Bought New Toyota Camry but Had Paint Defects

Hi all,

Wanted to get some advice on my current situation before moving forward with decisions.

I bought a brand new Toyota Camry through CarConnect from Canberra to Melbourne. They use Ceva as transportation service and Intraffic for registration.

Upon delivery of the car, I noticed minor scratches behind all 4 door handles plus small chips/scratches (right and left door plus on the boot near the plate)

I lodged a report (includes drawing and pictures) with Ceva on the spot and the person from Intraffic got in touch straight to send a detailer at my place.

Being just a transportation company I had to take delivery of the car with report lodged.

Detailer buffed off light marks behind the handles but hair lines still present. The chips/scratches couldnt be removed at all after polishing.

The intraffic person then told me to get a quote from a Toyota authorised repair shop which came up to $10k.

When I told him so, he said thats too much and will find out from other paint shops on Monday.

Today went to 2 paint shops which are at my proximity to get an idea.

One told me to get an assesor and get a cash settlement done because its a brand new car and repainting means removal of parts etc.

Second shop told me around 3k for 4 doors and boot.

This situation is kind of stressful and any advice welcome. Would this have been a demo or second hand car, I wouldn't have bothered.

Many thanks.

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    So it's not Toyota paint defects but potential damage from the transportation…

    1) Don't accept the vehicle and continue to claim defects that need to be resolved by the transportation company.

    2) Get over a few scratches and move on with life.


      I had to take delivery of the car and lodged damage report.

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      +1 to #2
      My first week after I got my new car, same thing happened to all door handles. Pretty sure it wasnt me scratching doors I never used. I realised it might be thief-wannabe or caused by little rocks flying while driving.
      This stress is not worth your time OP.

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      I'd be pretty annoyed with this and would not move on…

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    What does your purchase contract say? Can you back out of the deal and buy a car you can actually see before it leaves the dealership?


      I took delivery of the car already but lodged report with transportation company.

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        There should be some sort of purchase agreement you’ve signed with pages of terms and conditions. Thats what you need to be reading now.


    Was delivery arranged by the dealership or you?

    $10k is crazy to fix some paint scratches.


      Delivery organized by dealer. Yeah 10k to paint both right and left sides completely + boot.

      I rang the Canberra dealer, they said it costs 6k to paint whole car again.

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        Dealer organised and paid delivery, means dealer deals with the problem, not you, not the transport company. Make the dealer sort this out, and do it quickly otherwise they can start saying you are driving the car around and accumulating your own scratched.

        Also I hope you have lots of good photos.


        Local scratch guy quoted 3k to fix dints repaint whole crv plus trims…


        Just FYI a full respray on a modern car will cost far, far more than $6k. If you want a factory finish, it requires stripping down the entire car. $6k will get you a new layer of paint in most visible areas, but it's highly unlikely that it would last as long as a factory paint job.

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    Can you upload some photos please?

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    Your contract is with CarConnect to deliver you a new car, free of defects or damage. How they get the car to you is their choice.

    If you try and resolve these defects with anyone other than CarConnect, you are opening that large can of wormy type things………

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      Any issues regarding the condition of the vehicle after delivery should be addressed directly with the dealer. carconnect does not guarantee or take responsibility for the condition the vehicle is delivered in.

      From Carconnect.


        OP - Where does that statement come from? an email? the contract you signed? their website?


          This is from their website, no mention in contract.


            @SavatteDodo: Well….you signed the contract. Does the contract reference the website or any other document? Does the contract talk about delivery and condition? Can you post a copy of the contract? (with personal stuff redacted)

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              @oscargamer: CarConnect are a LMCT.

              I'm sure spackbace will come along shortly and correct me if I am wrong.

              As an LMCT, they are required to comply with LMCT legislation, which is summarised here

              I fear there is much you are not being told and much you will learn over the next few weeks/months, as this drags out.


              @oscargamer: Section B: Terms & Conditions:
              Words used in these terms and conditions that are defined in Section A of this form, have the meaning given to them in Section A.
              1. The Customer appoints carconnect Pty Ltd ACN 104 742 449 (carconnect) as its agent to purchase the vehicle that meets the description set out in Section
              A (Vehicle) at or below the Vehicle Price, froma licenced motor vehicle dealer in Australia (Motor Vehicle Dealer).
              2. The Customer acknowledges that upon receiving this signed Agency Appointment and Contract of Sale (Agreement) fromthe Customer:
              a. carconnect will take steps to purchase the Vehicle as the agent of the Customer froma Motor Vehicle Dealer at or below the Vehicle Price;
              b. the agency appointment is irrevocable but will terminate at the end of this Agreement; and
              c. the Customer must accept delivery of any Vehicle procured by carconnect as its agent, in accordance with this Agreement.
              3. The Estimated Delivery Date is an estimate only. carconnect does not guarantee or represent that the Vehicle will be delivered on that date.
              4. carconnect will notify the Customer when the Vehicle is available for delivery, and the customer must nominate a time within the following 7 calendar days
              when it is available to take delivery of the Vehicle.
              5. The Customer must pay the Deposit to carconnect on or before its execution of this Agreement.
              6. Prior to taking delivery of the Vehicle, the Customer must pay to carconnect the:
              a. Vehicle Price;
              b. carconnect Fee;
              c. price for Additional Options,
              less any Deposit already paid (Total Amount Payable).
              7. carconnect will retain for its own benefit the carconnect Fee and the price for Additional Options (which carconnect will supply to the Customer). The
              carconnect Fee will not exceed 1% of the Vehicle Price.
              8. Before taking delivery of the Vehicle the Customer must deliver to carconnect any agreed trade-in vehicle, together with all accessories, extras and
              attachments fitted at the time of valuation. The trade-in vehicle must be in substantially the same condition as when valued by carconnect at the time of
              delivery. If it is not, the parties may agree on a reduction of the trade-in value within the following 2 business days or carconnect may terminate this
              9. Provided that the Customer has paid the Total Amount Payable to carconnect in cleared funds, title to the Vehicle will pass fromthe Motor Vehicle Dealer to
              the Customer at the time of delivery. carconnect undertakes to forward to the Motor Vehicle Dealer the Vehicle Price.
              10. Subject to law, effective on its execution of this Agreement, the Customer waives any right it has to terminate this Agreement pursuant to any statutory
              cooling off right it is entitled to (if any), in any State or Territory of Australia.
              11. If the Customer refuses or fails to take delivery of the Vehicle or otherwise breaches this Agreement and does not remedy that breach within 2 business
              days of being requested to do so in writing by carconnect, carconnect may terminate this Agreement by written notice to the Customer. If that occurs:
              a. any Deposit paid or payable by the Customer up to 10% of the Vehicle Price may be retained by carconnect, or if not paid to carconnect, must be
              diately paid by the Customer to carconnect in cleared funds (Forfeited Amount); and
              b. the Customer indemnifies carconnect for all costs, losses and damage caused to carconnect as a result of or in connection with its breach of this

              Agreement, which exceeds the Forfeited Amount, except to the extent that the loss was due to an act or omission of carconnect, its employees or
              12. Either party may terminate this Agreement by written notice to the other if carconnect does not purchase the Vehicle at or below the Vehicle Price within 1
              month of the date of this Agreement, or otherwise notifies the Customer in writing that it will be unable to do so. If this occurs the Deposit and any other
              moneys paid by the Customer under this Agreement will be refunded in full.
              13. We will collect, use and store your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy, which is available at
              14. Any addition to or variation of these terms and conditions will have no effect unless made in writing and signed by the parties.
              15. The law of Victoria governs this Agreement. The parties submit to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria and of the Commonwealth of


    Cash settlement move on


    You sure it was new and not a demo? Seems strange scratches behind all four door handles…


      Brand New, waited 3.5 months for it.

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        No one waits for a Camry, they are sitting around at the docks or storage until they need to be sold. You can buy one same day or at worst wait a couple of days for transport.
        Its a white-goods style car.


          His was a hybrid, so less common.


          91rs….you have no idea.

          Unlike Commodore, yes, there are very long wait times for all versions of the Camry Hybrid , up to 5 months.

          they are sitting around at the docks or storage until they need to be sold

          I think you are talking about that crappy and bland Commodore.

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    We've sent cars around the state and typically any car transport company worth their weight will go around the car and check for any issues and take note of them. I had 1 do the exact same thing recently, he looked over the car better than most customers do!

    But your issues are that a) the damage could've been done in transport and b) it could've happened at Toyota.

    It's highly unlikely the car was damaged at a dealership. Scratches behind handles are something we see on cars that have been on the lot for ages, not brand new cars off the boat.

    Full respray is dumb, and your car will always show signs of being resprayed and people will question why it was, and wonder if it was an accident.

    My advice would be to seek compensation but be prepared to let it go (unfortunately), as you're going to get caught between the dealer and the transport company. This will see me get neg votes I'm sure but it is a piggy-in-the-middle situation.

    Why'd you get it transported? Was it to save a buck over the local dealers?


      Out of curiosity, who sold the car to the OP?

      Your answer is very vague in relation to liability. Why?


      There was a wait of around 6months to get the car in Vic, Hybrid variant. Canberra had one available in 3.5 months.

      As far as what i've been told, the car was in perfect condition on Arrival and whoever did the registration (between delivery and me picking it up) caused these scratches,Intraffic person.

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        Registering a brand new car is just paperwork, nothing physical happens to the car. It's likely the detailers (intraffic in this instance) fault, however ceva should've noted down any damage to the car prior to putting it on the truck

        As to different delivery dates to different states, I call BS. I just delivered 1 to a customer last week who put an order in late January. Yours sounds like the same timeframe, yet we're in different states. I've no doubt you could've got 1 in Vic without the need to transport and saved yourself a butt-load of hassle


      I don't see why he should be prepared to let it go, he paid the dealer for delivery, they should sort it out.

      +1 for compensation, but don't let it go.


        he paid the dealer for delivery

        Please re-read the post and replies, op used a 3rd party for the handling of the purchase/transport/registration. The dealer could have handed over a perfect straight car, and the company that detailed it fked it up

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    Toyota paint defects

    These are not defects from the factory, its delivery damage. Title is misleading.

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    You said you paid the dealer to deliver it, not any other company, so just get them to sort it out regardless of whose fault it is.

    Ask for 5k compensation, you might get 2k or something, then be happy and move on.

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    there are so many local toyota dealers, im not sure why anyone would buy sight unseen, a mass produced car from interstate.

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    What is a savatte Dodo? Is it the same as a savatte l'eponge? 🤔

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    These are signs of wear and tear, reckless wear and tear at that. They WILL devalue your car. Anyone telling you to get over it must be one of those OzB billionaires who will just get a new Camry next week.

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    That's why you pick-up the car in person at the dealership so you can just refuse the pick-up if you see something you don't like and leave it to the dealership to handle the problems straight away.

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