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Pac-Man 1/4 Scale Fully Playable Arcade Machine $124.47, Fallout - Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI Self-Assembly $124.47 @ EB Games


A 1/4 scale fully playable authentic Pac-Man machine.

Looks good on display, highly detailed. Up to you as to whether or not you think playing it will be worth the money invested.


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EB Games Australia

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    What is this? An arcade for ants?

  • Also available ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Pac-Man-Quarter-Size-Arcade-Cabi... for those interested ($6.95 delivery) pocket10 may work for those going through the app.

    I was contemplating this but no fire buttons makes modding for a raspi that much harder….

    • Thanks EBgames wants to charge $18 for post if you use their website

      Limited to only 10,000 units worldwide

  • I wonder if you can mod the pac man machine with a raspberry pi?

    Also wondering if you could add a real lcd screen to the pip boy and a other tech

  • Hmm, none in stock anywhere within 250km. $19 postage via EB but I can use Afterpay. $7 postage via the ebay store but can't use Afterpay.


    Edit: Can you get Zing to price match? They do have have them in stock but it's full price on the website.

  • Despite the guy saying they were the same company and that 'of course they price match EB', he stopped as soon as I said I was after the Pac-Man machine.

    After five minutes of checking and what not, he said he could price match.

  • its tiny a rip off at $124

    • i guess it depends on how well its made.

      • It is very well made. I have both the arcade1up machines that aldi was selling and this machine, the quality is far higher on this Pacman mini cab. This machine also has a backlit marquee, replica coin slot & inbuilt battery.

  • 1) It’s small so it can be easily shipped to keep the cost down and maximise profits.

    2) AfterPay is for poor buggers who don’t have the money now, but want it now so they pay for it in instalments after.

    • What also sucks is because of afterpay I'm sure the price of ordinary goods are rising, due to the hefty commission they charge the merchant, and every merchant scrambling to get onto it. The cost is just being passed down to the ordinary paying consumer. Which is just how it worked for when credit cards became popular, but this just has such a higher margin that I'm sure we'll noticeably see it in store pricing.

  • I think a quarter scale is just too small for the price. At that price I'd accept a half size one maybe, but for $250 normally, that's absolutely ridiculous.

    I could genuinely make an arcade cabinet for less than that, including buying a bigger TV and whatever system I'd choose to shove in there with it.

  • Test your skills for free here

  • I've wanted that Pipboy since it was released - 50% off is not shabby. They had stock locally, so this is going to keep me entertained building it for the next couple of nights!

  • This is unusable small, I have no clue what someone would do with it apart from call it "art".

    You would be better off getting something like this https://ebgames.com.au/loot-220661-My-Arcade---Retro-Arcade-...

  • This would be a bargain if full size one under $600