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[VIC] 2 Gourmet Take-Home Meals for $10 (Usually $15.80 - $27.80), Pickup Only @ Your Private Chef


We make delicious fresh Gourmet Meals in our commercial kitchen.

We would like to try share with the OzBargain community an even better deal, 2 for $10 if you pick it up direct from our kitchen at:

100 Nicholson St, Abbotsford VIC 3067.

These meals are snap frozen so that it is ready for you to take home and heat up when it is convenient for you.

Please use the promo code OZBARGAIN, Please put all meals on the order, and then we will then manually update the order to give you the two most expensive ones for $10 before you are actually charged.

Note: that this is for Pickup Only, we will let you know when the order is ready for pickup, and if you are paying with cash please bring exact change, otherwise if you are paying by card please do so in the shopping cart.

We have sweetened the deal because we hope that by trying our yummy meals we will win your repeat business. We really want to get noticed here.

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Your Private Chef
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  • Is there any way to know the dietary info before ordering? Currently on a calorie controlled diet.

    • Sure thing! if you give us a call on 9018 9321 Option 4 we can run you through the options and help you make a selection

      • How does it compare to youfoodz kj wise?

        • Well it depends on which meal and what you are comparing to. Generally speaking our meals are around 450g of which 100g of that is the protein source, some dishes have more protein than that. How much KJ that is exactly… I'll have to look into that get back to you.

          Which dishes do you have your eye on for me to find out? Are you looking for any particular target range? Or are you just trying to work out if the the portion size is substantial enough?

          If it's about portions, I think that the portion sizes are fair - I am not left feeling hungry nor do I feel like I overeat, but of course that's subjective. If that is your concern, personally I think it's such a good price that it's worth getting a couple just to try it out, but of course I would say that wouldn't I! If you're not happy with the one you choose when you see it we'd let you swap it out with another one that you like the look of when you come to pick it up, or if you're not happy with it after getting it, Ill make sure that we'll make it right with you. Our goal here is to get people to try our meals so that they can hopefully become happy customers who keep on coming back rather than focusing on the short term.