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[VIC] Nu-Tec Rotatable Outlet/USB/Type-C - $1 (Clearance) @ Bunnings (Eltham)


Found about 20 of these on a clearance trolley in the electrical section.


The Nu-Tec Compact Rotatable Adaptor includes USB-C and standard USB charging ports, along with a mains outlet, in a compact, rotating design allowing easy access to adjacent outlets.

Rotates 90° left and right
Type-C 15W charger
Standard USB charger
Mains outlet

Model Number: NTH-AU01UC
Dimensions (mm)W:44 H:100 L:55
Surge Protection No

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    @ Bunnings??

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    15W is not much for USB-C


      So what? Will it charge a phone or tablet at a decent rate? Yes.

      Did you miss the $1 price tag?

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        Don't take it personally, I'm just mentioning its not exactly hi-output USB-C. Nothing wrong with stating some clear facts in a comment. I didnt neg the deal since it is useful - but so is my information.


          still 15w is pretty good for these integrated usb/plugs, dont think ive seen higher than 3A let alone QC 2/3/4

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          Don’t worry about Maverick comments, not worth reading half the time

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    What's the fault with the item? I tried looking for recalls etc nothing… They will not normally clear items like this for $1 if it's eol either…

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      I have got two of these and usb sometimes works and sometime doesnot. But for $1 its not bad. i bought for $5.

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      Looks like total current out on both USB ports combined is 3.5A max, with max of 3A out of USB-C. Basically, if you want to be picky, and you use the USB-C to slow charge a Macbook / Macbook Pro (dunno why you would do that, but you can), the other USB-A port would have very limited current (so you will end up slow charging another phone).

      However, if you only have old phones which don't support QuickCharge 2, or tablets not supporting USB-PD fast charge, then (assuming the USB ports work consistently), at this price, it is fine.

      Personally, I stick with original chargers, but that's mainly due to lack of self control I bought too many gadgets already so I have enough original chargers. I am going to guess that this device does not have over-current protection, it relies on your phone/tablet/laptop to control the current.


      What's the fault with the item? I tried looking for recalls etc nothing…

      Why would they sell these if they are subject to a recall?!?!

      These are a promotional item and they clear them out when they drop in stock below a certain level and each store is different. Some will not discount promotional items until they get to under 20-14-10-5 items depending on what it is. Others might drop the price by half until they have a few left.

      Generally other stores will price match the clearance.


      Products tend to get pulled off shelves when faulty. Lawsuits are expensive.


    How the hell is what seems to be a decent product so cheap? Saves getting an electrician in to put a wall point in!


    Any other stores?


    My mum got a bunch of these for $2 locally (Devonport, TAS).
    They're not bad. But I found that my S10 takes a long time to charge on the USB C port compared to even the stock charger.


    Product is ahead of times. USB C and obviously the staff is well trained but has a gap here.

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      The USB-C port is there, but I doubt the PD pins are actually wired - thus it doesn't support USB-PD. Phones supporting USB-PD obviously can operate without USB-PD (for backward compatibility mode to work with older / traditional 5V USB chargers).


        This is my thought too. As much as it's great that USB-C is backwards compatible with older versions of USB, it means we get lots of dodgy chargers and cables (just like normal USB - A and B cables)

        If it had USB-PD negotiation, we could pull up to 100W (20V @ 5A) - depending on the power supply of course.

        With that said, I had a bunch of USB-C cables laying around, and not one was good enough to manage 4k video (3.1 spec). Had to go out and grab another.


    Hi can anyone upload a receipt?

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    This is spam, no evidence and it's neither advertised anywhere.


    Have had this for a while - works fine.

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