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Xiaomi COOWOO U1 LED Desk Lamp w/ 4000mAh Battery & 2 USB $18.33 US (~$26.68 AU) Delivered @ Joybuy


It's baaaack! People often ask me when the popular COOWOO U1 is going to be back on sale and here it is finally!

This Xiaomi-backed Lamp has an inbuilt 4000mAh battery that doubles as the power for the lamp which provides up to 8 hours of run time and as a charger for your devices with it's dual USB ports. A single touch at the base powers the lamp on/off, long press adjusts the brightness and the stem of the lamp is flexible allowing you to adjust it in any direction. It takes a standard micro USB cable for power/charging and the two USB ports provide an output up to 2.1A.

Stackable with your favourite cashback provider.

Price is inclusive of GST, free shipping included and AU$ based on current Mastercard rate. One per account.

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  • Bought one last time. It's great. Portable, adjustable and rechargeable. Bought another!

  • Bought two ages ago. Can't recommend highly enough.

  • Strange.. When I goto checkout, It changes the price back to $55.

  • Somehow I could only buy one with sale price.

  • Bought one, thanks OP

  • +9 votes

    You drink cask wine cause you're a cheap bugger and then think 'ohhh better check ozbargain before sleepy time' and BOOM, this hits you right in the face.

    Thanks OP, bought 2, had to use 2 accounts, lol.

  • Been waiting for this

  • bought one, many thanks!

  • I’m trying to justify buying this one, already having another Xiaomi desk lamp mostly collecting dust since bought.

  • Would be nice if they can put the wireless charging feature in the stand as well.

  • thanks OP got some

  • Are these healthy for your eyes?

    Just wondering

    • You're not supposed to point it at your eyes.

      • thats kinda the problem.

        The side / peripheral part of your eyes is actually the most sensitive (if you have blue eyes you will understand). If you have brown eyes I envy you haha

        So when a lamp is shining from the side, it actually strains the eye over time.

        • Would blue light blocking glasses help? I find this helps with reducing nighttime white screen "glare". Also, you get to pretend to be Bono :).

          UVEX Blue Light Blocker Glasses - OptimOZ.com.au
          https://www.optimoz.com.au › u…

          • @Bargainbeth: thanks i have blue light and red light filter on my phone / laptop

            Blue eyes look amazing but god are my eyes sensitive!

            • @AussieMark: Haha true.

              Trust me, the glasses are even more blue light reducing than the phone filters. And works too reduce white light glare (esp flourescant bulbs) too. Not sure if I'm using the right terms but for me it reduces eye discomfort!

        • Just turn the head around so it's facing the wall or ceiling.

  • Bah. Bought one. And the yeelight candle. There goes $100 of late night shopping.

  • I have one and only used it during blackouts. I don't find it very bright.

    • I find that the battery goes flat if I leave it unused for a while so it was no help during the blackout we had here a couple of months ago. Just tested it: completely dead. Thanks for the reminder to charge it up.

      I don't find it very bright.

      It has several brightness settings. The brightest level is more than bright enough for me.

  • On Paypal, the state in my shipping address shows as 2462 instead of Victoria
    Does anyone have same issue?

    • That bug has been present at Joybuy for years. It's just a bit of code showing on the webpage that shouldn't and doesn't impact your address at all.

    • Yes. Purchased via Paypal and got the 2xxx postcode thing in front of my actual postcode. Went back and crosschecked my address. All correct. It presented again at the buy page. Went ahead anyway. Visiting here noted the OP mentions it's a Joybuy 'feature'.

  • weird price dropped to 16.66 USD for me

  • Can you please get us a deal on the Yeelight strip?

    • I have 0 contact with Joybuy but I might be able to get something out of other sites ;)

  • I’m guessing the light can be used while permanently plugged it?

  • Thanks for the post. I just ordered one.

  • Any way you can turn off the blue/red LED in the on/off button whilst having the light permanently plugged in? At night, the red/blue glow of the button is quite bright. I believe it's meant to indicate the charge level of the built-in battery but I wish the glow would turn off after a few seconds.

  • Thanks OP. I ordered 2 with different log in.

  • got one, will be plugging a battery pack to this to keep it going and going

  • I've been going back and forth on the site slow enough that items removed from my cart, though after I added credit card details. Went back to site to add the lamp and earphones and the lamp was advertised as on sale on the ad page, then $55 USD upon checkout-went all the way to inputting credit card details-still $55usd :(

    • Strange site.. I've input card details but never clicked purchase.. It seemed to save the details in the field even though I clicked back and returned. Now there's 5 emails in my inbox saying "thanks for your order" for different items I've put in my cart. Despite never clicking purchase. Card wasn't charged but it's still off-putting.

      • Haha that's better than mine. I was thinking to purchase one but hadn't clicked the button yet…

        PayPal says you will still be able to check the payment before checkout…

        Load up another page and then no more discount. It assumes I've purchased already ..

        Go back to PayPal page and click…. Then payment is completed lol. No confirmation page even tho PayPal says there will be

        • I had a similar experience. The site is as buggy as. Even if you don't commit to payment, -I had to go back and check my profile address details when it presented with a dodgy second postcode, having proceeded to the Paypal payment page it assumes you have already purchased and resets the price to USD$55. Resetting cookies didn't reset it. I had to create a new account to get it to show the present with the special price again.

          • @odal: Wow, aussiemark, you bought it full price? That's blasphemy on here lol. If your bothered I'm pretty sure paypal would cancel it based on that misleading experience.

            Odal-yeah I was thinking of using my DDG browser cause I suspected the site thought I already bought it. But worried that would void cashback. Thanks for explaining-I'll make a new account. Just hope it's just buggy and not dodgy. The card I used got keylogged somewhere on amazon recently and I'm hoping it doesn't this time.

  • Can anyone who has the light let me know how long is the stem, from top of the base to bottom of the light? There is no information about it at all. Thanks

  • is this actually good for plants? not much info on the focus wavelengths emitted

  • The base looks quite big, may not be good choice for smaller desk (?)
    Anyone got recommendation on clamp-on desk lamp? The one that clamps on the side of the table..save some working space

    Btw how long is the shipping usually for joybuy? Reliable?

    • I have one of this, really happy with it, use as night lamp, a charge hold days,, stem is 31cm, last time bought it for USD19.21

  • Thanks OP. Been waiting on a good price on this for ages. Bought one.

  • Thanks OP. Bought

  • Great deal, cheers.

  • Ordered, thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. I got one too. Been waiting for a good deal.

  • Cheers OP, grabbed one!

  • Thanks OP. I just grabbed one. The check out was really weird but it was $27,13 in the end.

  • Does this come with a charger and if so, what plug type?

  • I am wondering how I am going to find such a long micro USB cable to run from the charger 4 meters away.

    Also, if I were to use a normal phone charger to power up the lamp…..charger is 1amp….will the both USB port still give out 2A ?

    • This light does charge through, so can charge and draw power at same time.

      If the internal battery is charged, then yes, but if battery low it would be limited to left over watts from light if on and less conversion/cable length losses.

    • 4 meters away

      USB have a 5 metre limit.

      charger is 1amp….will the both USB port still give out 2A ?

      A 1A charger is designed to output only 1A.

      • So its 1A charging the 4000mAh battery …and battery providing the 2A ti each USB port I guessing

  • Hi Rep, Any chance of some extra stock, please?

  • Just got an email saying expect 30-40 days for delivery, is this normal? That’s a crazy delivery time IMO.

    • Nah that's completely normal for standard free shipping from China.

      • Alright, is what it is, thanks mate. Thanks for showing us this deal, I can wait a month for s lamp.

  • Looks like my lamp is coming tomorrow, just got a tracking email from Auspost for a PCA Express delivery tomorrow.

    Took me a while to figure out what I'd ordered.

    • I got the same message and was confused also! Now I remember ordering some wipers last week so I'm thinking it's those. I can't imagine it being this lamp arriving so soon.

  • Mine delivered yesterday and it is charging now.

  • Mine just arrived. It’s smaller than what I expected.

  • Damn it…

    Ordered two.
    One charges and lights up.
    One doesn't have charge red light. Must be DOA.

    • You mean the second one isn't charging at all? Nothing when plugged into power?

      • Not charging when I plug it in

        Same cable charges the other unit.

        When charging, u get a red light on the power button. The dead one doesn't have the red light.

        • I've had the red light when the battery was completely discharged. Left it for an hour charging and was all good.

          • @Clear: Correction to my comment.

            After leaving it plugged in for 15 min….the red charge light came on.
            Then only after another 10 min later I was a to turn the led light on.

            So i guess they have been discharged way too too low on the battery and takes awhile till it takes charge.

  • I thought the light would be warmish, but it seems neutral white

  • Received and tested.

    Battery back up / charger works well. Nice construction. Comes with a USB Micro Cable to charge from USB port or Apple wall plug. Variable brightness and great natural white with plenty of brightness for reading.

    Ball-tearer. Thanks OP!

  • really want one of these.. obviously missed out.. anyone know if there is a good deal out there? TIA

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