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Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset $164.97 (Free C&C) @ EB Games


Logitech headset, not as cheap as it has been on here before, but still a decent deal at 1/2 rrp from EB Games.
Part of the pipeline promotion that is currently running.

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  • I owned this headset. I liked it, i really did. But it got to the point where i had to return it.

    what's good? it's wireless and sounds decent. Light and comfortable (even for people with glasses). that's about it.

    Here you don't ask what's not so good? you ask what's wrong with it?

    Firstly, the battery not only is the run time relatively weak, it would often glitch out to the point where it would not give an indication of life left on battery or outright refuse to charge.

    Secondly, the microphone. Apart from sounding mediocre it will get stuck in it's mute position, that is upon raising the mic it mutes (indicated by the little red led on it) and then when lowering it to use it it will remain muted with no way to undo this. I found i would have to repeatedly raise and lower it until it decided to activate.

    I don't know if these issues are hardware or software bound, and i am not aware of the issues being fixed.

    at the end of the day, it is your call. I'd put my money elsewhere or buy from somewhere with a decent returns policy

    • I have this headset too (no longer use it)

      It had many build quality issues, the foam snapped off the top part of the headset and was always flapping on and off (it’s poorly glued on)
      It gives you a headache after a while as it’s very tight on the head, I do have a larger than average head though.

      Sometimes it would drop connection even though the receiver was in the front USB port.
      Plus the power button became loose and sometimes you’d lose one side of sound. I even did a hardware fix and tightened it etc but it still happened.

      It only lasted just over a year, definitely better options out there. Terrible headset

    • I loved the headset but it was SO buggy and the mic was average. But so so many bugs and issues that I had to really dig around the internet to find a fix for.

      Crazy that years later it’s still around $300 though. Are there any better alternatives?

    • Can concur.

      Tl:dr - This headset is ass don't buy it.

  • Was looking for a wireless headset like till I read the above reviews. What's a replacement around the same price?

    • Yeah im the same. I think most decent ones around the same price are wired.

      You can get the Playstation Golds which I confirm work on Switch, PS4 and PC. (To my surprise)

    • this the HyperX Cloud Flight is 25$ more, but is the first one that comes to mind, the reviews seem really good online+12% cashback

      • Thanks mate, really appreciate the follow up. Looks like it's more of a pain with XB1 though to connect.

        Stats are pretty even on them both.

        Was a pain actually sourcing these, so might stick with the G933 for the moment.

        I think these headphones are kind of in no-mans land between cheap headphones with value and expensive ones where you probably need to fork out an extra few hundred bucks.

        I get the criticism on these headphones, but you probably need to have niche requirements like me with need for wireless and multiplatform.

        • No problem, I also feel like this is the range where wired will be a better quality than any wireless headset at this price point, I'm not sure how good the Corsair void is but I believe one of the models are wireless if you wanted to keep looking for some :)

  • I got this on the weekend, is the mic volume meant to be low? How do you boost it on PC, was able to without much issue on PS4.

    What are the alternatives at this price range though? Other than the PS gold I can't see many others.

    FYI purchased this to use on PS4, XB1 PC and my Switch. PS4 Golds work but had to turf as cats had savaged the ear cups lol