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Samsonite Cosmolite 3 - 81cm Spinner (Black) $350 Delivered @ Luggage Gear


Okay Ozbargainers. You told me the last deal we posted was not good enough. So we went back to the drawing board and came up with this.

Why are we selling so cheaply? The answer is that releasing a modest quantity of these will assist our cash-flow position so a few of you who are in the market for a quality piece of luggage will benefit.
Why aren't we doing the same price for the other colours? The answer is because I am slightly overstocked on the black but not the other colours.
The people who are after a $50 Kmart special need not read on. This is a genuine Samsonite Cosmolite backed by their usual Global limited Manufacturer's warranty.

Samsonite's famous Cosmolite collection made with revolutionary Curv technology is now better than ever.
Keeping its iconic look, with an impressive weight reduction (just 2.9kg for this large 81cm/123L case)
The Cosmolite 3 range is reinforced with detailing on lock, wheels, name tag, pull and carry handles, zipper protection and interior.
Made in Europe Measurements: (81 x 55 x 34)cm, Weight: 2.9KG / Volume: 123L

We are only releasing a limited quantity to Ozbargain shoppers and once they are gone, they are gone!

Current RRP is $965. Most retailers are selling at 40% off = $579. You can grab one for $350 using promo code "extra100" on check-out.
Price includes Australia-wide delivery.

Please call me on 1300 851 423 if you have any questions.

Note the offer applies to the BLACK colour only (which is the most popular). All stock is genuine, brand new and in it's original packaging.
Happy shopping!

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  • +1 vote

    Which airlines can this be used on where it doesn't exceed linear dimensions?

    • Should be anywhere international except US and canada (and possibly Brazil)

    • Weight is an issue with this size too, I have these in 75cm and it’s easy to go overweight even in that size

    • Can't use in North America without incurring additional fee…

      • Why is that?

        • Luggage size too big. It's a rule that AA and United and even Qantas flying into US can enforce if they want to. I know 2 people that had to pay extra for using this exact same model… Not a huge amount, it's not a "fine" just an additional "fee" for oversize luggage.

      • That’s not true. I was in US in March and flied with AA. Exactly the same bag as this ads, no trouble at all.

        • That's "flew". Anyway, I checked a couple of airline sites. The consensus is: They MAY take it to the US/Canada but dey do NOT have to. It's at your own risk.

        • It's the rule. Whether or not it's enforced is another story. Same as carry on. Plenty of ppl use luggages too big for allowed and not all get fined.

  • I buggered up a previous purchase with these guys (I didnt use a coupon properly) and I cost myself a bunch of extra money - I contacted them and they went above and beyond to fix the situation for me, amazing customer service.

  • Can you make any deals on the 55, 69 or 75 cm ones?

  • Any deals on Samsonite S-Scure 75cm?

    APPLITE 3.0 82cm please

  • How quickly can this be shipped and can you ship overseas? I'm in Greece and my luggage case was damaged in transit

    • +1 vote

      Looks oversized to be sent as a parcel overseas, not to mention how costly it's going to be shipping over 123L of free air internationally.

      If I were you I'll look for something locally.

  • Will you do any discounts on the carry on version?

  • Can you do the same price on the 75cm?

  • Does the 75cm Cosmolite fit into this one? Would buy one if it would, makes storing suitcases a lot easier.

  • Hey, guys only 30 left at this price

  • Just curious? How much better is it than the Costco Samsonite cases and if so what’s different?

    I’ve recently upgraded my carry on to the samsonite ultra lite spinner which has been totally been worth the extra price. Just wondering if it’s worth upgrading my main suitcase for this which is 3x what my main suitcase costs.

    I’ve used it for 5 years now travelling 2-3 times per year to US/Canada.

    Are the wheels better?

    Is it much lighter? (I am never near the weight limit with my check in but always close with my carry on which is why I upgraded the carry on).

    • Cosmolite is near top tier when it comes to Samsonite.

      It will be much lighter and more durable than what you have.

  • It’s too big and heavy if you pack heavy stuff in it. Otherwise for travelling to winter countries it’s perfect to have the extra space for winter jackets. Great quality bag too

    • Too big and heavy? It's literally one of the lightest for its large size.

      • +1 vote

        I think Shaolinking means that because it's so large, you can fit a lot of stuff in it. But if you fit a lot of (heavy) stuff in it, it will become… heavy (i.e. over your luggage limit).

  • I would have bought this but checked QANTAS baggage rules thanks to comments above. No one piece of baggage can exceed 158cm total. This case is 170cm. No Deal.

    Sell me a case that is acceptable for the task it is designed for, and I'll be happy to buy it.

    • I’ve travelled many times with my two 81cm on Qantas, Swiss Air, Sing Air, Jetstar, Cathay, Vietnam Airlines, Tiger Air, China Airlines without any issues at all. Yet every single Cosmolite thread I come across people asking the exact same question/raising the exact same issue!

      • That's because it's not policed much by ground staff, just as you can often get away with slightly bigger (and heavier) carry-on luggage. I also have a 81cm bag but wouldn't buy another one now I'm more aware of the rules. Traveling is stressful enough!

  • Great price, a friend of mine works for a luggage store and this is basically "staff" pricing so you'll never get this price

    Great deal if you're looking for a large suitcase!

  • Great deal! Just bought one, thanks OP! We’ve used these to travel to Hong Kong and France in the past 2 years and they’ve been great for our family of 5. Just bought another one for my newest addition of our family for our travels next year!

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