This was posted 3 years 10 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired 2 Dollars for 2 Months of XBOX Live Gold


log in xbox live via xbox360 last night and found this deal. 2 dollars for 2 months of xbox live gold. i didnt notice the expiry date of this deal,so be quick. just bear in mind you (probably) have to ring them to cancel the supscription,if you dont want to pay the regular price at the end of 2 months.

dont bother clicking that link. i guess you have to buy the deal via xbox360.

i will probably try it myself, but dont know what i can do as a gold member. i mean i know i can play some games online, but selling all my xbox360 games i have only forza 4 with mewhich i started last weekend and is the only reason i leave my gt5 and killzone 3 in the drawer for now.

then you can try the FREE Foxtel as mentioned in another bargain on xbox360 :D

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    as above!


    using 2 controllers you're able to add this to your gold account once.

    note that you will have to call microsoft to disable auto renewal (takes 5 mins tops), otherwise after the 2 months youll be charged monthly at $10~.


      If you add paypal as a payment option and use paypal to buy it instead, will microsoft charge your paypal account automatically like they do with credit cards?


        i asked that question when i called to disable auto renew yesterday after seeing this deal and was told that paypal auto renews too.


          I also heard that you have to actually have a credit card attached to the paypal account for you to be able to use paypal as a payment option. i.e. paypal funds in your account won't cut it. Is this true?


          not sure, the only question i asked regarding paypal was whether it auto renews.

          i added my paypal account to my xbox account this morning, though i do have my debit card attached to my paypal account so i cant really give you an answer


      Any tips for the 2 controller trick? just make a sliver account and switch it somehow?

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        the way i did it was
        -sign in controller 1 with your gold account, controller 2 with a silver account
        -go to dashboard with silver account and find the offer and press 'a' to open up the next screen
        -sign out of silver account and press 'a' on controller 1 to take you to the confirm payment screen
        -follow through the confirmation/pay options etc. if you did it right you should notice controller 1's account gamerpic above the window


    It's a shame they cant offer this to Playstation owners. I'm sure they'd jump at this!

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      On behalf of the ps3 community, we still scoff at paying for online, even if it's genuinely better! But as it's just $2 and I do have a 360 with a few games, I'll get this still


        haha, agree. it is reason i sold my xbox360 games and only buy games on ps3, because we can play online for free.

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          and also get to share your details with the World!! Is that your phone starting to ring in the background!!? heeee


    I think with the paypal payment option you should be able to see it inside your paypal account and you can remove it from there, right?

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