (plus super) a year. Thanks OzB.

  • Thanks for the post, as I just found out my last order was cancelled. At least I'm up $30.

  • Damn.. Thankfully I haven't sent the drives back after starting the returns process on the $250 ones from last month. I also got the email {only mentioning the 4tb drives} but all 3 orders for the 10tb, 4tb and 1tb drives have been canceled.

    • why would the 4tb and 1TB?

      • They were for the networked portable drive and the $99 4tb. Not sure but also a 'pricing error' I suspect.

        • did you order the 4tb + 1tb in the same order with 10TB?

          Maybe when they cancel they can't separate it out
          and need to cancel the entire lot since they are under same order number.

          • @pinkybrain: Nope separate orders and as per my post below they gave me 3x$30 gift cards (yet Ive only received one email with one order number stating the cancellation). Cant complain about that! Like everyone else think I would have preferred the drives.

            • @pw2002au: yes, we would have all preferred the drives
              but we knew deep down it was too good to be true..

              so another of looking at it is
              we just got some free $30 or more vouchers to buy something we want on amazon at a discount
              or even get it for free if items equal the total gift card value we got.

  • Also got the same email for the cancellation of the orders last night at 10.48pm for the 10tb drives too. $30 Credit has been applied.

  • Same guys 2 X $30 Vouchers .

    Other A$$hole retailers like Woolies , Harvey Norman , Target give you Zero in same circumstances so very happy :)

    Something better than nothing .

  • My $130 10TB WD My Book been shipped, tax invoice provided, arriving 4/6/19.

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      Good for you! I would rather get the drive than $30 voucher.
      Mine still haven't been cancelled, so I am hoping that I can get it like you

    • Me the same, shipping info received by auspost, not too lucky for my other order, was 90ish wifi drive, got a 30 bucks voucher for it. so taking another 30 from the order, worked out 100 bucks for a 10Tb.

  • is the WD Elements contain the same hdd model as the one in the WD My Book Desktop External Hard Drive 10TB


    • I didn't get the same model exactly, but my smaller capacity elements uses the same wd green hd as my my book hdd.

      Though attempting to use the higher capacity drive through the logic board of the elements didn't allow it to be loaded on my PC. Was recognised, but wouldn't initialize

  • Dam - should of listened to Ben when he said 'Luke - buy the 8 tb for 170 - at least you'll get that'
    I need to trust the voices

  • bought 8tb version for $195 with $30 voucher.

    Not cheapest, but acceptable.
    ( RIP, my $130 10tb HDD

  • Just rechecked gift card account (under "your account" menu). I would have much preferred the drives .. well done to those that got them!!


    It looks as though for those that placed orders for the different devices you should receive a refund for each order … I ordered one of the 2TB networked along with 2 of the 4TB portable.

    Upcoming Gift Card Expiry Dates

    $90.00 on 22 May 2029

    Gift Card Activity Page 1 of 1 (7 total transactions)
    Date Description Amount
    22 May 2019 Gift certificate claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-CMXX) $30.00
    22 May 2019 Gift certificate claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-W4XX) $30.00
    22 May 2019 Gift certificate claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-2YXX) $30.00

  • 10tb has been much cheaper many times before- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/451011

  • Looks like my order of 4tb is on the way . Got invoice and it says it's shipped . Estimated delivery by June 5 . Looking good so far .

  • Cancelled order. That is why they won’t get any money from me for prime.

  • it was $130 last week!

  • I ordered 3 at once but "only" got 1 $30 gift card. Still not bad.

    • Per order = $30 eg I ordered 2 X 3 lots = $60 .

      Not my expertise Tech hence didn't order till it fell unfortunately .

  • I got 2x $30 vouchers for last orders cancelled. Just bought it with ozbargain spirit (buy first think later) but it paid off lol

  • The price drop to $320.56 at the moment. 😉

  • Wait,how many $30 vouchers do you guys got???
    I only got one for my order of 3 drives.

  • oopz wrong thread.