expired Panasonic TH-55FZ950U 55" (140cm) OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV $1898 Delivered (Selected Areas) @ Buy Smarte


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    How does this compare to LG B8?


      Was about the ask the same question! A bit more expensive but maybe extra features?


      FZ950U competed with the C8 more than the B8

      FZ950U advantages over C8:
      Better natural colours
      Better motion
      Better upscaling

      FZ950U disadvantages:
      The UI is not as good as the LG
      No Dolby Vision


      It has a better picture (amazing out of the box) but the Panasonic can be had cheaper during ebay sales. I'd say the dropping AUD will effect this though.

      Oh and the sound on this TV is weak. I had to get a sound bar for mine. Can't speak for the B8 as I've only seen them.


      Better picture quality overall.


    No Dolby Vision support is a shame.. else would be very tempting as it's got better motion handling it seems from a quick Google


      Mine still stutters occasionally during 24fps content during slow panning scenes. I'm still trying to get the black frame insertion working properly but it's greyed out for some reason. Apparently that fixes it.

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    This has been cheaper a number of times and Im guessing you can get it cheaper in a 20% sale on eBay every other week.

    I think the $1300 Hisense deal is the best for an OLED right now.

    I have the B8 and love it. The differences between all 3 are quite small so that's why the Hisense is the best deal


      Hisense unfortunately has terrible input lag. For that reason I'd never recommend the current Hisense OLED TV.


    yes I bought from binglee ebay 20% sale in January for $1770. Picture and sound are very good