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Star Wars Sphero Droids 1/2 Price ~$50 @ EB Games


All the Star Wars Droids are currently 1/2 price at eb bringing them down to ~$50 each, the BB-8s are refurbished but the rest are new

R2-D2 $49.97 $99.94
BB-9E $49.97 $99.94
R2-Q5 $49.97 $99.94
BB-8 $49.00 $98.00 (Refurb)
Force Band thingo $28.00 $99.28

Please ozbargain them so I am not tempted to buy all of them

They also have some of the other Sphero licensed toys for 1/2 price
Lightning McQueen $149.47
Spiderman $99.47

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EB Games Australia

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  • These are the droids you’re looking for

  • These used to be over $200 each so it's a bargain

  • Sweet sweet find OP :D

  • Just be careful you don't get one with a bad motivator.

    • or a bad staff member - i witnessed one being very rude and bullying to an elderly gentleman recently
      you couldnt give their stuff away to get me in their stores and being subjected to that sort of crap

  • Thanks OP - was going to buy the R2 unit last week for $100; glad I held off!

    • Got a BB-9E yesterday and an R2 today, they are both amazing bits of kit for the price

      • I'm on the fence between them, which do you prefer? And is one better than the other on carpet?

        • They are both a little slower on carpet, I like the R2 more for the nostalgia (lights and sounds are spot on), the BB is great fun to hoon around the floor

  • must resist!……….

  • Cheers OP. Ozbargained…Picked up the last R2-D2 in my nearest store

  • our house is carpeted most places. Carpet is quite thick. Anyone knows if R2D2 and BB8 will work on thick carpets?

    • BB8 without a doubt because it's spherical and has no actually wheels but I can't say the same for R2D2

    • I have a bb8 and it struggles on thick carpet. Any special commands you issue to it will usually fail on carpet because of the timing and traction issue. Gets boring after a while…

    • With the carpet, you can still roll it around like a normal Sphero by taking the magnetic head off. With the head off, you can put one of the rubber covers on it - the nub cover will give it more 'grip' (also works better in water then) but the 'turbo' cover doesn't seem to help.
      On top of that, they are speed-limited compared to the normal Sphero's, so the ramps play/parks don't work with it (at least I couldn't get it to work). I believe the speed-limited is to keep the head on. They may be a way to get it to go to full speed, but I couldn't find one.

  • Luckily have a few stores near me which have click and collect available. Hopefully order goes through.

  • Couldn’t resist!!!!

  • Had my order of a watch, R2D2 and BB8 cancelled on my way to EB to collect as they had sold out at the store I ordered from before processing my order :/ luckily JB opposite had the BB8 (new with force band) in stock and matched the $49 for it. I then had to go to another EB and get the R2D2 - but pretty happy with the pricematch :).

    • Hey mate,

      Which JB branch was this?


      • Belmont, Perth

        • Thanks mate.

          I've tried calling around everywhere. Won't match because refurbished. LOL.

          Oh well. :(

          • @mthucs: I think I just got lucky, it was the last and only sphero they had .. and I was just chuffed they matched and I wasn't getting second hand / used battery / possibly scratched (plus I didn't even see the watch which was included when they got it for me, I'm sure was very much a gimmick but worth a try for $28 and even better included). Having said that the second EB store I went to, to get the R2D2 the guy was great and got a BB8 out and said they were actually refurbished and showed me it was in a new but simple B/W print box outside but inside it all looked new.

            Not meaning to gloat but I also just getting them out to charge realised what I got was a special edition BB8 :) "Special Edition Battle-Worn BB-8" which is not glossy like the one I was shown (body matches the head in look/finish) and has a different charge base. They really should have not price matched it @$49.

  • Thanks for the post OP. I was just talking about these with my son last week. Managed to get an R2 from the city in Adelaide and a BB-8 will come via post. Cheers.

  • Gee, that spiderman is the least inspiring Sphero product I've seen!

  • Got the R2d2. Amazing.
    App works a treat.

  • if only they are droid vacuum

  • Cheers, perfect present for the star wars fan in the family, just ordered one for him.

  • Damn . Couldnt resist :(…visited another EB games store on my way back to check stock ….made use of some unused store credit and got 3 more..

  • Ended up buying R2 and BB8

  • Took the last BB-8 and BB-9E in Hurstville, time to organise a droid racing tournament! Thanks op!

  • Dang no stock anywhere nearby in Sydney

  • Thanks SO much for that. Got 2 of the 9 family kids Xmas pressies sorted :)

  • Thanks OP have always wanted these but didn't consider it worth the price - totally worth it for $49 each got BB9E and R2D2. Cheers!

  • There's quite a few things in this "Pipeline" promotion.

    I'm so tempted to buy the "Fallout: The Vault Dweller's Official Cookbook" and leave it on the counter to to see if anyone is curious enough to check it out.

    Wouldn't mind a Brahmin and Vegetable soup right now.

  • Does the sphero force band work with all of the droids?

    • Also, is the bb-8 model superior to the others? Like can it do more

      • I think the BB8 is the most limited of the lot. The two R2D2 ones do more and most reviews prefer them. BB9E is similar to BB8 but it also includes led lighting that BB8 lacks.

        If you want something interactive then probably go the R2D2 or R2-Q5. They can move their head and are far more expressive, have built in speakers and lights. Apparently easier to drive too.

        That said if BB8 is the character you most like and the others really do nothing for you, especially over BB9E, then I’d get that.

        Apparently the Force Band works with all models following a software update.

  • Three is an R2D2 droid inventors kit for $59.47 down from $118.94


  • Fyi, the r2d2 is still available on ebgames eBay. Shipping is the same as the ebgames website (6.95), so those of you wanting R2 but not close to a store with the stock can still get it!

  • Thanks OP. Brilliant Ive got the full set now.

  • Thank you Op for this awesome post :)

  • Ordered via eBay store a few hours ago. Took money got eBay confirmation as well as PayPal receipt. However nothing from eb games. Anyone had same situation?

  • Thanks OP, I found the droid I was looking for.

  • Thanks OP!

  • For anyone wondering - The Force Band is compatible with ALL droids - https://www.sphero.com/star-wars-force-band . I did manage to get one. JB has it for $49 - try your luck pricematching if you cant get to an EB store.

  • i feel like an alcoholic or a junke. "just one more time, i wont do it again i swear"

    dam you ozbargain.

  • Great find, thank you OP.

    Got me an RD-D2

  • Thanks OP. I finally used an eb games voucher I had sitting around. Got R2, BB8, BB9 and force band. My son will love these, and so will I…

  • R2-Q5 will complete the collection for me and picked up a second r2d2 after my daughter dropped and dented the first one 😂

  • 11011101010110101

  • Thanks OP - grabbed an R2 to go with the BB8 I found in the Salvos for $6.50!

  • Bugger tried to buy the last R2-D2 from the Ocean keys store online, but some one beat me to it. Purchased the R2-Q5 instead.

  • Gonna try and grab a BB8 if there's still stock available !

  • Oof. Saw this one too late. Lots of stores showing stock of the BB8 and R2D2 models, but then they say call store to confirm availability. Was able to buy for click and collect though.

    Fingers crossed they have some in stock! These will make some great presents.

    • suggest calling up to confirm stock. My order was cancelled after receiving an email saying its ready for pickup as someone bought it instore before i could get there.

      • If it’s “ready for pickup” then that means the store should have picked the stock for that status to appear. I’d make a complaint if they changed the status prematurely or sold your on hold unit. Once that status appears the units supposed to be off the shelf for anyone to just grab.

        Ask them to arrange a transfer from another store either to yours or direct to your home, which EB can do.

        • Cheers. thats what I ended up doing - have asked them to arrange a transfer to my store . not sure how long that will take given stock levels.

    • Order cancelled. Boo. :(

      Tried again with some of the imperial models. Hopefully they are less popular…

  • Oh ffs! Have had the R2 in my ebay cart for $89 for a while now waiting on a deal and of course the only day i dont look at ozbargain is the day it goes on sale. None in melb se suburbs now. I blew it!

  • Why did I buy this?

  • Just ordered an R2-D2. Now I have to resist the dark side and NOT order the R2-Q5!

  • Lol, when i went to store, someone bought 4 droids. Man, they are starting an army or something.
    Luckily I got mine ordered early morning and got the last one. Thanks op

  • FYI call Zing, they also are matching the EB games prices I just walk out with BB9 & BB9 (Black) and got R2 for collection in another Zing too.
    I also found the Propel drones Star Wars for $75 each 😍

    • I also found the Propel drones Star Wars for $75 each 😍

      You didn't get them when they were $47 before? But they're bad anyway

  • Ok, GUYS. I was lucky enough to just pick up an R2D2 droid. Stock very limited.
    Always thought it was super cool, but I remember when these were about $240, and could never justify. $50 was a bargain.

    This thing is incredible. It’s the ultimate Star Wars toy. Even if it did nothing, the build quality is exceptional, there’s a good weight to it, and just looks awesome as a figure on a shelf.
    But the stuff this thing can do with the app.. SO GOOD. Along with manually driving the thing, there are about 15-20 presets, taken from real things R2 does in the movies. It can also ‘patrol’ your home, scanning environment etc. I cannot believe how much expression this thing has! Not to mention his real sounds, which I believe have been directly lifted from the original Star Wars.
    Ok, I’ll stop. Just so impressed.

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