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10% off Sitewide @ Kogan


10% off sitewide at Kogan. Hopefully no price bumping for more ACCC action. Hopefully they actually did the right thing this time.

edit - after going through a few items that were culprit to their price jack situation (mac-books especially) it seems they have actually done the right thing and actually have some decent offers :)

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  • Can someone tag the ACCC?

  • @ACCC huh looks like they are offline lol

  • was it jacked up first

  • hahahaa!!! everyone was thinking the same!!!

  • dam the air fryer is $7 cheaper …. fml

  • Coupon code checks out!

  • The 10% off seems to work on iPads… 6th gen ipad 32gb comes down to $413. Good deal

  • I have sent the following to Kogan for a response as I am really upset!
    Hi there,

    Kogan has been sending me emails for a month to buy a recharge voucher for my 365 day plan that expires on 30th May 2019
    I ordered a recharge voucher at 1730hrs today and made an inquiry about receiving it.
    I got a Kogan email response at 1800hrs.
    At 1900hrs Kogan sent an email with voucher code TAXTIME.
    If I put that in on the order I made I would have saved $32!
    I am a existing customer, I would like to ask for the refund of $32 please.

    Has anyone got this type of request granted?

    • I did notice this code is working with literally Everything on their site. Usually they exclude sim plans ect. I hope they refund you the $32…

  • For the tvs it basically removes the shopping cost but it does get the https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-55-4k-hdr-led-tv-series-8... closer to the $415 mark for me. Cheap for 4k hdr.

  • Stop rewarding companies that price jack this is now twice they're been fined. Should be blacklisted on OzBargain for their disgusting behavior…

    • I agree with you, the only way they will learn is if customers take a stand.

      • the only way they will learn

        Not really: if someone faced jail or penalties that were more than a cost of doing business they would stop.

        But you don't face jail if you launder $700 million dollars for drug dealers and terrorists if you are a business in Australia so forget about it.

      • I’m crying a river right now, they dropped 60 cents between Thursday and Friday


        Do I tick the I am associated with kogan if I’m a shareholder?

    • Third time I thought? And why blacklisted. If u know how to play the system then it works in favour of the wise and some can get a good deal. Only can blacklist if the rep posts it I think.

      • Hmm hard to keep up lol and always surprised with shady companies getting soo many up votes on here

      • If u know how to play the system then it works in favour

        That's exactly what Kogan does.

        Offer a discount and then increase all their prices so the 'discount' brings prices back to the normal price.

    • Yea stop posting eBay deals, no matter how good it is coz they price jack hundreds of times now…end sarcasm

      ACCC are useless, they pander to big businesses whom are too hard to chase but happily slap smaller mid size businesses whom they feel they can push around.

      Look at the blocking of TPG and voda. Everyone knows it just further cements Optus and Telstra as duopoly in mobiles, yet they try to justify the block on the basis of extra competition if TPG spends 600m(around Telstra annual maintenance) on building a national network. What a joke of a decision that just pushes up Telstra share price and limits competition for it.

      Or the classic eBay price jacks, ever see them chase the US multinational?

      So that’s ACCC rant over.

      Next up is what Kogan is being fined for, they are fined for having site wide coupon but upping the price of some items. But if you check Kogan website or price hipsters you will notice prices regularly move up and down. It’s not a jack in response to having the code, it’s normal cyclical moves. A bit like woolies had ristorante pizza half price for $3.50 week before last, but last week had a 10% off code but the pizza went back to $7. Is that price jacking, as now you use your code and pay $6.30 for the pizza. It’s the usual supermarket discount cycles.

      Sorry for the long post, just need to make sure some people just don’t look At headlines and think they know it all

      • It's news to me the ACCC blocked TPGs mobile network? Only thing I heard about that was TPG bailed on the plan after the Huawei ban, I guess because they had budgeted on using all Huawei gear.

      • Cement is an ingredient in concrete..

        "Cementing something in place" is literally useless :P

      • As with any organisation, the ACCC has limited resources and has to prioritise court action. This is based on a number of factors, one of which is likelihood of success. The evidential threshold for these cases is extremely high, and not just based on the claims of a few folks on Ozbargain - court cases are hard to prove.

        To go after eBay for their sometimes questionable sales, you'd have to track the movements of prices on thousands of items for quite some time, including before and after the sale. The difficulty is that the thousands of items covered in these sales are across many stores, and the stores and items captured by the sales are pretty much different every time. That's before you even get to the legal question of whether a net 3% discount from normal prices from a 10% off coupon is or isn't a real discount.

        If you are in the business of looking beyond the headlines, I'm sure you would have seen some of the documentation made public on the ACCC's case against Kogan. There are many pages of spreadsheet data showing the prices of products over time.

        If you really want the ACCC to do something about things you're not happy with, you should actually make a complaint. Multiple complaints about the same conduct are significantly more likely to get noticed and looked at.

        • I know all the usual arguments about low resources and must balance risk of failures etc, worked for ATO for a while and that’s why small businesses get targeted and not multinationals. Small businesses have little resources to defend themselves and therefore high chance of success and big business whom use transfer pricing and other questionable tactics hardly get targeted coz they know the cost of court action is high and they will fight tooth and nail.

          Doesn’t mean small businesses are worse than big businesses, in fact I’d argue big businesses are worse, but can fight harder.

          And I did see the list of products listed by ACC and price hipstered a few, and many have continuously moved up and down like a bag of Smith’s at woolies. Maybe the ACCC should ban a business from changing prices of products, must set a price for a year or bi annually, which might help their case.

    • -1 vote

      Who cares? As long as the deals keep coming.

  • Probably wanted to be able to say in court that there were instances when taxtime coupon was available on same products without price jacking.

  • It's good that they're listed here, because if they price jack someone from Oz will find it and warn people

  • Are the TVs worth it?

  • Neg guys at least go through hot deals take of 10% , e-gift card discount , qantas pts discount and you might find cheapest prices in Aust on some = bargains .

    PS maybe with ACCC attention recently they are playing good boys :)

    Hard for some to imagine and figure out .

  • Kogan 34" Ultrawide 100hz - $460 delivered.

    • I got mine literally delivered yesterday from their eBay store, for $505 delivered :(

  • Hint I’m finding better discounted item’s away from that section :)

    I don’t have time to post 15-20 deals in my early observation’s .

    Seriously killer post of today and most don’t know it lol.


    The code should be more like ACCCTIME

  • DJI Inspire 1 V2 is still the price that I was looking at for a while. Now 10% less make it very tempting…

  • Meh, bought stuff last night with the ZIPFREE code for free shipping…
    Now they got 10% off… Dunno if shipping was going to be more than the 10% :(

  • Damn, who is running Kogan, Glenn Wheatley? Paul Hogan, Skase…

    Open a file and call it Wickenby #2.

  • Feel free to roast me, I'm genuinely curious. Why has this deal got no negs despite the price jacking that's being investigated (not for the first time) by the ACCC just yesterday?

    Edit: If I have this right, it's fine that Kogan have a shady past, so long as this deal itself isn't shady (same TAXTIME code, but appears they've backpedaled the scam). I have mixed feelings, but a deal is a deal, I guess.

    • Yeah it's pretty much this:

      it's fine that Kogan have a shady past, so long as this deal itself isn't shad

      I've literally had $35 lost by gearbest in the past, but I'd still buy from them.
      Hold no grudges in business.

    • I did mate but mine got revoked 🤦‍♂️ too many sheep upvoting like the eBay price jacking ones..

  • Until what time is it valid?

  • Thank you. Worked on a 365 Kogan Mobile plan (which are already discounted):
    365 plans

  • Does not work on steam vacuum.

  • does kogan still have grey stock imports? need a new phone..

  • Reckon Officeworks will price match a iPhone XR?

  • pretty sure kogan is synonomous with jacking

    Hopefully no price bumping for more ACCC action. Hopefully they actually did the right thing this time.

    or the time before that … oh wait …

  • Don’t forget to stack it with $20 off $100 spent with westpac credit card

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