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Energizer USB-C Hub (1x USB-C, 3x USB-A 3.0 Ports) $20 (Was $40) @ Woolworths (In-Store + Online)


First-time poster.

Picked up one of these at Woolworths today. Checked and saw it's also online: Woolworths. I assume the deal will be over by Tuesday.

Handy for ultrabooks without many (or any) USB-A ports to spare and for my Dell AIO.

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    Description doesn't seem to match the image.

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      Thanks for pointing that out. I've done my best to fix it. =/

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    I bought one yesterday and it's solid

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      Does yours have the HDMI mate?

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    This one is with HDMI and USB A

    This one is on sale too

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      That's a deal. It'll do dex mode on Samsung stuff.

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      I think that's actually an error, mate. The description on site doesn't match the image and I didn't see the HDMI one on sale at Woolworths today.

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    I giggle a little seeing these things; My mum bought one like these for like $70 back when she got her Surface (about 1 or so years ago)

    Wonder what she'd think if she saw this…

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      How does this costing $20 now matter when she obviously needed it over a year ago?

    • Surface has usb-c?

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        Oops, I was thinking about the HP Spectre instead.

        I really am a dumbass.

    • Its the same as memory cards. This time last year they would cost more than they are today.

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    The thing which strikes me is it looks nearly identical (except colour/branding) as the other USB C hubs on eBay (of which I've bought quite a few including ones which look identical to this one)… makes me wonder are they all just the exact same device with different colours and logos stuck on.

    That being said, I also have come to appreciate now that I should've bought the more expensive ones such as the UGreen or Satechi as these seem to work much more consistently in my experience than the cheap <$20 ones on eBay did which seemed to have issues with intermittent pass through charging and high refresh HDMI output.

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      Clone because Energizer Holdings pimps out their brand name to whom ever pays. Avenir Telecom designs and distributes a large range of smartphones, feature phones and mobile accessories under the exclusive worldwide Energizer licence.
      Only dupes trust brand names. I scan negative reviews to determine degree of compromise.

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      The premium brand brands (e.g. UGreen) use better USB chips so compatibility is improved/works better. Can't tell the number of times I've bought USB docks, USB adapters that are absolute garage due to manufacturers using cheap chips. This happens with HDMI, DP cables as well. 10M HDMI Ugreen cable I bought works flawlessly, no-brand ebay = no signal with TV.

  • Does anyone know if this is in store too?

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      Yes, I bought it in-store today and checked online to see if it was a nationwide deal before posting.

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      Buy it from Woolworths with a 5% off gift card from Cashrewards or Shopback and it comes down to $19! xD

  • Anyone know how these compare to other more common brands like Taotronics?

  • "Made from brushed aluminium, in matt charcoal grey, this hub is totally on trend."


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      ๐Ÿ˜‚ if by โ€œon trendโ€ they mean a rebranded clone of every other similar hub!

      • Your analysis is on trend.

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    Could you plug the USB-C input into a wall adapter and use this a charging station (instead if plugging into a laptop) ?

    • If it's the same as my (identical, barring the colour) UGreen, yeah, you totally can. Mine was advertised as working as a dock for the switch, which it doesn't, but works great for my XPS.

      • Don't use anything other than an official dock for the switch, unless you'd like your switch to stop working. Nintendo screwed up the design royally and broke USB spec. USB compliant third party units are known to kill switches.

        Unless things changed? TBH I always use mine in hand-held mode anyway. And I bought two spare official power plugs for like $15ea on Amazon when they had a deal, just in case.

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          So long you're not docking, you're okay to use third-party chargers.

          • @OpayuOnam: I charge my switch using a Cygnett usb c charger and a usbc to usb c cord.

            Will that cause any issues?

            • @Circly: No one can give a 100% safety but Nintendo themselves, and the sinister in me says they will want their logo on any accessories used with their consoles. Sadly they are a bit of the apple of console world.

              No based on my analysis a while back, the safest way to charge a switch is with a standard USB-A port using a adaptor cable with correct resistor to USB-C, by standard meaning no QuickCharge or any other fast charge charger. Reason is that switch in this mode will pull the maximum current allowed by USB A to C conversion which is about 7.5W if not mistaken (5V 1.5A).

              Now USB C to USB C is a bit tricky since it will allow switch to pull a variety of voltages and currents. There has been some analysis done on switch hand shake and the determination has been that it doesn't follow the standard fully. Now any USB C charger worth its weight will have protections in place to not allow funny business. I've had my USB C charger refusing to send power to switch on a couple of occasions, mostly when docked. And a replug has fixed the issue.
              The problem with the nyko docks was shitty dock with shitty charger, and it is very likely that those who cheaper out on docks would cheap out on chargers as well so you had docks not doing the hand shake right and chargers not having protection in place, and most importantly switch not having protection in place and what you end up with is charged IC blown.
              IRC what was happening was switch asking for 15v 3A then proceeding in 5v mode or something like that and caboom.

        • I understand most (or all?) of the reports of bricking were using the Nyko dock (and there's been a number of firmware updates since that may have addressed it, but we'll probably never know). Most docks seem fairly ok now, but as always, caveat emptor.

          • @chossenger: I just remembered another suspicioun that the dock issues were all caused while a fw upgrade was happening, this was never confirmed or denied. Many suspect that the firmware upgrade updated the charger IC firmware "to fix charge issues". Though there was not much evidence to back these.

  • Is there a usb-c 5 in 1 multiport option?

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    Good one OP!

  • Two left at Sydney Town Hall. Found them hidden elsewhere so put them back. Decided I don't need one and same if not cheaper on eBay.

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    I bought one just tonight - after trying, I've learned they do not support USB-C Power Delivery pass-through, and you cannot use the USB-C port on the adapter to drive a display.

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    Still two in stock at Whitfords Woolworths in the mall last night.

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