expired Focal Headphones Up to 56% Off: Elegia $649, Elear $699, Clear $1199, Utopia $2999 @ Addicted to Audio


Up to 56% off Focal high end headphones promo!

Elegia @ $649
Elear @ $699
Clear @ $1199
Utopia @ $2999

Limited stock ends 9am Tuesday!

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    Hi, I would like to pick up the Elegia tommorrow. Are they available at the Sydney branch?


    Is this price only on the website or can you also update the prices on ebay? Interested in the focal elear


    I don't know much about their headphones, I know their car stuff is excellent, but this, https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/focal-headphone-stan... , has got to be a joke, right?


    Can anyone give me some advice on the Elears? I remember trying them and really liking them but not the $1599 price tag. Are these picky when it comes to amplification because I'm not running anything special at the moment. Currently have the Hifiman 400s and find them quite lacking in the low end department

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      Can't comment on above cans as haven't heard them. I know the hifimans really benefit from a good & powerful headphone amp, they scale well. You may have done this already, but Try also experimenting with different earpad, makes a big difference for bass. If all that fails, good basshead cans that can I recommend are the Fidelio X2. Also nuraphone are great for bass and sound quality, but perhaps not as comfortable for long listening sessions

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      I found the Elears were a big improvement on the 400s however the treble was all over the place. The clear however was a much more well balanced headphone, and since the (Massdrop) Elex is very close to the Clear with the Elear price, I'm planning on getting that.

      Also have you done the grill mod on your 400s or have the focus pads? They improve them a lot.

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        I've got the focus pads, but unfortunately everything just sounds a bit too thin
        What did you use to drive the elears?


          I auditioned them with a Schiit Bifrost/Asgard stack. The Elears sounded amazingly detailed in the low end and mid range, but I found female vocal and classical instruments didn't sound natural, very odd sounding. I'd recommend if you listen mainly to electronic music.

          But I'd definitely give the grill mod a try if you haven't already. Improves soundstage, imaging and separation. Just take off the grills to see if you prefer the sound. I ended up getting a $3.50 mesh pencil holder from Officeworks and cut it to size to complete the mod.

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